1. Love Rider Vibrating Knickers with 3 Inch Dildo

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      1. Love Rider Vibrating Knickers with 3 Inch Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      For some people, the fun's at an end when they pull off their clothes. But for you, it's when you put them on... Love Rider's vibrating knickers feature a 3 inch bullet-powered dildo in the gusset, for on-the-go internal stimulation sensations.

      Sturdily secured onto the knickers and featuring a flared base for safety, the bulbed dildo is the perfect size to nudge teasingly against your G-spot as you go about your day. Add in extra sensations by powering up the bullet to add luscious buzz to your play session.

      Created in a stretch-to-fit single size, these sensual deep purple knickers offer a new dimension of sexiness. Picture the look on your lover's face as you slowly lower the lace waistband, to reveal that you've started foreplay solo.

      Q. What's better than not using lubricant? A. Using lubricant - slather your dildo in the water-based variety prior to insertion.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating knickers with hidden 3 inch dildo for discreet intimate thrills
      • Hollow dildo holds a removable single-speed bullet
      • Powers vibrations to your internal hot spots
      • Sensual purple knickers (90% nylon, 10% spandex)
      • One size fits most

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      Love Rider Vibrating Knickers with 3 Inch Dildo 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Love Rider Vibrating Knickers with 3 Inch Dildo
      2. Love Rider Vibrating Knickers with 3 Inch Dildo


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    1. My new favourite underwear

      Reviewed: 11 September 2017 by MsLBx, a Straight Engaged Female

      The underwear came discreetly packaged as always (which I love!).

      They are a vibrant colour and made out of a beautifully soft material. They are not at all scratchy or itchy, unlike some underwear!

      I bought these as a surprise to wear to dinner with my OH but when they arrived I couldn't wait to try them on. They come with two sets of batteries and the bullet slides inside the dildo easily or can be left out should you prefer.

      I found the positioning of the dildo to be perfect and the bullet, although small, is very powerful!

      I am looking forward to wearing these out for dinner as I will be ready to jump on my OH and have him as my dessert!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful vibrations and brilliant positioning.
      Bottom line
      The best underwear I have ever bought.
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    1. Riding good fun

      Reviewed: 20 March 2016 by delilahxx, a Straight Single Female

      I was really intrigued by these knickers and imagined them being a lot of fun. I also really loved the purple colour, so vibrant and sexy. I couldn't resist and placed an order, then waited in anticipation for it to arrive.

      It arrives in a nice enough box and inside are the dildo knickers, the bullet vibrator and 2 sets of batteries. The knickers are a beautiful vibrant purple, and the material is so silky. I think I was expecting the dildo to be bigger, and the shape reminded me of a balloon before it's been blown up, although the material is thicker. I was also surprised it was hollow all the way through, and wondered how it would work in practice.

      I couldn't wait to give it a try. I got the batteries into the bullet with no problems. But to put the dildo into the bullet I'd advise some lube, otherwise it might get stuck when you want to take it out. Anyway I was now ready to try it, and with a little water-based lube, taking care to get none on the knickers, it slid in easily.

      The knickers are beautiful once on, and I'd happily wear them as sexy knickers with no dildo in. I'm size 8 to 10 and they fit me well. I think they'd most suit size 10 to 12, any bigger than that and I think they'll be a little tight. The lace makes them super feminine and the cut is very flattering over the hips and bum.

      Now for the fun part. I switched on the bullet and settled down for a slow turn on. And it felt very nice buzzing away, rocking my hips a little. I was happily getting into it when the batteries ran out. A little annoyed, I got the other batteries and carried on enjoying the sensations. Again the batteries ran out quicker than I wanted. That's just the way those batteries are. Feeling a little disappointed, I finished my playtime, cleaned up and put the dildo knickers in a drawer thinking I might send them back.

      They stayed in my drawer for a month or two as I sulked about them. But as I'd never send something back after just one use, I thought I'd try a different bullet and see if it made a difference. And thankfully it really did!

      The bullet that comes with it is 2 inches long. I found one I had of a similar size, but 3 inches long. And this extra inch made a real difference. Putting the knickers on this time, I felt the difference straight away, the vibrations travel further. And when I sat down was when the fun really began!

      I sat on the sofa with my legs tucked up under me, and rocked back and forth. It started to feel really good and I realised I was going to have a G-spot orgasm. Wow! And another few hands-free orgasms followed. Just amazing. I went from finding these dildo knickers disappointing, to completely amazing. Definitely keeping these now!

      Clean up of these is a little tricky due to the dildo being secured to the knickers. I found there was lube and bodily fluids on the knickers, so the whole thing needed washing properly. I washed the dildo with sex toy cleaner, then washed the knickers in warm water as I would hand wash any knickers. I made sure to rinse the dildo thoroughly to make sure no residue of soap was left on it. I left them to dry thoroughly, making sure the dildo was dry inside and out.

      These knickers are a great idea, but I'd advise a longer bullet for more explosive results. After a disappointing start, I am now a convert to these. A big turn-on. The noise while wearing them is pretty quiet, and my next plan is to wear them outside, although I'm not sure I could control myself!

      In summary, a naughty little turn on that are well worth a try.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      It gave me hands-free orgasms. The knickers are sexy.
      The bullet isn't great. The batteries run out too quickly.
      Bottom line
      A naughty little turn on you can wear outside. If your legs aren't shaking.
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    1. On the go strap on fun!

      Reviewed: 08 September 2015 by fantasia fairy, a Straight Single Female

      Many thanks to Lovehoney for letting me test run this product for them. I found this item needed a detailed review but I have spread it into sections making it easier to find a specific question.

      Packaging and Item

      This item comes packaged in a small box (roughly the size on two VCR cases stacked) and is small and compact meaning it can be used as storage for this item when not in use. The first thing I noticed on the package was the brand of toy as I have only had one item before from this brand and I didn’t like it at all.

      The writing is in a royal purple colour with a picture of the item underneath. It certainly pulls no punches as to what it is and what the intention is but at the same time it’s not dirty and sleazy. Inside the box, the bullet (along with batteries and spares) comes wrapped up separately. This got me on it’s own, i’ve never known a you to come with batteries and spares. An added bonus as it means there is no disappointment if you forget to add batteries into your basket when ordering.

      The knickers and the dildo come in another plastic bag. The underwear is of a deep purple and very well made which did surprise me. The ‘strap on’ is attached though the bottom of the knickers. Now the only problem I had here was that you cannot remove the dildo from the knickers. This seems abit odd to me, as yes this can be washed as it's waterproof but I would be worried of detergents damaging the material.

      Also I live my parents so the thought of them finding this inside is too much to bear. If you live with friends/family just a word of caution. You will need to be doing your own washes from now on.I think it may be possible to remove it by cutting along the stitch but that would be something you would need to ask the customer care team for me I am not risking it.

      The dildo itself is small in diameter which makes it very discreet and even good for beginners. When I was told it was hollow I didn’t expect it to be as hollow as it was. It’s really squidgey, I guess I figured it would be bit firmer than that at least. It reminds me of how soft an anal douche would be. So in my head I’m imagining trying to stick a douche up my fanny backwards and getting really confused.

      Shaped like a teardrop and light purple I was still excited to wear this and get the chance to do it all ‘hands free’. Something that being single I don’t really get a chance of!!!

      Before Use

      Preparing this toy for use was certainly awkward. First of all I found that the dildo did have a strong plastic smell so I was awkwardly trying to give this a wash with sex toy cleaner without getting the knickers wet at the same time.

      However once washed and rinsed off this did help the smell considerably. I don’t think it would have bothered me to be honest. But it would be a giveaway that there was a little ‘too much’ going on down there if out!

      Putting the batteries in the bullet? Easy. Getting the bullet into the dildo? No chance of that happening anytime today.

      It is stiff but holds well, I guess this is a bonus when using and needing quick access to turn off fast. I ended up using my bullet from my vibrating anal beads as this was easy to pop in and would stay in place ok but equally was easy enough to remove after.

      Plus this then made the shaft of the dildo more solid. In terms of fitting the knickers fitted me perfectly and if fact were one of the best fits I've ever had but there is not really stretch room (I am a size 10-12) so be cautious on this if you are a beautiful plus size lady.

      In Use

      The first time I test run this product I was if I am honest very dubious as to if it would be any good or not. I decided there would be no better than whilst I was sitting in bed reading an erotica novel. A lot of times I will have to stop half way though a book to go ‘calm myself’ before carrying on. Thanks to these I didn’t have that problem.

      Due to the dildo being small I didn’t need lube but depending on the person water based lube might be needed. I honestly just say crossed legged in bed reading without the vibrations on and I was in heaven. This may be small but it hits the right spot proving that size does not matter.

      I then dared to walk around the house wearing my new panties. Certainly exciting! The only thing that kept on worrying me was that I would move and set the vibrator off… jumping around the kitchen squealing with rumbling coming from the panty area. My idea of hell on earth.

      I was surprised at how good this felt walking around and I thought at first it would be awkward and uncomfortable. The dildo didn’t fall out either which I was sure of due to being such sheer fabric knickers. They hold it in very well.

      The next day being brave I decided to play this time with vibrations, expecting them to be pretty poor and a let down. But oh boy are they strong. To sit in bed and read/be on my laptop was impossible without squealing and wriggling around. I didn’t think something so tiny could bring me to a climax within five minutes!

      Although on a slightly different note, I decided to go ‘for a walk’ around the house when my folks were out. Do not attempt this with the vibrations on because you will end up with jelly legs (not a good look if you're trying to seduce your partner!)

      I would have to say my favourite way to use this was to sit down and rock very gently back and forth. Without fail overtime this made me climax. An amazing, different but exciting product. I would love a solid dildo version though and also one with a clit stimulator too.


      The part I was dreading was then cleaning of the product itself. I was surprised to find out this was not as hard as I thought it would be. In general I would spritz the dildo part with toy cleaner and then rinse off before soaking the kicker part (whilst holding the dildo in the sink). So far I have not encountered any problem in doing this, just make sure you have a discreet place you can dry them! Or even better, get a wash on when everyone is out.

      The dildo washes up lovely and comes out clean, there is no where for excess lube etc to get hidden. The knickers so far have not frayed (regardless of being used and washed a lot of times) nor have they lost their colour.

      A great product overall. To make suggestions on how to improve I would have to say easy removal of dildo for washing and/or waterproof kickers such as latex etc. The mixture of dildo and the fabric has potential to be very problematic.

      I’m happy I got a chance to try this product out and I would honestly tell anyone to give it a go. I wish I could give it five stars because it gives fantastic orgasms, but unfortunately due to the not so thought out design I have to score it lower which is a total shame.

      Thank you once again Lovehoney.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The vibrations were surprisingly powerful and quality of the knickers.
      The overall design of the item idea was bad and not thought out very well.
      Bottom line
      Great idea and idea works very well. The design not so much.
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