1. masterandslave's review of Sex in the Shower Foam Sea Sponge

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      1. Sex in the Shower Foam Sea Sponge

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      Sex in the Shower Foam Sea Sponge 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Sex in the Shower Foam Sea Sponge
      2. masterandslave's review of Sex in the Shower Foam Sea Sponge

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    1. Bit of fun for a change of scenery

      Reviewed: 25 August 2010 by masterandslave

      Now the words "Sex in the Shower" bring up several mental images for me, the first being hot and steamy and the second; lathering up some soap covered curves. What's the problem with this picture? Soaps and lady bits don't mix! Plus this sponge seems to be encouraging mixing the two! Ladies - if you want to reenact the hideously tacky photo on the packaging, then I suggest you use an intimate wash to keep everything happy downstairs.

      I have to praise "Sex in the Shower" for bringing out such a range. They have made it much easier to mix things up a little, for those who are more nervous about moving things outside of the bedroom. This could be a fun gift, to get your other half to clean your back for starters!

      The sponge itself has got me completely puzzled. Now it's referred to as a "sea sponge" does this mean it's a natural sponge as opposed to a synthetic one? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. However, if it is natural I would like to be reassured on the packaging or in the description that it is sourced and harvested responsibly, in a way that has the environmental impact in mind. A clear ecological conscience would certainly help to boost orgasms!

      The sponge itself without the bullet is pretty soft, but could be a bit smoother considering the intimate areas it is intended for use on. This could be down to being a natural sponge, but if it is synthetic it should've had a smoother texture. I didn't find it uncomfortable, but it still wasn't quite right for achieving anything mind blowing. Also without the bullet inserted, it is pretty obvious that something is missing. With it's rather large gaping hole on it's top and two holding loops inside the sponge itself. I wouldn't recommend keeping this out in a shared bathroom. I can easily see it leading to some uncomfortable questions and red faces!

      However it's not all bad, the texture really comes into its own when used on other areas of the body during foreplay. I found the slight roughness, lumps and bumps absolute heaven in contrast to the soft lather across my nipples or my inner thighs.

      So on to the bullet, now I'm still not entirely convinced about it's waterproof capabilities. I was very disappointed to learn that it only claims to be "submersible" rather than an expected "waterproof" for such a specific water based brand. I guess this is down to the price of the product, but this leaves me in no man's land with how far to push it. So far a quick dip in the shallow end of my bath, as well as a few outings in the shower has left it alive and buzzing. The bullet is removable if you take some care when pulling it out. It is held in place very securely which means it won't let slip at the crucial moment!

      Ah letting slip... although this comes with batteries and even a considerate spare set too. It still can't hide the fact that this is one hell of a loud sponge! This fact is rubbed in further on discovery of it being single speed, as a lower pitch may have been able to be covered up by the noise of the shower itself. As it is you could not get away with this noise level in a shared house, it is just too obvious what you are up to by the just sound (let alone a sponge with a suspicious hole in!).

      Whilst the bullet is quite powerful on its own, once inside the sponge it pads out to a tickle and a tease. Making this great for a bit of foreplay but not for serious stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Something unexpected to bring some fun into the bathroom.
      The bullet was too loud to be in any way discreet as it should be.
      Bottom line
      Good bit of fun to broach the subject of moving sex out of the bedroom.
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