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    1. Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Multi-Function Clitoral Massager Vibrator

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars6 reviews

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      1. Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Multi-Function Clitoral Massager Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      UK exclusive! Nothing says 'I love you' like a box of fine chocolates, but nothing says 'I ADORE you' like this sensually shaped, ergonomically designed, incredibly powerful massager vibrator known simply as 'Better Than Chocolate'...

      Made of strong, durable, skin-safe materials this vibrator will last a lifetime whilst still managing to deliver on power every time.

      Fluidly combining technology and sensuality, this gorgeous designer vibrator by Nomi Tang takes the best parts from all your favourite sex toys and mixes them into one.

      The specially crafted curve rests against your body as the smoothly angled tip nestles against your sweet spots.

      Ideal for all-over body massage and more intimate play, Better Than Chocolate comes with a range of vibrating functions from pulses to multiple speeds.

      When the vibe is resting against your body, press the discreet button on the base to turn it on or off then slide your finger over the touch sensitive, light-up bar.

      Stroking up or down on the touch-sensitive bar will change the speed of vibration.

      Pressing on the light-up logo will give you a range of pulses and when you find the one you like, you can lock it in place by simply pressing the opposite end of the bar.

      The glowing light will show you which vibrating function you are using by lighting up in synchronisation!

      Presented in a beautiful and discreet gift box with an instruction manual and storage pouch.

      Better Than Chocolate is ideal for couples and solo play - and won't add inches to your thighs either!

      Sex Expert, Julie Peasgood got her hands on a Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate and gave it her seal of approval:

      "Smooth, tactile and beautifully presented, 'Better Than Chocolate' is a hi-tech treat for single women and couples too. As well as delivering a sensual massaging sensation, it's waterproof to a metre deep - perfect to spice up shower time or a long, luxurious soak in the bath."

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Multi-Function Clitoral Massager Vibrator 6 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Multi-Function Clitoral Massager Vibrator
      2. Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Multi-Function Clitoral Massager Vibrator


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    1. Fabulous!

      Reviewed: 12 September 2010 by Miss.

      Wonderful little thing. Fabulous packaging – let’s face it, girls like packaging! Comes with a gorgeous velvet drawstring pouch and a beautifully decorated gift box with protective sleeve.

      Does take a while to get the hang of, however it’s easy once you realise how to control your grip on the slide button. Not very quite when you reach the higher, faster settings.

      So many different vibrations, would please any woman, whatever style she likes best.

      I would highly recommend this gorgeous vibrator for any women whose feeling feminine and looking to treat herself or for anyone looking to please their partner – you’ll be in more than her good books! Definitely worth the money.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's so glamorous!
      I would only change the colour. Something more feminine.
      Bottom line
      Fabulous, glamorous.
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    1. Multiple Fun

      Reviewed: 05 September 2009 by GoldieLocks

      What can I say? This is by far my favourite sex toy so far!

      For starters, the box and the vibrator are so cute and elegant, it doesn't even look like a vibrator! The colour (I got it in blue/black) is so "designer" and I also love the pouch it comes with.

      I wasn't sure if the sticker on the control pad was meant to stay there or be peeled off as it looked a little bit temporary but I took it off as the controls become simple to use after a few minutes.

      I love the controls, they are difficult to understand at first but thanks to the very useful directional booklet (which also gives advice on how to use it) and the little light which is blue when the touch pad is unlocked and red when it is locked, you learn to control it after a short time.

      As for the vibrator itself - wow!!! One of the best things about it is that it feels so natural as you don't have to stop using it in order to change the power or the rhythm of the vibrations like you do with some other vibrators.It is also really quiet, despite how powerful it is.

      For something that doesn't look like a sex toy, it sure does it's job and to be honest, it gave me my first experience of multiple orgasms, which before now I thought were just a myth!

      On the less sexual side of things, it can also be used as an amazing massager and my boyfriend is using it on my feet right now and it feels fantastic. The shape of it is so easy to hold and it really does hug the shape of your back, feet and other more intimate places so well.

      It takes two AAA batteries, which is good as they are easy to buy, unlike some which are weird shapes and sizes.

      Another one of my favourite things is the material it is made of. Unlike some vibrators, it warms to the touch really quickly so, again, it feels more natural and comfortable. It is waterproof, which is always a bonus in my opinion, although I have yet to try it in the bath or shower. This also makes it very simple to clean.

      This product is definitely Better Than Chocolate, and with all the calories burnt from all the orgasms it will provide, you won't feel guilty for having a bar or five!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Material, shape, control, waterproof, powerful and everything else really.
      The sticker on control panel left some residue.
      Bottom line
      Totally amazing and definitely Better Than Chocolate, my new best friend.
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    1. So (oh!) much Better Than Chocolate

      Reviewed: 20 August 2009 by kazzab

      This gorgeous vibrator is great. It's so discreet it doesn't even look like a vibrator, but it is, and it's fabulous!

      First things first it has great packaging - always very important in my mind. It comes in a sophisticated presentation box (if you buy this for a girlfriend, she might think you're about to give her jewellery) with a white velveteen pouch for storage.

      The real treat is inside the box. Better Than Chocolate is really pretty to look at, bright pink and shaped to hug your body - shoulders, breasts, thighs and - all importantly - around your vulva and clitoris. The shaped end can also be used for more direct stimulation as and when you want it, but it also sits comfortably in your hand, so no wrist ache.

      Back to the aesthetics, the girlie side of me loved the lighting on the main part of the vibe and also that it looks more like an object 'd art than a sex toy. The material it's made out of is really strokeable and simple to clean.

      It's as silent as it is sleek (always important) and although it only take 2AAA batteries, it produces plenty of power. It's not the strongest vibrator I've ever used, granted, but with something as lovely as this I was happy to take my time.

      As I learned from the instructions it's also waterproof to a metre deep. I haven't ventured to the swimming pool to test this claim, but it worked beautifully in my bath and certainly made bathtime much hotter than usual.

      I've often referred to chocolate as orgasmic and as this vibe is 'Better Than Chocolate', you can safely assume that I enjoyed it immensely!

      The only confusing thing was how to turn it on - I had to read the instruction book first - but once I got the hang of things, it was a doodle. You simply turn it on, press one end of the control to change the speed and pulse, press the other end of the control to lock it and slide your finger down the middle to increase the intensity.

      I love that you stroke it to make the sensations stronger. It's very much like a man in that way!

      Better Than Chocolate is definitely better than Dairy Milk (even the giant bars!). It's the perfect way to treat yourself without feeling guilty!

      I'm still not sure who Nomi Tang is, but she's certainly delivered what women want.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Designer looks, great shape, very discreet, lovely packaging.
      Hard to get it back in the box, confusing on/off functions at first
      Bottom line
      Fabulous! Definitely better than chocolate.
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    1. Good things come to those who wait!

      Reviewed: 04 March 2010 by masterandslave

      I ordered this in purple, but the pink version arrived. Hey ho – I can live with that! The packaging is really subtle and designed very well. First there is a protective cardboard sleeve that slides off, unveiling a textured white, rigid box. This levers open to show the vibe itself snuggled in its spot. Lift it out to reveal the instructions and a small storage pouch, too! The box is so fantastic I have kept mine in its box and then popped it in its own pouch. I very rarely keep any packaging to store my toys in, unless it's something as well-designed as this.

      The texture is unlike anything I have come across on a vibrator before. It is made of soft rubber, but has a mottle-style texture that feels like something between jeans and the rough skin on a man's hands. It feels instantly warm rather than a cold shock when you grab a vibe in a hurry! The controlling strip in comparison is very smooth and shiny, so you can easily tell the difference in the dark.

      The battery compartment is very fiddly to get in to. Once twisted mine tends to stick and won't come apart without an extra wiggle. The cap also has the on/off switch on it. Whilst easy enough to use I have knocked it on when I have been trying to close the battery compartment.

      Even on its highest setting this is a very quiet vibe, something I expect from such a luxury toy. Another thing I expect from a high-end toy is the design. This sits really well in you hand as well as over your pubic bone, perfectly snuggling into place.

      There is a small logo on the underside that is in direct contact with the areas you want to stimulate. Whilst a nice touch. It could do with moving to the top side, as it can easily catch lubricant and it is difficult to clean the nooks and crannies surrounding it.

      The controlling touch-sensitive bar, whilst an interesting design, could have been thought through a bit more. It is quite difficult to control the change of patterns and power. When you want to change one you can change the other by accident. I have also accidentally knocked the bar and locked it on that vibration when I was in the moment, without realising. Once I came to switch patterns and speeds I was left fumbling frustratedly to try to change it. In the end I had to switch it off completely and switch it back on again, to remove the lock in place.

      This did bring me to orgasm after a few attempts, especially once I had found the right setting. This gives a slow-building orgasm, and has given me several very powerful (and multiple) orgasms. However, if you need a vibe that packs a punch, this might leave you wanting more. I have found using this after another more powerful toy is frustrating, but using this before a powerful toy or as part of your foreplay, and bingo!

      This is another of those Marmite toys. It may work for you but it might not straight away. Stick with it and give it another try; good things come to who wait.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous looks, the perfect curves. Very quiet, even on the high settings.
      Please have a rethink about the controls. One higher speed would leave everyone satisfied.
      Bottom line
      Better than chocolate? Perhaps, but not world-changing. Needs a few tweaks.
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    1. Disappointing

      Reviewed: 08 September 2009 by Ecksvie, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This vibrator is marketed as a ‘luxury’ vibrator? Is it really luxury? Hopefully this review will give you more of an idea.

      I’d never had such an expensive vibrator, so I understandably had high hopes for this one.

      When this thing arrived, it was beautifully packaged. The best vibrator packaging I’ve ever seen, in fact. It looks incredible. It has a cardboard sleeve which then slides off to reveal the plain white box with the vibrator inside. The vibe sits there on a velvet-like platform (although this does unfortunately mean it’s a bit fluffy when you take it out!), and underneath there is a small bag to store the vibrator in and an instruction manual.

      I’ll start with the things I like about this vibrator first:

      The vibrator is wonderfully shaped when you first pick it up. It fits into your hand perfectly.

      The material this vibe is made of is pretty nice too. It’s rubber and smooth, and when lubed up it slides over the skin beautifully. You can definitely tell the difference between this and the material that cheaper toys are made of. The shape of it means that it fits nicely between your labia, as well as the curves all over your body. I did find, however, that it was just slightly too curved, and it would have worked better if it was slightly more straight, but the shape is still effective. I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine this could be quite good to put between you and your partner during sex as well.

      The power button is on the base, meaning that it’s unlikely you’ll accidentally turn it off mid-session.

      It comes with a small drawstring bag to store the vibrator in. Hurrah! I really wish more vibrators came with these, it makes storage so much easier.

      It takes 2 AAA batteries, and works well with rechargeables.

      It’s also extremely quiet. The quietest vibrator I’ve ever seen.

      Unfortunately, I did find some rather major bad points about this vibrator.

      In an attempt to make this vibrator as trendy as possible, this vibrator does not use buttons to control it. Instead, there is a plastic strip which you move your finger across to change the settings as you desire. This strip is in the perfect place for your finger to use. However, this also means that when you don’t want to change it, your finger has nowhere to sit and it’s easy to change the setting when you don’t want to. To combat this, if you hold your finger at the top of the strip the light at the bottom turns red and the setting will lock in, and you can repeat to unlock. Sure, it works, but it seems they were missing the point here. Since it’s easy to change accidentally, they should have worked on making it less easy to change, rather than a locking mechanism.

      In addition to this control, you can hold your finger at the bottom of the strip to go through the pulse settings, and the light will flash accordingly. While on standard vibration, you can slide your finger up and down the strip to adjust the speed. Sound easy? It’s not. As I said before, this vibrator needs an instruction manual to explain its use, and even then it’s kinda hard to understand. Yes, it looks nice, but a button you could press to switch between the modes would have been infinitely easier to work. Even after a few uses, I still haven’t gotten the hang of this thing.

      The vibrations are, compared to other vibes, pretty weak. Also, the vibrations are concentrated in the tip and don’t carry well to the end. Be aware that this is sold as a clitoral massager vibrator, rather than just a clitoral vibe. It does move around and create a nice massage sensation, but I found that even on the highest setting, it fell far short of giving me anything resembling an orgasm. Normally I can orgasm within 5-10 minutes with every vibe I’ve tried to date, but even after 15-20 with this one, nothing.

      There is a small circle underneath, which I think may be the part that detects whether the vibrator is underwater or not. Either way, lube and bodily fluids like to seep in here and they’re difficult to get out again.

      The shape, which is ideal for self-stimulation, can be rather awkward for a partner to use unless they’re sitting behind or next to you. My boyfriend likes to sit opposite me when he’s using my toys on me, so the shape doesn’t do well for us.

      While I have listed more good things about this vibe than bad things, the two main bad things are the control of it and the strength of vibrations – something I (and I imagine many others) consider the most important thing in a vibrator. Yes, it looks wonderful, is easy to store and the batteries last a long time, but it’s rather impractical and difficult to use, as well as being ineffective.

      I got this vibe as a tester from Lovehoney, and while it was nice to use, I would have been highly disappointed if I had forked out £55 for it.

      I’m not saying this is an entirely bad toy. It’s great if you want to add some vibrations to body massage, and possibly for women who have sensitive clitoris'. However, if you’re looking for something that’s going to give you mind-blowing orgasms, keep looking.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Nice shape and presentation. Very quiet.
      Very difficult, and often impractical to use.
      Bottom line
      Not worth the price tag
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