1. Extra Male Edge Penis Extender

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      1. Extra Male Edge Penis Extender

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    1. Product Description

      From the team who bought you the best selling Jes Extender comes this traction based penis enlarger designed especially for those who are after bigger, longer erections within just a few short weeks.

      Although traction enhancement looks and sounds painful, this special set with lots of comfortable features and add-ons proves that it isn't.

      The Male Edge uses the body's natural ability to increase in size by encouraging the tissue to stretch and grow in just the right way.

      Clinical studies have shown that the Male Edge increases penis length by up to 24% in length and 19% in girth!

      Your brand new extender comes already assembled with an instructional DVD, ruler to track your progress, travel bag, an extra rubber strap, protection pad and discreet case too.

      Designed to be used by men of any size, the rubber strap is completely adjustable and can even be turned around to fit those of larger lengths.

      Simple and comfortable to use, this top quality extension set delivers visible and permanent results within just a month of regular usage.

      Lightweight, ultra strong and made of body-safe, surgical grade plastics.

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      1. Extra Male Edge Penis Extender
      2. Extra Male Edge Penis Extender

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    1. Not convinced

      Reviewed: 23 April 2010 by sexperiment, a Straight Married Male

      As the review title says, I am not convinced by this product. But let's start at the beginning.

      To be fair, the packaging is excellent. The extender arrives in a very smart self-contained zip-up case, with all the fittings and paraphernalia contained neatly within. It is pretty normal-looking and to the casual observer it would arouse no suspicions about what was held within it. But that is about where the good points stop, as far as I am concerned.

      When it came to putting the extender on for the first time I got the distinct impression that a Masters in engineering would have been a great help. I lost count of the number of times that skin got pinched in the various moving, sliding or clipping parts, which, when you are dealing with the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, is not a particularly good thing at all.

      Trying to get the correct amount of ‘pull’ was the next hurdle and this was achieved more by luck than judgment. The sliding marker within the arms is hard to read when held right in front of your eyes, let alone when it is attached to your John Thomas, and you are craning your neck to take the reading from the side. Why they did not make it so you could take the reading from above is beyond me!

      Once in place, with plenty of strips of bandage to protect those sensitive parts from further pinching and nipping, and the correct amount of pull set, the next challenge is to find a pair of trousers that will go over the top. The manufacturers state that it can be worn under clothing. I am sure that if we were in Ancient Rome and still wearing togas this would be the case, but there is certainly no chance of wearing jeans or other similar garments whilst the Male Edge is in place. In the end I settled for a pair of extremely baggy tracksuit bottoms.

      On the first day I managed to keep the extender on for about 30 minutes before it became really rather uncomfortable and the tip of my penis started to feel a little cold. So off it came. Gradually, over the following week, I found that I could keep it on for longer, but it was some three weeks before I managed an hour, by which time the manufacturers think you should be wearing it for three hours a day. Not a chance! Apart from anything else it would mean I could do practically nothing for the whole evening as it is rather uncomfortable to wear, let alone move about in.

      I carried on using the extender for another two weeks and even managed to increase the pull setting a couple of times and got it up to 1500 grams. This is about the setting that you should reach around week four. But I must confess that at the end of week five I have abandoned the whole exercise due to continued pinching, discomfort and the fact that after an hour the coldness to the tip of the penis sets in and I take that as a bad sign.

      In conclusion, the Extra Male Edge Penis Extender is made of hard, uncomfortable materials and it is poorly designed. It is for use on the most sensitive part of the body and yet it pinches, chafes and rubs like crazy. I do not believe that the guidelines on how to fit it and use it are very clear and frankly anything that makes the tip of your willy go cold can not be good.

      It cannot be easily worn under clothes. You cannot easily go about your business whilst wearing it and there is no way in Hades that I could have kept it on for a minute over an hour, let alone the six hours that you should be able to achieve in week six. And to top it off I am exactly the same length as I was when I started.

      If you are into extreme bondage and have more money than sense you might – might! – find a use for it.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      The case it came in.
      Everything else.
      Bottom line
      A total waste of money.
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