1. masterandslave's review of Balzee Silicone Cock Ring and Balls

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      1. Balzee Silicone Cock Ring and Balls

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      1. Balzee Silicone Cock Ring and Balls
      2. masterandslave's review of Balzee Silicone Cock Ring and Balls

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    1. Can't stop playing with my balls!

      Reviewed: 20 September 2009 by masterandslave

      As soon as they arrived I couldn't stop squeezing them and comparing them to my partner's! After fits of hysterics, plenty of squeezing, bouncing and placing these in various comical positions about our person (hanging it from our vibe and swaying my balls about was a personal favourite!), we finally got it out of our system and down to business. Although not completely lifelike, they look and feel very sculpted and are extremely tactile, also doubling up as a good stress toy! The only downside we have found is that they do collect fluff really quickly.

      These are medical grade silicone and boy you can feel the difference! The inside of the ring is super soft. Also read that these can be "pre-warmed in a microwave oven". While we haven't dared to try that one yet we have warmed and cooled these by running them under water. It really makes all the difference. Personally I'm not a fan of cold play but I love it when these are pretty hot - it's very surprising, almost feels like there is steam rising off them as it radiates heat to the surrounding body parts. It's something I've never experienced with a toy before and it really heightened my orgasms!

      This isn't as tight as other cock rings we have used in the past, but they do give a nice soft but snug fit to the wearer. The ring itself is extremely stretchy and coupled with the softness of the silicone we found you can easily move these mid session without tearing out all your hair! Another great thing we found is, unlike other cock rings, the weight from the balls pulls against your erection and really helps with male tensing/flexing exercises. See how high you can bounce your balls!

      During sex I did find the firmness of these became a problem if you use these in positions where the woman has her legs in the air especially, as this curves your pelvis up which is great for hitting your g-spot, but I found the Balzees pressed uncomfortably into my pelvic bones. We twisted them around and I soon discovered the fun you can have with these rubbing on your clit, however they did end up looking a little like Mickey Mouse ears!

      I love it when having sex doggy style and my partner's balls hit my clit so I wondered if these would do the same without giving me or him painful bruises! These do hit your clit in a very similar stimulating way and I found that there was more cold air rushing around on my clit too.

      When reading about the Balzee's controlling depth I was a bit put off as I love it deep, but with these on I could keep my partner thrusting perfectly on my g-spot every time.

      We got the blue version, which matches my Rabbit very nicely. Initially I was worried about using these on another silicone toy as some materials react, but as long as your session doesn't last days and they aren't stored touching each other they will survive intact.

      We tried these on a few different toys as well as on their own. Whilst it made some toys even more realistic, on other non-realistic toys it ended up looking a little strange! On these they work in the same way as with a partner – although clit slapping is a bit harder to achieve. Vibrations travel really nicely through them and I wouldn't be surprised if another version appears with a bullet inside. I just wish we had a Feeldoe to see what these would look like on that!

      Although these are quite costly you can really feel the quality.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Great for temperature play and making sure your partner always hits the right spot!
      In some positions they are too firm. They collect fluff very easily.
      Bottom line
      Can feel the quality, amazing at hitting the spot and look great on toys!
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