1. TENGA Egg Clicker

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      1. TENGA Egg Clicker

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    1. Product Description

      Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your Best Orgasm Ever! These little beauties stretch to fit any size - simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations from the super-tactile ribbed sleeve.

      TENGA Egg Clicker features a wealth of patterned nodules and nubs inside its stretchy sleeve and it delivers the ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm.

      The sleeve has a rounded end with a continual bumpy pattern to completely cover the penis.

      When you receive your TENGA Egg, you'll be fascinated how this 2.5 inch sex toy can stretch to accommodate every inch of you. In fact, in our tests, it has stretched up to 12 inches in length and 8 inches in girth!

      Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket, or hide them in an egg carton!

      TENGA Eggs come on 6 sleeve styles: Wavy, Spider, Twister, Silky, Stepper and Clicker. Buy one of each and enjoy different sensations every time!

      NB: Designed in Japan for single use. However, with careful use/cleaning and more lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again!

      Please note: To prevent damage, pinch the tip of your TENGA Egg before you place it on the penis as you would when applying a condom. This Japanese sex toy is designed for single use and made from delicate material. Over-stretching or rough use may cause it to rip but with careful use, cleaning and plenty of sex lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again!

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      1. TENGA Egg Clicker
      2. TENGA Egg Clicker

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    1. OH loves it

      Reviewed: 24 March 2014 by LadyA-F, a Straight Married Female

      We received the TENGA egg free with an offer!

      I have looked at these before but didn't think the OH would enjoy them. So when we received this one, we gave it a try.

      And my OH loved it! It made play for him a lot more enjoyable! To the point I have now ordered a couple more!

      They are meant to be despoiled but we have used ours twice now and it's still going strong!

      It's good we have found a toy for my OH instead of just for me. :)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      How it made oh feel!
      Bottom line
      Every man needs one!
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    1. Treat your man

      Reviewed: 19 January 2014 by lako87, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I bought my other half one of these as an early Christmas present and he was a little bit dubious about it when he opened it!

      But we followed the instructions, put the lube on and I started using it on him and his face changed immediately!

      He loved it, I can't describe how it felt for him but he certainly enjoyed the sensations he was getting and he finished must faster than he usually does!

      It feels a bit odd when you first get it out of its little case but once you get over that it's fine!

      It hasn't split yet and we've used it three times so far. It's very easy to clean and you can just pop it back in its case ready for next time!

      Might treat him to a different pattern soon!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      My partner clearly enjoyed using it!
      Feels a bit odd!
      Bottom line
      Great addition to a toy collection!
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    1. So small, yet so awesome

      Reviewed: 24 July 2013 by Vixxytoi, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Even though I'm pretty low on cash at the moment, I still tease myself by going onto sites and browsing the products I'd love but can't afford. I stumbled across these TENGA eggs and thought they looked so cute, but obviously they're not in my budget... But wait, thanks to Lovehoney's Oh! Points system, I could afford one! I scanned the reviews for any bad comments or experiences and couldn't find one!

      Boom, it went straight into the basket with some extra lube (just in case), checked out and I eagerly awaited the discreet package.

      I didn't really bother to 'set the mood' before whipping out this toy as, like previous reviews had said, it's sort of like a kinder egg in the way it's packaged which kinda makes you giggle.

      Once out, I was surprised at how soft the material was! I did a stretch test, just to see how true to the demo video it was, and it was preeeetty stretchy, fab! After emptying the included sachet of lube into the egg (after removing the tube, of course) I started having a 'play', so to speak. Now, bear in mind, I've been with my OH for 3 and a half years and have never made him climax by hand (zero stamina in my arms, seriously) so I wasn't expecting too much from this. I started off slow, kinda twisting and altering grip strength while stroking, it was an odd experience for me too, the bumps felt so weird!

      The first thing that struck me was his slight noises. He doesn't often makes noises in bed (he gets embarrassed, bless his heart) but when I was using this egg he was making faces and everything! I asked him to try and tell me how it felt, but I couldn't get much out of him. What he did say was that he couldn't feel the bumps as much as he'd like. Eventually, he came and as he did, he gripped my arm and moaned. Gosh, I was so proud of myself!

      Once cleaned, I could see what everyone was saying about the deforming afterwards. I could probably get one more use out of it, but I wouldn't do it any more than that. Totally buying some more to try them out!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Its simplistic shape and softness! Easy clean-up too!
      The bumps aren't that prominent but it's still a great product!
      Bottom line
      A great toy for couples! Next up, TENGA Spider!
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    1. Tenga Egg Clicker

      Reviewed: 29 June 2013 by John Thomas 267, a Straight Single Male

      I bought the TENGA Egg Clicker as I had bought three eggs before.

      I love them. They give a great sensation. Put the lube in and concentrate on the head of the penis. It's a gradual build up of pleasure. Particularly on the glans.

      You can do it for a bit and leave it for a moment. You can hold it on the shaft and thrust for a bit too and you can see your penis though it and it looks good.

      The pleasure builds and it eventually comes to a climax.

      I recommend trying them you will love them.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fantastic sensation.
      Nothing at all.
      Bottom line
      A great toy for your best friend. I am using mine now.
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    1. Yes

      Reviewed: 17 April 2013 by sathoon

      £10 might seem a little steep at first, but TENGA eggs are wonderful little pieces of pleasure that you need to try at least once!

      Same shape, design and deceptive size that you expect from a TENGA egg.

      The peculiar nodules however will have you gently writhing in short order. This egg has became an instant favourite in my slowly growing collection!

      If you've never tried a TENGA egg, this is by far the best place to start.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Extremely pleasurable, easy to use.
      Excess lube can easily leak.
      Bottom line
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