1. lubyanka's review of Sweet Streak Flower Print Contrast Corset Style Bustier Set

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      1. Sweet Streak Flower Print Contrast Corset Style Bustier Set

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      Sweet Streak Flower Print Contrast Corset Style Bustier Set 1 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Sweet Streak Flower Print Contrast Corset Style Bustier Set
      2. lubyanka's review of Sweet Streak Flower Print Contrast Corset Style Bustier Set

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    1. Looks great at the starting line, the hurdles bring it down.

      Reviewed: 05 October 2009 by lubyanka

      At the same time I bought this, I also bought the Sweet Streak Royal Brocade Lace-Up Corset Set. Both corsets are very alike in construction and performed comparably when I wore them, so my reviews for both are similar.

      The fabric of this corset looks very elegant and glamorous. It does lovely things for my bosom, if perhaps a bit too revealing for anything other than evening wear! However, on closer inspection the fabric is a lot lighter and thinner than it looks. In general the construction quality is the cheapest I've encountered in any garment calling itself a corset.

      The front busk of this corset is much flimsier than it should be - the hooks bend at the slightest provocation, and can be bent back into shape with very little finger pressure. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke after a short period of time. A bone supports the lacing holes on the side nearest the busk in front, but no bone supports the laces in the direction they actually pull. The bones themselves are very narrow and kink quite easily. Although these bones are advertised as spiral steel, I have other corsets with plastic bones which give me a much better shape and are much more sturdily constructed. Some of them kinked badly the first time I wore it out for the evening.

      I laced the corset up with elastic as I do with all my corsets, and I think this is very likely to extend the life of this garment. I would be wary of lacing too tightly in case the bones bent out of shape.

      The lining is made mostly of what looks like black nylon mesh - a very thin sheer material reminiscent of one layer of 15 denier tights.

      The matching thong has a quite a big triangle at the front made from the same fabric and lining as the corset itself. So in this respect I'd say the thong may be the nicest I've seen of any set which includes a thong, but it is still a bit vile because that lovely triangle is only supported by that standard "T" of cheap elastic. Personally I'd have preferred less thong and more corset. I think that matching my underwear exactly to my corset is pointless, my genitals draw their own attention all by themselves thank you, and the included thongs always irritate my bum anyhow.

      So lingerie manufacturers please note - please spend more money making the primary garment better and save the environment from so many crap thongs which end up unused in the bin? Thank you.

      Despite the very affordable price, very little more (a tenner or so) will get you a higher quality corset which is much more durable and flattering to the shape.

      I think it's a shame the Sweet Streak corset construction is so poor, because it really does look lovely at first. If you're willing to pay £30 for a garment which may only be good for a few wearings, then this corset should be fine for you. If like most of us you would rather have more value for money, then in general I would recommend giving these corsets a miss and paying a few extra quid to get a much more durable and flattering garment. These are points which I think might be worth keeping in mind when considering a purchase.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Fabric appears luxurious, flattering colour, affordable price.
      Poor construction, bones kink easily, a cheap and flimsy garment.
      Bottom line
      Give this a miss, spend a little more for a higher quality corset.
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