1. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist Cuffs

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      1. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist Cuffs

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    1. Product Description

      These leather wrist cuffs are a great alternative to handcuffs. Comfortable but incredibly secure, they're made from strong leather with metal fastenings and D-ring connectors to connect them to the included chain restraint.

      The exterior of these cuffs features a durable layer of black leather and a single leather strap that is fixed in place with metal rivets.

      On the inside is soft red leather that is so smooth, it'll never irritate or scratch the skin.

      Attached metal D-rings come with a removable chain for fastening hands above, behind or in front of the body.

      Slide the adjustable (9.25 - 13.25 inch circumference) straps into place then use the metal buckle fastenings to secure them.

      Bondage Boutique Bonus Card

      Every item in the Bondage Boutique range comes with unique loyalty stickers that you can collect to get a free Bondage Boutique spanker - or two.

      Stick them on your Bondage Boutique Bonus Card and keep it in a safe place in your knicker drawer.

      Once you have the right amount for the spanker you want - simply send it in using the Freepost address printed on the card and we'll do the rest.

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      1. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist Cuffs
      2. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist Cuffs


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    1. Cuff 'em, Honey

      Reviewed: 06 January 2012 by mr squirrel, a Straight Married Male

      I was in the market for some new cuffs as I was fed-up getting injured by cheap handcuffs that can cut into the skin when pulling on them during play. I also wanted some ankle cuffs, which is where these come in despite being sold as wrist cuffs.

      I had hoped to get the Bondage Boutique Luxury Leather and Suede Padded Ankle Cuff Restraints as I'd already ordered the wrist version. However the ankle version was out of stock so I had a look at the other options. This is when I found these.

      I was initially drawn to look at things sold as ankle cuffs but noticed that the sizings on them tended to be rather large - fine if you're built like an elephant, but not much good for a ahem 'normal' human. Then when I looked at the measurements for these I realised that they would be ideal for use as ankle cuffs!

      The 9.25-13.25 inch circumference is rather large for wrists but is ideal for use on ankles! So please forgive me but I am going to write this review from the perspective of using them on ankles although in reality most of what I'll say applies equally to them as wrist cuffs.

      The cuffs arrived in a simple plastic bag laid flat. I could see that they looked to be of decent quality before I'd even opened the packing.

      Once open I found the cuffs to indeed be of a nice quality. They're not as nice as the Luxury Leather and Suede versions but they are much nicer than some of the other options. They appear well made and the leather is nicely machine together with no studs showing on the inside edge to rub against the skin.

      The strap and buckle are perfectly functional, working just as you'd expect. A nice touch is the extra metal part for keeping the strap tucked away so you don't have it flapping about.

      Also nice is the addition of a D-ring allowing the cuffs to be joined together with the included chain. The chain I got has a slightly different mechanism than the one in the picture, being more similar to the quick release catch that I've seen on some key chains. Personally I prefer it to the one pictured as it is easier to use.

      When fitting the cuffs it is possible to overlap the leather allowing you to reduce the size of the cuff. Doing so it doesn't produce any issues for the wearer in terms of comfort.

      Something that isn't mentioned in the product description is the width (rather than length) of the cuffs. They are about 3.25 inches wide/thick, making them quite large especially is you are used to using handcuffs.

      In use, when attached together with the chain there is just enough length to allow the bound to hobble along; they're certainly not going to be taking big strides when wearing these! The soft leather was comfortable against the skin and all the fixings seemed perfectly strong enough for use as ankle cuffs so would certainly work well if used as wrist cuffs (if you have giant wrists!).

      In conclusion, I'm not sure that these would suit most people for use as wrist cuffs not unless you have wrists like a gorilla. However as ankle cuffs these work really well. They are comfy well made and reasonably priced. You could do much worse than to give these a try.

      I'd give them 8/10 simply because the Leather and Suede cuffs are just that bit nicer. However if you've nothing else to compare against these would probably be a 9-10/10.

      Well worth a try - just check whether they'll be on your wrists or ankles!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft, comfy, size, not Velcro!
      Size could be an issue for some.
      Bottom line
      Perfectly good for my intentions!
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    1. Wonderful quality leather handcuffs but way too big on sizing

      Reviewed: 05 June 2011 by Nymeria, a Straight Going Steady Female

      As a vanilla bondage user I found that these were an excellent starting point for some sub-dom play. I know from experience that the Bondage Boutique brand is excellent and reliable.

      I received the product discreetly and quickly using Lovehoney's free delivery option. The cuffs came in a plain brown box which is great to conceal what it is effectively. It was packaged in a clear plastic bag- showing off the wonderful leather and metal rings and chain. Also, within the packaging there's a Bondage Boutique loyalty card and 2 free stickers. Keep collecting and you could find yourself with 2 free spankers from their beautiful range!

      On opening the package I was very excited. It looked and felt very luxurious. The inner lining is of a deep red whilst the outside is black with the metal studs and traditional buckle fastening. There was also quite a bit of weight on the handcuffs adding to the effect of it's wonderful quality.

      Unfortunately, on use, the handcuff itself, on the tightest hook was still big enough for me to get out of. Also, I'm not a petite woman either being a size 16/18 - the sizing is really quite huge. On a good point, I am satisfied that this pair of leather handcuffs will fit my partner well. I have experimented with using them on my ankles and they fit perfectly so this may be another way of using this handcuff if you find that they are a little too big for the wrists.

      The chain is really strong and sturdy. I love how they can be twisted and removed on use. You really get a sense of how sturdy and durable this product is. I think I will be investing in some different chains in length for more experimentation and versatility.

      Best Features:

      - Great quality in the fabric and make of the handcuffs.

      - Sizing can be used to your advantage if you wish to use it as ankle cuffs.

      - Very thick and comfortable inner lining.

      - The product has a bit of weight on it - a sign of good quality.

      - D-chain is adjustable as it can be removed while the cuffs are in use. They can be twisted and are very durable.

      -Two free BB stickers for potentially 2 free spanking paddles. =]

      Worst Features:

      - Sizing is very big. Petite people should look for another pair of cuffs.

      - Chain is not adjustable in length and quite short.

      - An extra little strap could be added to the fastening so that it doesn't stick out and could be slipped in.


      I really do like this pair of handcuffs. I love how great the quality is and how comfortable it is to wear. Unfortunately, it slips off easily for me so it's not very suitable for the "average" or smaller women. I think it's better suited for bigger built people and men, generally. It is approximately 10inches in length in the tightest hook.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Quality. Weight. Durable. Comfortable.
      Sizing. Chain is not adjustable in length.
      Bottom line
      Another amazing quality item from BB but sizing lets it down!
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