1. Decadent Remote Control Waterproof Dual Bullets

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      1. Decadent Remote Control Waterproof Dual Bullets

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    1. Product Description

      What's better than one vibrating bullet? Two vibrating bullets! But these are no ordinary sex toy - although the bullets are securely joined together, they can be operated independently with a remote control from over 20 feet away!

      Perfectly designed for use by men or women, these remote control bullets are great fun!

      The larger bullet measures 3 inches in length and 1.3 inches in diameter.

      The smaller bullet measures 2 inches in length and 0.6 inches in diameter.

      Joined together by a simple rubber-coated string, these bullets can be activated individually or together!

      Just take the remote control in your hand and use the 'Front' button to activate the vibrations in the larger bullet and the 'Back' button to get the smaller bullet buzzing!

      With a secure waterproof seal on the bullets and a range of over 20 feet, you can take these brilliant bullets anywhere.

      Please Note: This vibrator requires two sets of batteries. The supplied 'N' battery goes into the remote control and two 'AAA' batteries (not supplied) go in to the larger bullet.

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      1. Decadent Remote Control Waterproof Dual Bullets
      2. Decadent Remote Control Waterproof Dual Bullets

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    1. Definitely worth the price

      Reviewed: 28 June 2011 by Openmindedcouple, a Bisexual Married Female

      My husband and I bought this vibe as we have had other remote control toys in the past which haven't really satisfied us for a variety of reasons - the main three being range, strength of vibrations and ease of use/discreetness. We love being able to have some discreet fun with each other when we're out so we were really happy to find this vibe - Mr O loves being able to make me squirm!


      Both the remote and the bullets are made from the same silky-like plastic material which feels quite nice to the touch. The egg is quite large, which is good as it makes for a more intense feel when you are using it. The bullet is the perfect size for sitting in your panties and buzzing against your clit. I loved this - the eggs themselves don't do all that much for me, but the added clit stimulation made for some interesting times. It also looks like it would be a good size to be used anally (quite long and thin).

      The remote can switch on the bullet and the egg separately, which is a great feature. Although there is only one speed setting for each, this does have the benefit that you don't have to cycle through endless patterns to switch it off - but it could have been nice to have at least a low and high setting. Personally, we would prefer one setting and no cycling to switch it off. We had one remote vibrator with around 10 settings but it didn't tell you which one it was on or whether the vibe was even switched on! This made it extremely difficult and took away some of the fun as my husband had to keep asking me to check if it was on the setting he thought it was...

      Ease of Use / Discreetness

      This remote vibe has no battery pack, which is a BIG plus in its favour. There is nothing that you need to clip onto your clothes to hold the batteries - there is a small battery (a standard N size which can be bought from most supermarkets) in the remote and two AAAs in the egg. I, personally, think it's quite quiet and we haven't had any problems using it while we've been out and about. The remote is small enough that it sits in a pocket easily, and with the small red lights to show which part is on/off it is very easy to keep track of which you have on. The egg and bullets are "submersible", according to the packaging, which makes them very easy to clean.


      As I think other reviewers have mentioned, the egg isn't hugely powerful but it did turn me on a lot when it was suddenly switched on as it does have a nice deep throb and, for me anyway, the combination of the egg and the bullet really had me squirming. My husband used it to tease me while we were out and to make me (very!) horny so it was never on enough to make me orgasm but I think that it could have done had it been used for long enough ;)


      The range of the remote is really good and we had great fun using it from quite a distance away! At one point, I had it in at a friend's party and Mr O switched it on just as he was about to come through to the same room I was in. Apparently my head snapped round and I had my eyes on the door well before anyone else knew he would come through it ;)

      Other comments

      One (rather amusing) point to note is that when the remote was switched on (i.e. the vibe is working), our remote car keys wouldn't work! If you put the vibe and remote in a bag with the batteries in, it is relatively easy to switch it on by mistake and it took us a little while to figure out it was that which was causing the car keys not to work. We had a good laugh when we realised what it was. We just make sure that we always put it away with the batteries out - it's good practice anyway.


      This is one of the more expensive remote vibes but we both think that it is really worth the money and great for those who are new to toys or more experienced. We have tried many others (both cheaper and more expensive) which have not satisfied us or which have been difficult to use. We could have saved a lot of money by buying this one first.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Strong vibrations, no battery pack, easy to use.
      Stops the car remote from working...
      Bottom line
      Great fun, best remote vibe we have come across.
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    1. WOW WOW WOW

      Reviewed: 10 September 2009 by Catherine1977

      Now for me just the thought of doing things I shouldn't be doing in places I shouldn't be doing them is enough to get me weak at the knees. This is exactly where this toy comes in.

      I have seen a lot of remote toys and have not been tempted until I saw this one. I always need clitoral stimulation so this is ideal.

      There are two bullets: big and small. The small one being used either on the clitoris or anally (both good after a good clean).

      I loved sitting in a busy restaurant not knowing which bit would buzz next.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The dual function... exciting
      You have to be careful with the wires
      Bottom line
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    1. Worth the expense

      Reviewed: 02 September 2010 by DecadenceDoll, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      We like our remote toys for fun round the house or out and about. We've tried lots of designs and keep looking for a perfect remote. This little critter scored highly on our requirements with just a few irritating bits.

      Range - Great. Worked from one room into the next and about 20 feet across a busy club. Sometimes drops the signal but when it does it defaults to OFF so the person with the button knows for sure if it's on or not.

      Size - Egg slightly larger than usual eggs which is good. Small bullet very bullet sized and goes anally easily for any newcomers to anal play

      Strength - Bullet was very strong at full battery. Egg is a bit of a slow builder rather than intense.

      Speeds - Single speed only. Slight let down and if redesigned should be changed

      Battery - Good lifespan plus no irritatingly awkward sizes to purchase.

      Price - Expensive but cheap remotes are false economy as they break

      Added bonus - Waterproof and submersible. Bath time need never be dull

      This toy is bound to be part of our play for quite some time yet!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well made and functional.
      Single speed setting.
      Bottom line
      One of the best remote toys we have.
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    1. Naughty but oh-so-nice

      Reviewed: 28 March 2010 by Wizzie86, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I love using remote control toys in public, especially with a partner. It is a fantastic way to make a very dull evening much more exciting! My partner loved being in control of me when I wore these bullets outside and I loved the hands-free, sofa-clenching frolics around the house.

      The main bullet is slightly larger than the average wireless egg, which is great for hitting all the right spots. The smaller bullet is perfect for anal insertion and wearing against the clitoris. Both ways feel fantastic and how you want to wear it depends on your personal preference. Wearing the small bullet against my clitoris was agonisingly amazing; by wriggling in my seat slightly I had a fantastic orgasm (whilst no one was looking). I did not orgasm from wearing the smaller bullet anally, but I did when I finally arrived home with my partner, who had loved every second of teasing me.

      There is, sadly, only one speed setting for the toy. The larger bullet is a lot weaker than the immensely powerful little bullet. I did not find this a problem, although it would have been fantastic to have other speed settings or pulses. It is great that you can control the two bullets separately. I enjoy using the bigger bullet for longer periods of time, with teasing moments of the little bullet on my clitoris.

      The dual bullets are very attractive, as is the remote. There is one button for the front bullet and one button for the small bullet. The remote is very small and discreet, which is perfect for when you are using the toy in public. It also has a string attached to the remote, which I like to wear around my wrist – but it would also be easy to attach to a key chain.

      The toy is slightly noisier than other remote toys that I have used, particularly the smaller bullet, if it's worn on the clitoris. My partner said that he couldn't hear anything at any point. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it in a quiet pub or restaurant, but in somewhere slightly noisier it is great.

      The Decadent Remote Control Waterproof Dual Bullets are not the cheapest toys in the world but they are very different from wearing a single remote egg and the naughty orgasms are so, so good. The smile on my partner's face is even better.

      (This review dedicated to Nv for buying me such a fabulous pressie.)

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Orgasming everywhere I went. The powerful little bullet on my clitoris.
      Not as quiet as I would like for the pub. Single-speed.
      Bottom line
      A great toy to go out or stay in with. A really good couples' toy.
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    1. Not so decadent...

      Reviewed: 03 July 2011 by glitter&gold, a Straight Married Female

      I have tried remote control eggs before (my favourite is the Lovehoney 10 Function Remote Control Dream Egg 2.0 Vibrator) and so when I got this I was very excited to try it!

      I won it in one of the mini-comps on the forums, so when it came it was in a little plastic bag with the instructions and an N battery for the remote (which was handy as I didn't have any spares!). The egg itself takes 2 AAA's.


      I loved the fact that it was a different colour to the usual pink - a lovely deep navy blue. The egg, mini-bullet and the remote all have a lovely soft, silky finish that feels very luxurious to the touch (much better than shiny, hard plastic).


      The egg/bullet are connected by a wire about 3-4" long and coated in plastic, so easy to keep clean. The remote is about 2" x 1" with 2 buttons labelled front and back and it has a little wire/handle connected to it with a lovely heart charm on the end so it is easy to find in your pocket/bag. The front button controls the egg and the back button controls the mini-bullet. Each button has a light connected to it so you know when each one is in use. The egg is about 3" long and about 1" wide. The bullet is about 1.5" long and 1cm wide. I don't know why, given that the LH equivalent is shown as larger width-ways, but I found the egg to be too large for me and to be honest a tad painful. This could just be down to my size as opposed to other people, though, so please bear that in mind when considering whether or not to purchase this toy.

      Both the egg and the mini-bullet are single-speed. The bullet is tapered at the end and would be ideal for use either on your clit or anally (or the other way round even, if you can manage it!).


      I was quite disappointed with this part. It says in the product description that the range is 20 metres. But when I tried it, if I moved the remote more than 15cm from the egg the signal went. At first I thought it might be the batteries were faulty so I bought new ones and the same thing happened.


      As mentioned in previous reviews, neither bullet is immensely powerful. But this isn't necessarily a problem. For me, I actually prefer that - it makes for a long slow build up with a sparkly finish! As for the noise, I found it to be quite loud. I wore it out to dinner and handed the remote control to my OH. Despite him only using the egg and not the bullet (for fear of someone hearing) the people at the next table could definitely hear it as when he pressed the on button they both reached for their phones!!


      Unfortunately, not going to be my favourite toy. As I said, I found the egg to be too large for me and due to this I would have to be very relaxed/turned on/have lots of foreplay before I could comfortably use it.

      I liked the level of the vibrations but they may not be powerful enough for everyone (especially speed queens!).

      However, the biggest issue I had with this toy was the price. I know I didn't pay for it, but for people that have/would, I just couldn't equate spending nearly £60 on something that was nowhere near as good as the LH equivalent (which is less than half the price).

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      The silky finish and the colour.
      Everything else. Signal strength, size of the egg, single-speed, and the price.
      Bottom line
      The idea is a good one but the end result, for me, was not.
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