1. Light Up Real Silicone Glow Dildo

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      1. Light Up Real Silicone Glow Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      A smooth, realistically shaped dildo - that glows in the dark! Enjoy some night-time naughtiness with this fabulous dildo made of hygienic, body-safe silicone. Comes with 5 coloured plug-in glow sticks for light-enhanced sexy fun!

      Red, green, yellow, orange and white - choose one of the coloured glow sticks, snap it, shake it up and insert it into the plug in the bottom of the dildo before fixing it back in place!

      Curved and bulging, this dildo is designed to bring ultimate pleasure with its wonderfully shaped shaft.

      Great for men and women.

      Safe, hygienic and fun!

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      Light Up Real Silicone Glow Dildo 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Light Up Real Silicone Glow Dildo
      2. Light Up Real Silicone Glow Dildo

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    1. Glorious Glow Sticks

      Reviewed: 10 August 2011 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      I decided to get this novelty glow stick dildo as I and my partner both enjoy the neon illumination produced by glow sticks. I must admit that I have experimented with an actual glow stick during masturbation before. The experience was rather uncomfortable, but I had high hopes that this specifically designed glow stick dildo wouldn’t be. Not only did the concept of enjoying a miniature light show during masturbation attract me to this product but the smooth flowing shape of the silicone dildo also appealed to me.

      The toy arrives in a box that appears to be designed in the style of a rave/club poster. On the box the phrase ‘Light UP! your SEX life’ is printed in various places. The box states that the product is made from pure silicone. On the back of the box you will find instructions on how to make the toy glow. Simple snap one of the five glow sticks provided, give it a shake, and slot it inside the toy, making sure to firmly apply the plug after – you don’t want to lose your glow while in mid flow. The front of the box is secured by a magnetic latch, opening to reveal the dildo and glow sticks displayed behind a clear plastic window. The toy and glow sticks are packaged securely in a fold-over plastic casing. When opening the plastic, be careful not to drop the glow sticks, as you don’t want to accidentally set them off. There are five glow sticks provided; one yellow, one orange, one red, one green, and one purple/blue (this appears as white before you trigger it). Each glow stick is 5.5 inches long; they are often available from discount shops. The toy is in a fairly realistic penis style shape, with the tip of the toy shaped similarly to the glans on a penis. The main shaft of the toy has a slight wave to it, and expands slightly before the tip. I would say that the toy is more impressionistic than realistic. The toy is 7 inches in length, and 4.25 inches in circumference at its widest point. The base of the toy is contoured perfectly for gripping in your hand. This toy isn’t overly large, but I feel it makes an excellent couples toy due to its size and gimmick factor. At the base of the toy you will find a small plug. Make sure you don’t lose this, as otherwise you won’t be able to securely confine a glow stick in the toy. The plug stays firmly in place, and makes a gentle popping noise upon removal. The silicone is excellent quality considering the toys price. The toy feels smooth, with only a gentle mould line running round it; the material is also rather flexible. Unlike other cheap silicone toys, this toy has no unnerving scent.

      The toy is easy to insert and gently hits the G-spot. I was slightly surprised how well it hit my G-spot, as I’m used to strongly curved toys managing this much better than straight toys. Only a few inches of the toy was needed during insertion to cause G-spot stimulation. The head of the toy gently bounced off my G-spot, leading to a gentle G-spot orgasm. I’m also surprised this toy produced a G-spot orgasm in me, as usually I need toys that are made from firmer materials.

      When introducing the toy to my partner we decided to use one of the glow sticks in the toy. We chose to snap the white glow stick, which produced a neon indigo colour. The glow stick lit up our faces as we played with the toy. We might just be suckers for novelty items, but this toy really did make the experience special. The glow stick lasted for a good hour before dying out. The toy was very easy to use during couple play. My partner had no problems gripping the toy, and due to the toy’s shape, it gently flowed along my vaginal wall while my pelvic floor muscles kept it in a comfortable position. In the past I’ve found the shape of some toys to be uncomfortable when using with a partner, but I didn’t experience that with this glow stick dildo.

      You can fill the toy with water and place it in the freezer - just make sure you firmly apply the stopper. The chamber doesn’t hold much water, and so freezes pretty quickly. The temperature feels very different to a cooled metal or glass toy; I feel it’s more user-friendly, and produces less of a shock to your body. Unlike a cooled glass or metal toy, it doesn’t keep cold very long.

      Cleaning the toy is simple; just wash it with your standard antibacterial wash. I’ve found that the silicone doesn’t attract dust, unlike certain toys.

      If you accidentally set a glow stick off, or you have a current glow stick with some juice left in it, and you don’t wish to waste it, then don’t worry. If the glow stick has any glow left in it, just pop it into your freezer, and this will freeze the liquid, preventing the glow from wearing out. When removing the glow stick from the freezer you will need to warm the stick slightly, by either running under a warm tap, or putting it against your body. Huzzah! Now your glow stick should be glowing once again.

      Overall, I’m impressed with the quality and functionality of this toy. I’m used to being let down by novelty toys, leading to them eventually being thrown away. I’m certain that this toy will be staying in my toy box, and I hope to stock up on an abundant supply of glow sticks.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Glows, glow sticks can be reused, good silicone, can be chilled, hits G-spot.
      Only five glow sticks.
      Bottom line
      Glowing with quality.
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    1. Surprisingly pleasant novelty

      Reviewed: 30 September 2011 by Laveila, a Straight Single Female

      I received this free with my Aveline dildo and to be honest the first minute I submitted the order I was not sure if I was looking forward to using it. There were several reasons: 1) I was not sure what I thought about the whole novelty concept and 2) I don’t go on too well with fully silicone toys (not just coated with silicone) as I find they are too bendable and soft and both my clitoris and G-spot enjoy firmer stimulation. So while I could not wait to try the Aveline I was bit more reluctant about this one. But I was pleasantly surprised.

      It arrived in a box which is bit too wild for my liking. I think I prefer simple black box or the coffin of one of my bullets, but there are no nude pictures involved, which is nice. The lid is magnetic and it reveals the dildo itself. The silicone of the dildo seems to be of decent quality, although not as high as you get with e.g. Lelo toys. There are 5 glowing sticks included, each in different colour and lasting for 3 hours each unless you cool it down - preferably in the freezer, but fridge seems to be working as well.

      Using the toy is relatively simple. When I first got the toy out I found out that the end is relatively bendable, which I admit did scare me a bit as I thought it would make it harder to use. But I found out with the glowing stick inside it is actually firm and easily usable for penetration. I think I may keep one stick just to ease the insertion.

      The dildo slides in easily, especially with bit of lube. The head gently brushes my G-spot, not as much as my ceramic dildo does but it is still very pleasant feeling. I also in the end leave the dildo inside with the head on my G-spot, which creates a nice pressure while I am stimulating my clitoris using a bullet vibrator, as I still need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

      I do like the glowing aspect of the dildo. It is more fun as you can change the colours based on your mood and you can store them in the fridge to prevent them from being completely drained of “power”. Or use one until it's not glowing anymore - your choice. But they do add something to the play in the darkness.

      To sum it up this is in fact a functional novelty, which is working for penetration. Although my other dildo seems to work better for my G-spot, this seems to stay more easily inside me during clitoral stimulation and orgasm. It also has an unusual feature with the glowing sticks. I think I will try to get replacement when I have used all of mine as they do add to the fun.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Glowing, relatively firm, silicone.
      Could be bendable without stick in.
      Bottom line
      Interesting and fun novelty!
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