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    1. B Swish BCurious 7 Function Rechargeable Massager

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      1. B Swish BCurious 7 Function Rechargeable Massager

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    1. Product Description

      Designed to fit with the contours of your body, the B Curious is a clitoral massager with a difference. The smooth and ergonomic curves make it the perfect vibrator for solo or couples play and the multiple functions provide a thrilling experience every time.

      This dainty designer vibe is a must-have for every bedside table.

      The cute curves fit with the contours of your body and the angled tip provides intense clitoral stimulation.

      Located at the base of the vibrator are two soft-touch buttons - one to turn the vibe on and off and one to change to any of the seven scintillating functions.

      Pulses, single speeds, ripples and swells are all at the touch of a button with this superb sex toy.

      Coated in soft-touch silicone, B Curious feels great against your skin and is hypoallergenic and hygienic too.

      Great for travel, this rechargeable vibrator will last and last without the need for batteries.

      Comes complete with UK charger, storage pouch and gorgeous packaging from BSwish!

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      B Swish BCurious 7 Function Rechargeable Massager 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. B Swish BCurious 7 Function Rechargeable Massager
      2. B Swish BCurious 7 Function Rechargeable Massager


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    1. BCurious, BPleasured

      Reviewed: 22 February 2010 by Alicia D'amore, a Straight Engaged Female

      I've just received this product and am very pleased with it! It arrived on Thursday morning (after being dispatched on the Tuesday), in a big (and discreet as ever!) box.

      Upon opening the large cardboard box I found a smaller pink and black box inside. My first thoughts were, "looks expensive". On closer inspection I've actually decided that the packaging is one of the (few) downsides of this product. It looks kind of like the mock-up boxes they make on The Apprentice, rather than a finished product box.

      The vibe comes with a charger (which is rather cheap-looking too) and instructions which are clearly generic for the brand and not specific to this toy, making them completely irrelevant and unclear. This is not really a problem as it's pretty simple to use – just switch it on with the 'power' button and flick through the seven options using the 'play' button (more on those later). It also comes with a thick bag, which is useful as this toy is silicone-coated so mustn't be mixed with other silicone toys.

      The toy itself is a lovely shape. It's very ergonomic, fits against my body perfectly and the point at the end is just 'pointy' enough to pinpoint the vibrations, but rounded enough to make it quite comfortable. The side you hold is curved in a way that makes it comfortable to hold and the light weight of the toy makes it very easy to direct and comfortable for long use. No more hand cramps at that critical moment! The lovely velvet-touch material makes it glide easily over the body and I've found it is perfectly designed for use on my pussy. Also, the point can be used for massage on other body parts. It was great for teasing my partner with. I directed the vibrations over the points on his cock that he usually likes my tongue on, and he found it really pleasurable.

      The size of this toy is perfect for me. When it's over my pussy, I can place the rounded part below the buttons on my clitoris whilst the pointed part sits on my entrance. I've also found it is nice to place the point on my clitoris whilst the upper part of the toy rests on my mound. The curve is perfectly designed to sit against my body in those positions. Because of this, the curve is a little too deep for other body parts, but it does what it's designed to do and that's the important thing. The dinky size of this toy also makes it very portable and the charge lasts a good while, so you could easily take it away for a weekend or slip it into a handbag if you want it with you.

      That's the shape and size and material. Now to the aesthetics. The colours look fab together and the shape and curves makes the toy look lovely and non-threatening. Unfortunately that's where the pros end. This toy looks unfinished. The buttons are scratched and the pink plastic section isn't fitted well and has gaps, as do the buttons. The light around the buttons is uneven and cheap-looking, too. It's such a letdown with such an expensive product. The packaging says this toy is waterproof, but I wouldn't risk that as I can't see how it can be and Lovehoney's description says it isn't waterproof, too. The bag looks rather cheap (some of the stitching looks unfinished), but it's a nice thick material and good size, so it's not too much of a problem.

      Back to the pros – and this is really the best bit. The vibrations. You want something strong and powerful, you've got it. You want something a bit gentle for the build-up, you've got it. You want pulsing at various speeds? Yep, yep and yep! There's also an odd setting that sounds a bit like a pinball machine, it starts low, goes up to powerful then starts again. This setting isn't great as it goes through the speeds too quickly, so you never really get to enjoy any of them. The other settings more than make up for it, though. There are seven overall, three continuous ones at three different strengths, three pulsing ones and that one odd pinball machine one. The vibrations are really good quality (if that makes sense). What I mean is that there is no odd, shaky feeling that you get with some other vibes, and the strength carries all the way through evenly, from the source to the point. The lower settings are just as good as the higher settings, which is unusual. You really do find yourself using all of the settings rather than picking a favourite that you always use. The point makes it easy to direct the vibrations where you want them and I find it really easy to come using this vibe (which is something I usually have a problem with). The vibes are also good for body massage if you use the point on body parts, and the velvet-touch material prevents any catching of the skin as you move the toy around. This toy isn't noticeably loud, but it's not silent either.

      Overall, this fab little toy really packs a punch. It's a great couples' vibe but is also perfectly designed for female masturbation. The vibrations are really good quality and it's really well designed to do the job you expect. Bswish seem to have thought of problems you've never noticed before, then solved them! It's just a shame it seems unfinished on every other level. Personally, I wouldn't pay £59.99 for this product. £45 might be more reasonable. It's just those little things that let it down!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The size, the material, the vibrations.
      The build quality, the price.
      Bottom line
      This fab little toy is a great couples vibe and perfectly designed for female masturbation.
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    1. Don't just BCurious

      Reviewed: 14 December 2010 by WandA, a Straight Engaged Male

      My other half received this and has already provided an excellent review so I'll likely be simply echoing many of her comments.

      The product looks okay. It comes with that rubberised silicone feel that makes it feel great on the skin, but unfortunately it doesn't look in the same bracket as Zini or Lelo with some components looking a little cheap. Remember not to use silicone lube with this because of the velvet touch!

      This product has these few flaws that need ironing out but thankfully these are not anything that immediately impact on the use of the product. The packaging, instructions and parts of the build quality made this product just miss out on the top prize. It's a shame because it works fantastically and provides deep vibes from a satisfyingly ergonomic shape.

      In the bedroom this is one of our most popular toys. The charge lasts ages (being rechargeable, whoo!) and as mentioned it has such a deep vibe with various power settings while fitting well in the hand - it's such a great little shape to hold with simple controls. It's also a suitable volume so don't worry about the neighbours!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The vibes. Soft feel. Rechargeable and how often it needs charging.
      Some parts seem slightly cheap.
      Bottom line
      A great vibe but with questionable luxury credentials.
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