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    1. Zini Roae 2.0 Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. Zini Roae 2.0 Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Luxury personified, this uniquely shaped vibe is designed to hit the G-spot and clitoris in sync. High powered with a plethora of pulsation and vibrating settings to tailor your orgasmic experience to your demands.

      Fitted with three easy-to-use buttons to control the five speeds and ten different pulsation modes, the Zini stimulates your erogenous zones from three specially contoured areas:

      One in the tip to hit the G-spot, one in the curved handle to stimulate the clitoris and a third just beneath the handle to stimulate the vulva and labia.

      Curved to a 23.5 degree angle for easy insertion that follows the body's natural contours.

      With speeds running from 30hz to 160hz there is a vibration level to satisfy everyone whether you're a tender lover or a pneumatic sex bomb.

      Splashproof for easy cleaning and light-up LED display for easy operation day or night.

      Comes complete with a charger, power adaptor and storage bag.

      Please note: Fully charge your Zini Love prior to unlocking the controls for use.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Zini Roae 2.0 Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Zini Roae 2.0 Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator
      2. Zini Roae 2.0 Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator


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    1. The best G-spot and clitoral vibrator ever available!

      Reviewed: 17 September 2010 by Mistress Amethyst

      I've purchased some excellent pleasure toys over the years, but oh my, this is possibly the best I have ever had the pleasure to come across, pardon the pun, online.

      It is a state-of-the-art genius in providing G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It is the Rolls Royce of orgasms, the sports car of mind-blowing sensations. It is in my opinion the best of the best and it was worth every single penny.

      With multiple mode settings – from mild, to pulsing, to ascending vibrations, to teeth-chattering forgetting your name and the day shuddering pleasurable moments – I can't leave it alone! It also has the advantage that it can be used to stimulate and pleasure your partner’s prostate gland, and the clitoral end of it can tickle the balls, so it's suitable for male or female.

      I am finding it kinda impossible to use on slaves though as I want it all to myself. I'm wide awake until about 4am and am VERY tired the next day. Lovehoney, you are killing me, but what a way to go eh... ;-)

      I highly-recommend this product. Trust me, pay a bit more and get the ultimate in total pleasure... It's the difference between a Lada car or a Rolls Royce in orgasmic utter bliss. And it's mains-powered too! Throw those crap batteries away. God help you, your electric bill increase, but will you really care?... ;-)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Nothing, just wish it was wider, but I am a greedy bitch so lol...
      Bottom line
      Absolutely perfect. If Heineken made vibrators... ;-)
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    1. 21st Century Toy

      Reviewed: 30 July 2010 by Tigerlilies, a Straight Single Female

      If one is living in the lap of luxury then one needs some luxury living in their lap. Otherwise, for those hesitant to splurge on a pleasure object, the Love is an investment piece. Sex toys, like jeans, inspire a quest for 'the one' and it's tempting to go for cheaper options that don't last and (unlike jeans) end up melting in the back of a drawer. Once you've plumped for quality, you save money in the long term and you can congratulate yourself for not adding to the great mountain of discarded sex toys. As exciting as Mt. Sex Toy sounds, a premium vibe is much kinder to Mother Earth. I'm not just having incredible orgasms, I'm saving the planet. Honest.

      (1) Ordering: As I've come to expect from Lovehoney, my Zini arrived discreetly within one day of being dispatched.

      (2) Packaging: It doesn't get me off but it's all part of the foreplay. With its potential as a luxury gift, I was impressed that the Zini didn't arrive in tacky plastic. Instead, a cover slides over to reveal a stiff cardboard shoebox with a magnetic lid. Inside are full instructions, a quality bag for travel and the toy itself. On reflection, I think the white and cream looks more chic than my purple and black model. I've said it before and I'll say it again: purple toys look like Barney the Dinosaur's manhood

      (3) Build Quality: Handles are genius! I find that classic vibes can be too slippery when they're covered in lube but the Love's handle gives me total control. I can use the handle to pull it against myself for clitoral stimulation and when it's inside me, my partner can control the angle of insertion.

      (4) Insertion: Speaking of angles, Zini claim that the shaft is at a 'magic angle' that makes for a smoother ride. I raise an eyebrow to such claims but they must have got something right. Whilst I'm not convinced that its body friendly shape is down to a curve of 23.5 degrees, it's details like this that make an advanced sex toy more 'noob' friendly. Those who struggle with an average sized toy may wish for a more tapered end but a drop of water based lubricant goes a long way. Avoid using silicone lube, unless you want it to gobble up your Zini's platinum silicone. This material is super smooth, save for a noticeable line along the middle of the Love. It's not something I can feel inside me but I don't expect these kind of flaws from a luxury toy.

      (5) Fit: This is an anatomically dependent toy that won't fit everyone. I have to work myself up properly before the clit stim hits the right place but it's worth the effort. Once inserted, the motor in the bulb of the shaft sits deep inside and another motor sits at the entrance of the vagina. I'm not sure if it stimulates my G-Spot as such but it gives me a very deep, internal orgasm. I've had similar shaped toys, that only have one motor, and they never quite manage to hit every spot in the way that the Love does.

      (6) Rechargeable: We've all been there. You're close, *very* close and then your Judder Cock 3000 makes a sad little noise and 'phhht!' you're frantically searching for batteries with your knickers around your ankles. Modern life is rubbish etc but despair no longer and raise a glass to rechargeable toys. This is my first and I can safely say I'm converted. Four hours of charging gives you two hours of play but it takes a lot less plug in time to fuel a long session. Finally, I have a toy that doesn't give up the ghost when I'm just getting started. Stamina aside, I'm no longer keeping Duracell in business with my weekly expenditure on batteries which are then thrown away to leak into a landfill. Yes, there are such things as rechargeable batteries but they lack juice and get stuck in sex toys. Lovehoney send you an American plug adapter but the charger also connects to a bathroom's shaving point. Batteries? Please, so 20th century.

      (7) Volume: The instructions say that its loudest setting reaches 49 decibels. This means little to me but according to my research (Google) it equates to a normal conversation. In other words, it's nothing that a sexy playlist won't cover up and it's even quieter when it's used inside. However, it is, annoyingly, one of those toys that gets louder when you press harder against it.

      (8) Buttons: Zini keeps it simple with three buttons. Those of you who have sex with the lights off will be pleased to hear that they light up and they're distinctively shaped, making them easy to find in the dark.

      Plus Button: Increases speed in the Vibrating mode. Selects the next setting in the Pulsation mode.

      Middle Button: Switches the toy from Vibrating Mode to Pulsation Mode.

      Minus Button: Decreases speed in the Vibrating mode. Selects the previous setting in the Pulsation mode.

      In my opinion, there are few things in life that can't be improved with a 'Turbo Button' and the Love has just that. When I hold down on the plus button, the toy skips ahead to the strongest setting. You can also use the buttons to lock the toy.

      (9) Functions: The Love has a straight forward Vibrating mode and a Pulsations mode. In the Vibrating mode there are five levels of power and the three motors work in unison. In some cheaper toys, it's easy to detect the motor's location because the vibrations don't travel but with the build quality of my Zini, every inch of the silicone vibrates.

      Then there's the Pulsation mode. This is where I hesitate to call the Love a vibrator. Sure, it vibrates but it also pulsates, judders and shivers in a way that makes it feel like it's throbbing inside you. The ten functions found places on me that I couldn't dream of finding with a standard toy. Sometimes the G-spot motor will be pulsing away whilst it's partner in crime rises and falls. Other times, the motors harmonise for a synchronised orgasm.

      On the Zini website, they give their pulsation modes exciting names like 'Quadrila' and 'Sawtooth' but they all translate to 'oh-em-gee.' I've done my best to outline the settings:

      1) Continuous vibrations. This is louder and stronger than the standard mode of vibration.

      2) Vibrations build up in the lower motor and then reach up the Love's tip.

      3) Everything is going on here. Vibrations dance about and I can only make vowel sounds.

      4) One motor surges before the next follows suit.

      5) I call this one 'Wimbledon' because it's a continuous rally between the two motors.

      6) Both motors throb together like a heartbeat.

      7) Same as before, but out of synch.

      8) Vibrations feel like they're going in circles around the shaft.

      9) Very lively and it sounds like the Love is having a giggle fit of escalating patterns that dance around the shaft.

      10) A random mode. Variety is the spice of life.

      Again, there are five power levels. If you want to change gears, you just switch modes and adjust the speed. This all sounds very fiddly but it's no more complicated than an electric toothbrush.

      All five power settings feel hearty and rumbling. My power needs change with my mood, so I'm delighted to have a toy that can be as gentle as it is mighty.

      10) Cleaning: I'm often confused by what 'splashproof' really means but in the case of the Zini, you can clean it with a wet cloth and run it under the tap. I would avoid venturing into the shower or keeping it in the fish tank.

      Verdict: The way I orgasm has been evolving with each use and it's the perfect toy for anyone who wants to really explore what a vibrator can do. With so much control, I'm able to get designer orgasms and complete satisfaction. It won't be for everyone, but with the Lovehoney returns policy, I urge you to try it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Three (!) motors. Rechargeable. Pulsations are unlike anything else I've experienced. Gorgeous. Simple. Powerful.
      A little long for me. Visible seam on the shaft.
      Bottom line
      Something for everyone. Pricey, yes, but it's like getting ten sex toys in one. Heavenly.
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    1. Sleek, beautiful, functional... simply fantastic

      Reviewed: 04 September 2011 by Despina Rose, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      This was bought for me as a surprise gift from my submissive. I didn't really know what to expect. Words cannot describe how pleased I was when I opened the gift-wrapped packaging and found the Zini Roae or Love on here.


      The Zini Roae arrives in a sleek and modern designed black box with a magnetic strip to close it. It is made from cardboard with a plastic window inside to see the vibrator. It is the type of packaging you want to keep forever and admire the quality of it. There is a ribbon to help you get the cardboard window out with ease. As you can expect from a high-end toy, it is sleek and modern. There are no plastic sleeves, naked women or anything cringe-worthy.

      When your Zini Roae first arrives it is in the plastic compartment at the top of the box. This lifts out and reveals the charger, manual and a quality material drawstring bag you can keep your vibrator inside when not in use.

      As the charger is European, Lovehoney kindly includes an adapter so you can use your vibrator straightaway.


      Zini have completely redesigned vibrators and have really upped the bar on the quality and design of luxury vibrators. The design is well thought out from the physical attributes to the complimenting colour scheme.

      The Zini Roae has two motors, one in the base or handle and one in the top or the clitoral stimulator. The vibrations travel through the whole vibrator easily, there is no loss.

      The Zini Roae has a handle at the base of the vibrator. This is where one of the motors and all of the controls are located. This not only makes for a modern design, it is functional as well. The handle means you can control the angle of the tip easier and therefore you are much more likely to find you G-spot or at least a place that feels very pleasurable.

      The Zini Roae I have is purple and black, these are my favourite colours and they are really nice shades on the Zini Roae. There are other colours available from Lovehoney are pink/white and black/gold. There really is a Zini Roae to suit all colour tastes.

      The Zini Roae is angled at 23.5 degrees. Zini have analysed the inner body line thoroughly and have found the 'magical' angle of 23.5 degrees for natural insertion and maximum pleasure. When reading this I did raise my eyebrows. For them to make such a claim is definitely arrogant. However, they must have researched well and done something right as the Zini Roae does feel fantastic, it is perfect for G-spot stimulation.


      The Zini Roae is made from body safe silicone. I have silicone toys but when I felt the Zini Roae I was surprised. The material is so smooth and almost silky. I have never felt anything similar. It is completely luxurious. Always use water-based lubricants when you are using the Zini Roae or anything made from silicone. Silicone or oil-based lubricants can melt together and destroy the surface of your Zini Roae or other vibrator, rendering it unsafe to use.


      The Zini Roae is not too slimline and not too girthy, an unusual and enjoyable combination. The measurements are as follows:

      Length: 8 inches

      Insertable: 5 inches

      Circumference: 4.5 inches

      Diameter: 1.4 inches

      User Interface:

      There are three buttons on the Zini Roae: a plus, which increases the intensity of vibrations or switches to pulsation/pattern mode; a circle, which changes intensity mode to pulsation mode or changes pulsation mode to intensity mode; and finally a minus button, which decreases the intensity of vibrations or switches to previous pulsation mode.

      The user interface is illuminated with a LED light, which enables easy use whilst in the dark. No more fiddling around randomly pressing buttons.

      Zini Roae has a 'travel lock' function. Simply press the minus and plus button at the same time for 2 seconds and it will lock. When you press any buttons then the user interface simply shows up red and you cannot press the buttons. This is a great design for travelling and storing your Zini Roae so it doesn't vibrate without warning. To unlock the travel lock, simply do the same as locking it. When your Zini Roae arrives it is on travel lock so you will need to take it off to use it. When charging the plug lights up red.


      The illumination colours change depending on how much charge the Zini Roae has. This is a fantastic design which means you don't have to guess when to charge up and risk letting the battery run down or charge up too much and ruin the battery long-term. The colours are green for 95-100% charge, yellow-green for 95-70%, yellow for 70-50%, orange for 50% to 10% and red for 10-0%. You can check the battery level even when the Zini Roae is turned off by pressing the minus button for 2 seconds. When it has finished charging it lights up green. Yet another fantastic design from Zini.


      Each pattern has a different colour of illumination on the user interface. This is a great way to remember which pattern(s) you really enjoy. Just go straight to the pattern.

      The modes are:

      1. 2 quick pulses in the shaft, then a pulse near the base

      2. The base is steady but the shaft does a gradual pulse

      3. Both pulse at the same time

      4. Alternating pulses

      5. Both have quick pulses simultaneously

      6. A series of rapid pulses and lengthier pulse, also simultaneously

      7. Just the base motor

      8. A long pulse and then sort of a dip with both motors

      9. The shaft continuously vibrating while the base does several quick pulses and a long one

      10. A mode where it alternates between the two

      11. Steady shaft while the base motor runs for a bit and then dips off

      They say six different functions, but that clearly does not mean actual vibration modes. I think it's more about the speed of vibrations and pulses.

      As for the charge, I'm not sure exactly how long it lasts, I've used it quite a few times and I have not killed it yet. They say that you get about 4 hours on a charge, depending on how the speed and functions. I would find that believable.


      The Zini Roae is not waterproof, which can make cleaning not as easy as it would be if it was waterproof. Zini Roae is made from non-porous silicone and is hygienic and safe to use. Simply wipe over with a non-alcoholic or sensitive wipe (I use baby wipes) and then spray some toy cleaner for good measure. Keep your Zini Roae inside its material drawstring bag whilst not in use so that it doesn't get dusty or attract fluff.


      Over the last year-and-a-half I have tried out lots and lots of different toys and vibrators - it must be around 200 by now. I have always been looking for a perfect toy, something that has everything I could want in a toy - one that is silicone, rechargeable, quiet, has different functions and intensities and preferably in my favourite colours black and purple. After much searching and disappointment I have found my favourite vibrators with the Zini Roae and Zini Hua. I will continue to try more vibrators in the Zini range and other luxury brands, however I have no desire to get any more cheap vibrators. Trust me, luxury ones are expensive but they are 100 times better than cheap ones.

      I am now a converted Minx and most of my collection is now useless. Take it from me, get luxury and you will not be disappointed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Design, colour, vibrations, functions, packaging, quiet.
      Not waterproof.
      Bottom line
      Made most of my collection redundant.
    3. 8 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes