1. Bondage Boutique Leather Cross Paddle

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      1. Bondage Boutique Leather Cross Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      Whether you're a Judas Priest fan or you simply want something a little unusual in your BDSM toy collection, this large ended cross paddle is for you! The diamond shape end is perfect for spanking and the cross shape leaves a very naughty pattern...

      The thick, easy to hold handle comes with a leather wrist loop for the perfect grip every time.

      Widening out to 4.5 inches, the diamond shaped paddle has a perfectly smooth side and a side with a raised silver cross, for fun texture play.

      Spank, stroke, thwack or tantalise - this paddle can do it all!

      The handle is around 6 inches long, the paddle is around 7.5 inches long - 13.5 inches in length overall.

      Bondage Boutique Bonus Card

      Every item in the Bondage Boutique range comes with unique loyalty stickers that you can collect to get a free Bondage Boutique spanker - or two!

      Stick them on your Bondage Boutique Bonus Card and keep it in a safe place in your knicker drawer.

      Once you have the right amount for the spanker you want - simply send it in using the Freepost address printed on the card and we'll do the rest!

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      1. Bondage Boutique Leather Cross Paddle
      2. Bondage Boutique Leather Cross Paddle


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    1. Bondage Boutique Leather Cross Paddle: Mercy!

      Reviewed: 07 November 2010 by Miss-Nomer, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      When the Bondage Boutique range came to Lovehoney I was instantly intrigued (affordable bondage equipment, and a loyalty scheme, oh my), and this was my first item from the line. I've since gone on to buy a further three items by them, with several more on my wishlist, so clearly I enjoyed my first taste.

      When it first arrived, I discovered it packaged in a clear plastic bag, with a small, round sticker with the Bondage Boutique logo on (which is very cute - it features two kinky fairies, a horned heart and a crown). Inside the bag (easily opened as it just has a fold down flap with a line of stickiness to hold it there), you will find the paddle, a BB Loyalty Card, and two loyalty stickers.

      The packaging is very simple, which was, initially, slightly disappointing to the aesthete in me, but it has its bonuses: better for the environment as there are no unnecessary bits, you're not paying extra for packaging you'll probably just chuck in the bin, and there are no pictures of hideously photoshopped people! Hurrah. You also aren't stuck wrestling with packaging for five minutes before you can get to your new plaything (always ironic with bondage equipment).

      The paddle is well constructed for the price. It feels sturdy, and it's not so light it feels gimmicky, not so heavy it's a strain to hold for prolonged periods. It's pretty to look at - black, silver, interesting diamond shape. The metallic cross motif is sewn on rather than glued, giving it better longevity, and the edges of the paddle are smooth and covered. The wrist strap is of a good size, and has a tiny bit of stretch to the leather, it shouldn't cut into you, and you could untie it if you'd rather not have it there, or replace it with your own choice. The handle is quite comfortable to hold, if a little angular (this is something I've found with just about every paddle, though); I like to grasp it, and rest my thumb against where it starts to flare out, for better control.

      The smooth back feels rather pleasant stroked across the skin, especially at first, when it's nice and cool, and the motifed side gives a rougher sensation, so it can provide a nice variation. The top point can be used to - very lightly - scratch your partner (even if you press very hard you're not going to do any real damage, but you can leave some faint red lines that last a while). It feels to me like it has a slightly flexible, solid plastic spine through its length, which gives it quite a firm slap. It emits a pleasant 'crack' when connecting with skin, even with softer blows. It's quite a nippy fellow, although it's kinder than studded or wooden paddles - I doubt it could leave bruises. However, you can give a wide range of sensations with it, from gentle pats, to right good stinging wallops - with just one good thwack, it can leave a bottom pleasantly pink and tingly for a good thirty minutes or so.

      There is a slight difference in sensation depending on what side you use to spank, although the main point about the motifed side is that it can leave you with cute little marks (and it does a better job of this than the [more expensive] Sportsheets Impressions paddle I own) - I find it helps to leave the paddle lingering on the skin for a moment or two after a firm strike to best make the pattern stand out.

      It's thoroughly enjoyable to use, from both sides. As the wielder, the pleasure of 'marking' your playmate, and all the myriad of options for sensation at your hands, is rather empowering. And as the willing victim, trussed up, face down on the bed, or lain across your partner's lap (or up against the wall, or bent over across some furniture... choices, choices), not knowing what to expect next, makes you feel gloriously vulnerable... such fun!

      It sounds, smells, looks and feels lovely. Since I'm not in the habit of licking spanking paddles, it gets a near-perfect score from me, on the sensory pleasure front. I think the only way I could like it more is if it was a pentagram design (although, with the cross it does have an added bonus: I can imagine that this would make a truly fantastic accessory for a naughty nun or kinky priest/vicar, either for dress up parties or roleplay).

      All in all, this is a good basic paddle with a twist and a lot of versatility. It's simple enough that I believe it would be a good starting paddle, and different enough that it can probably provide something new to a more experienced player.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Simple yet versatile. Well constructed and designed.
      Hmm... Certain Christians might find the design a bit blasphemous?
      Bottom line
      It does the job it was designed to do with flair!
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