1. PA-5000 Prince Albert Piercing Male Chastity Kit

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      1. PA-5000 Prince Albert Piercing Male Chastity Kit

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    1. Product Description

      The PA-5000 is perfect for those who desire the ultimate in male chastity. Designed to be used with a Prince Albert piercing, the smooth, vented cage holds the penis with the curved locking pin sliding through the piercing and securing you in place.

      The PA-5000 is designed to be used with a 5 gauge (.188 inch diameter) Prince Albert piercing.

      Available in an internal diameter of 1.25 inches.


      1 plastic vented cage 2.75 inches in length.

      9 curved locking hooks ranging in radius from (0.8 inches, 0.75 inches and 0.6 inches in diameter)

      1 extension piece

      1 leather strap

      2 keys

      1 padded case

      How to use:

      Loop the leather strap through your PA ring and drop it through the cage, guiding your penis through as one hand holds it in place.

      Smooth any loose skin back towards your body and remove your PA Ring, replacing it with one of the three curved locking pins provided.

      Line up the base of the curved locking pin with the slot in the cage. By turning the key anti-clockwise the cam lock will secure the pin in place.

      An additional extension ring is included to increase the length of the cage and can be taped or superglued in place

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      PA-5000 Prince Albert Piercing Male Chastity Kit 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. PA-5000 Prince Albert Piercing Male Chastity Kit
      2. PA-5000 Prince Albert Piercing Male Chastity Kit

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    1. Everything I wished for

      Reviewed: 18 August 2010 by gonehome, a Straight Going Steady Male

      On arrival I was surprised how small and light weight the device was, my second thought was, 'how am I going to fit into it, it looks too small'. Although instructions are not supplied it's easy to work out and within 20 minutes of being home (and after some ice cubes) I had been locked in where I have been ever since as the key has been taken from me!

      The device is very comfortable and I can forget I'm wearing it during the day. Night time and morning erections are not painful just very frustrating as the device lets you become erect but not quite enough for the ultimate release.

      No matter how hard I try I cannot get out of the device unlike the cb6000 and 3000. The device also came with two other gauges of hooks in three lengths that are not shown in the item description! (bonus)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I cant get out and cannot get release, so frustrating!
      Plastic! Would be nice to see a metal version.
      Bottom line
      Amazing, frustrating everything I've always wanted.
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    1. Like you would not believe

      Reviewed: 10 February 2010 by benjijo

      I have had a Prince Albert piercing for many years, and my girlfriend loves the sensations the PA ring gives her. However, she found out that I'd been unfaithful and decided to do something about it. She bought a PA-5000 from Lovehoney (which arrived the next day) and put it on me during a lovemaking session. It was tight and the PA ring looked very sexy coming out of the end of my cock. She loved the look of it. The black looks very sexy, encasing my cock.

      I only realised how serious she was when she went back to her home, leaving it on! The next few days were the most frustrating I have ever known, but they made me want her so much. This wicked little device focuses your attention on your woman like you would not believe! It's as much of an emotional experience as a physical one, and the lovemaking when I was released was astonishing. She tells me that at one point she will keep me locked up for at least a month, and I am apprehensive and excited at the same time.The PA-5000 is very comfortable and totally secure. You get amazing orgasms when your lover lets you out.

      She always locks a large chain around my neck and hides all the keys before she lets me out, so that she knows that I will put the PA-5000 back on before she takes the chain off. She now has total control over my faithfulness,and my sexual attention is focused completely on her.

      Ladies, buy one now. Your man will thank you for it… eventually!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Invisible under clothing, very comfortable, very well-made.
      I can't take it off when I need to masturbate – which is the idea!
      Bottom line
      Takes sex out of the bedroom. Makes you think about your woman constantly.
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    1. Excellent

      Reviewed: 02 January 2010 by Chastity_4_Me, a Straight Married Male

      This device from Lovehoney arrived the day after the order! Fantastic service, with free recorded delivery thrown in. But I digress.

      The size I ordered was the 1.125 inch model (the middle one), and I use the largest retaining 'pin'. All three sizes of pin are around 4.5mm in diameter, but they are differently-sized, to allow for differently-placed Prince Albert channels. The product itself has a length of 36mm, and is 55mm to where the pin exits the enclosed lock.

      Unlike other devices where the lock is removable, this one is fixed in place. The circular lock is reasonably secure (five pins) and less 'pickable' than the so-often used 20mm padlock on such devices (I can easily beat the latter). The turning of the key through 90 degrees rotates a metal plate within the body of the device, securing a lip on the end of the pin. There is no way the knob can be manoeuvred over the pin once locked on. As with all devices, a little talc on the shaft together with Vaseline into the Prince Albert helps keep things in place whilst allowing some small readjustment. I personally find the 'stocking' method a doddle to use, even if some partial erection is present.

      Some background: My Prince Albert was actually very painful, but the healing and stretching process took around four months to totally settle down. I had mine done back in the late 1990s, and can easily go for a week or two without any retainer/ring in it, without it closing back up, even a little.

      The PA-5000 is truly a superb competitor to the weighty, cumbersome Lori tube (the one with the massive lead-time of around six months).

      Prior to its purchase, some discussion on chastity forums suggested that the PA-5000's length may prove troublesome when the male member is fully flaccid, and hence pull on the piercing, causing some migration of the urethral exit. It was suggested that this may be especially prevalent in those men whose unexcited size is less than the device's length.

      For me, this hasn't happened, even though the device has been worn for 72 hours straight. I think this is partly attributable to the fact that this device is incredibly lightweight. So much so that it's really easy to forget it's on (until an erection starts, that is, at which point it somewhat strangulates the top of the shaft, looking most peculiar!).

      Additionally, all previous devices that I've worn/owned have been hooded, to preclude any attempt to self-pleasure the penis head, or indeed, to reduce the latter's future sensitivity when its full 'use' is required. The PA-5000 is unhooded, allowing the knob to swell fully whilst constraining the shaft considerably.

      My wife and key-holder encouraged me to oil up and masturbate – which I did – as she had concerns about its failings. However, whilst initial excitement/erection is uncomfortable partly because the pin is in the way and half one's shaft has the tube round it, anything closer to potential orgasm is downright painful (due to the swelling). In my case, this was definitely sufficient to leave me very frustrated (and greasy) without any release at all. For me, it is not worth the discomfort, whether I try a hands-on approach or with the use of a vibrator on the tip, etc.

      Even with an erection, for some reason urinating is still possible and not messy, because the urine only exits from the urethra and not the Prince Albert, which is held up against the side of the tube. Also, there are no nooks and crannies in which stale urine can reside, creating the 'whiff' so synonymous with the use of long-term chastity devices.

      I confess - I didn't follow the advice completely for the sizing of the PA-5000. If I had, my device would have been the larger size (1.25 inches). This is based on the diameter of my shaft at rest. True, this would have left more tolerance between the skin on the shaft and the plastic, and theoretically more water/soap could have more of a positive effect during the cleaning process, but we were concerned that too loose a fit would result in little more than a 'squeezy toy'.

      All-in-all, a very practical solution to male masturbation, whilst being supremely kinky.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very lightweight, discreet under clothes, hygienic, secure, practical for long-term wear.
      A metal pin would be better for longevity. Larger gauge pins would offer more scope.
      Bottom line
      An excellent addition to the male chastity range for those requiring a PA-secured device.
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    1. PA-5000 - Be very careful with size

      Reviewed: 14 December 2010 by Kinky C

      Being a DIY enthusiast (woodworking - you have a sad mind if you think it was anything else), I stretched out my penis as suggested and carefully measured the diameter using a pair of metal callipers. Now, I would never pretend to be hugely endowed - indeed, many guys I see in the more entertaining clubs we periodically frequent are far thicker than me (my dear wife never complains, but she does love me), so all in all, I believe I am a happy average.

      Measuring up, I saw that in diameter I was just short of 1.5 ins - I went ahead anyway and ordered the largest PA-5000 on the basis that surely these things are made for Mr Average and that the largest one would be okay.

      WRONG! It was delivered with typical speed by LH (next morning) so, on with the lube but, try as I might (even a cold shower) it was NEVER going to fit. Having spent the money on an otherwise very good bit of kit, it was out to the shed, hacksaw the back through, heat gun to soften the plastic, stretch to fit, a bit of careful sanding and now, adapted, it is fine and I am looking forward to torments to come.

      Message - if your penis is too large - do not assume that you can stuff it in. And, remember, I am a happy average – and if you are too, this will probably NOT fit without some major surgery (up to you whether you apply the knife to yourself or the PA-5000!).

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Well made - LOTS of different sized PA rings.
      Need larger diameter sizes and thicker PA rings.
      Bottom line
      If you measure yourself and it will fit - excellent.
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