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    1. Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine

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      1. Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine

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    1. Product Description

      You've heard of hybrid cars, but now is the time for the Hybrid Sex Machine! With no electrical components and made of earth-friendly wood and steel, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is a silent sex machine that gives you exactly what you want!

      Made from black powder coated steel tubing, micro textured wood and with black vinyl cushions, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is safe, easy and fun to use.

      The sleek and sexy design is a massive improvement on the original model, allowing your hands to roam and the mechanism to move more freely.

      Smaller than most sex machines, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid allows the user to sit on the comfortable cushions and 'ride' the machine for vaginal or anal penetration..

      As you move your hips and legs, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid uses its clever pivoting thrust arm to move your chosen sex toy up and down at a pace that suits you.

      So if you push your hips forward and back fast, the pivot arm will move up and down fast. If you move your legs slowly, the pivot arm will thrust slowly and shallowly - it really is that simple!

      Attach your dildo of choice using the selection of supplied O-rings or use the Vac-U-Lock plug to attach any Vac-U-Lock sex toys you own.

      Quiet, discreet and requiring very little energy, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is one of the simplest sex machines around!

      Providing the sensations you'd get from penetrative sex but with unending stamina, this is a sex toy that you'll come back to again and again...

      Please Note: The Monkey Rocker Hybrid does not come with any sex toys, these are available for purchase separately. If you are looking for additional control during play on your Monkey Rocker, we recommend you choose the type with a fondle handle.

      Detailed Measurements:

      Seat - 18.5" length, 5" maximum width, 2.75" minimum width.

      Whole Machine - 22" length, 16" width, 17" height.

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine
      2. Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine

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    1. A backwards rider

      Reviewed: 20 April 2012 by twosharehants

      Having taken delivery of my Monkey Rocker this morning I instantly started setting it up for a test run. Having suitably prepared myself I selected and fitted a 7" Vac-U-Lock dildo to the Rocker, and having made sure everything was well lubed up, I started my first ride.

      Initially I tried the Rocker facing the handle, which would seem the sensible orientation to me, but I was finding the the penetration angle wasn't working well for me and was having problems with the didlo slipping out more frequently then I would have liked.

      After a bit of experimentation, however, I have found that I am far more comfortable riding with the handle behind me, and this also overcame any issues with toy retention. Having found a good position I then enjoyed a wonderful prolonged ride on which I was able to excite myself to the verge of satisfaction and easily hold myself there.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Wonderful prostate stimulation, build quality, silent operation.
      Limited supply of O-rings.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic, well built product which is likely to get used excessively.
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    1. Amazing - a must buy

      Reviewed: 13 July 2011 by Kinky Bi Guy!, a Gay Single Male

      Great for beginners and even better for those more experienced!!!!!!

      The first thing that struck me about this product was how big, bulky and heavy it was! You really can't get a good idea from the photos. That said, it was worth every penny. I know that £600 is a lot of money for a toy, but believe me it gives all your current dildos a new lease of life and the heavy weight is the trade-off for a sturdy and solid product.

      I have NEVER had a better experience with a dildo!

      I started slowly with a few small plugs just to get used to the action and within ten minutes I was onto the biggest toy I have!!!! It feels comfortable to use and the action is silent, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying yourself!!! I had my reservations about spending so much money on a sex toy but I can honestly say to anyone interested in the Monkey Rocker that if you buy this you will not be disappointed.

      If you like deep thrusting toys this is for you! I loved the way you can set your own pace and depth and just work yourself gradually to orgasm. Your hands are free to do whatever you wish and I would imagine it would be fantastic with a partner as you could give oral sex at the same time, or they could even straddle you if you're both athletic enough lol!

      It works for both men and women. I tried to find some videos online before I bought the Monkey Rocker. I couldn't find any videos with guys, however the women seemed to be having spine-tingling orgasms! You have my word for how well it works for guys!!!!!! Put simply - amazing. The best anal fun I have ever had on my own!!! :-)

      If you have the money, buy this now! If you don't have the money just start saving because you need this in your life!!!!!!!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fantastic product - smooth action, sturdy, easy to use, my current dildos fit with ease.
      Heavy, bulky and pricey!
      Bottom line
      The best sex product I have ever purchased.
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    1. I'd pay someone £600 to give me this much pleasure

      Reviewed: 29 April 2011 by assassin

      After having enjoyed this beast for over a week I finally feel able to write a coherent review. Phew! Here goes...

      To get the bad things out of the way...

      (But please read on to the 'GOOD' bits, it's worth it.)


      DO NOT PICK THIS THING UP BY THE ONLY OBVIOUS HANDLE - i.e. the cross bar that has 'Monkey Rocker' stencilled on it, near the mounting plate. It is apparently a booby trap designed to crush your fingers after lulling you into a false sense of security by looking like a reasonable lifting handle. (Why though?) You have been warned!! It really should say "DO NOT PICK UP HERE" instead of 'Monkey Rocker'.

      Oddly, there is no other obvious lifting handle other than the mounting plate. Doesn't really work though.

      Secondly, sorry about the caps-lock above but I thought it important…(You would too…)

      Thirdly, only three O - rings is a bit stingy for a £600 machine - a dozen perhaps or a lifetime supply but 3 different?

      4 - No instructions other than how to use the O-rings. OK, maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but I like a bit of reassurance that I've spent my money if not wisely then at least promisingly. You know - Congratulations! Welcome! Thank you! Orgasm!! Small print - Guarantee - Maintenance. Cleaning. Check out our website! etc etc… I've had more of a welcome with a pair of flip-flops! A minor detail but hey! For £600? Surely something?

      I'll be honest, after the first time I was all for sending it back. There was a 'cock-up' (sorry for the pun!) over the delivery, NOT the courier's fault as it happened, so I wasn't at my best when I finally got to use it the first time. And then the finger bruising thing. I've complained enough though. There is so much more fun.

      And how! Oh my God!!!

      Out of the box there was nothing to do other than attach and lube a dildo. The O-ring attachment was straightforward even though I've never used anything O-ring before. It took a few minutes to get the knack of rocking to lower the dildo to allow penetration but once achieved I was well away.

      I am a bi-sexual widowed man of 60 who has never had a man, OK? Over the last few years I've explored all sorts of anal stimulation using Aneros, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, electrical stim, - even an artificial hand. I have also explored MMO with some success. Nothing - and I mean nothing except Aneros and MMO - has even came close to the Monkey Rocker. Attach the dildo of choice, lube up, (well) and rock away. Oh my oh my oh my! On my second try I was in ecstatic, orgasmic limbo. I lost all sense of time and space, I just orgasmed and orgasmed… Without ejaculating, but I'm used to that :) (Thank you Aneros)

      It really is nearly effortless. The slightest thrust or hip grind sent my dildo where I wanted and it was so easy to hit my OH! spots over and over and time again. And like it says on the tin, as quiet as a well oiled mouse.

      As I point out in my title, I'd have paid someone £600 to give me this much pleasure, just once, and I'm sure some have, if they're lucky. (I haven't). And the Monkey Rocker can go on, & on, & on giving…


      The Lovehoney description does NOT exaggerate :-P

      This thing has rocked my world. I now (almost) know what it feels like to be fucked in the arse, and to orgasm while it is happening!. (I hope that gets thorough the censors, there's no other way to say it).

      And not for the first time in my sexual life I have been left wishing that I could experience sex as a woman. How I wished I had a vagina too to feel this! After a while though I lost all sense of where I was being 'penetrated', it became irrelevant, just penetration. Tirelessly thrusting, orgasmic penetration. Whimpering, dribbling, dripping, sliding, filling, eye rolling, gasping pleasure. Penetration. On and on and on…

      I have no doubt that an uninhibited woman could feel so much more than I felt. Oh how I wish I could too....

      Each day with this wonderful fucking machine opens up new horizons in my orgasmic experience, all I have to do now is work out how to get it to fuck me on my back with my legs in the air :-D Ho hum.

      Changing ends is an amazing experience with mind-blowing differences. (Wishing I was a woman again, just for once)

      I think there's a (undesigned) possibility to attach a Fleshlight or similar to the thrust arm with cable ties for those who can get a full erection while being fucked where the sun don't shine. I can't, yet.

      Being tall I've had to put some 1½" blocks under the feet for less tiring knee bend, better dildo reach and penetration. Exploring this further. Nice without too though. Next session, add electro -


      Sorry if the above reads like an info-mercial but I did start with the bad bits.

      And to end with another 'bad bit' - some swivel and movement like on the nose pieces of a pair of glasses would be nice on the seat halves. After a long spell - and who can resist - the ungiving seat halves leave my butt cheeks numb but bruised and stuck to the vinyl. Some slight give and swivel to the seat mounts &/or softer cushions with removable towelling covers would improve things no end. (OK, maybe I'm pushing my luck.) Some folded towels suffice for now.

      And the carry handle? Ouch!!

      My A-hole is already twitching again and I've got to work tomorrow...

      I suspect they've only one left, get it while you can. Who knows when new stock will arrive?

      If it wasn't for the (non) carry handle and the seat halves I'd have given this max stars all round.

      I think that I may keep it after all.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Endless cycle of orgasms for very little effort. Beautiful quality. Silent as stated.
      Very awkward to lift, the only obvious handle crushes your hand - Really!
      Bottom line
      Probably overpriced but that is the nature of this market. Endless fun. Get one!
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