1. Sex Counter Cock Ring

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      1. Sex Counter Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      A stretchy, orgasm-enhancing cock ring that actually counts your BPM - otherwise known as Bonks Per Minute! Slide the cock ring over your penis and enjoy a longer, harder erection as well as the fun of knowing how many times you've thrust per session!

      Ergonomically designed, this cock ring has been created so that the counter and soft rubber covering actually hits your partner's sweet spots with each thrust!

      The stretchy cock ring will comfortably sit at the base of the penis and help to give you a firmer, bigger, longer-lasting erection.

      As you get busy, the Penisometer will count each of your thrusts and give you a digital read out at the end so you can see how long your sessions last!

      Make a little note of your BPM and see if you can up your effort next time - perfect for fitness gurus and competitive couples!

      Stretches from 1.2 inches up to 3 inches in internal diameter.

      We here at LoveHoney conducted an experiment in our Get Sexy For Summer Challenge to see if the Sex Counter Cock Ring could really improve stamina and performance.

      Sex toy tester Si tried the cock ring for one week and was amazed by the results:

      "I definitely feel that my stamina has increased since using the cock ring. By concentrating on my thrust count, my mind was taken off the beautiful naked girl in front of me and placed elsewhere!"

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      1. Sex Counter Cock Ring
      2. Sex Counter Cock Ring

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    1. Fantastic concept, poor execution, but in the end still quite a bit of fun

      Reviewed: 09 October 2009 by Copulationeer, a Straight Going Steady Male

      The unit consists of the pink plastic counter sitting in a sleeve on the jelly-material cock ring. The number on the display on the unit counts up as the unit is shaken, and there is a button on the side that resets the count to zero. It turns out that the counting mechanism, at least as far as we can tell by listening to the device, is just a ball bearing that rolls over a contact to complete a circuit which increments the count. This means that the sex counter will only really count thrusts when the penis is horizontal, thrusting back and forth parallel to the ground. This certainly works for doggy-style intercourse, and the missionary position to some extent, but it will be difficult if not impossible to get thrusts to register with the device in other sexual positions.

      We waited to try out the device until we had quite a bit of time free, and we were both in the mood for some vigorous activity, or as we put it, a 'Truly Epic Fuck'. When the time was right we set about things as normal, with the simple addition of the ring on the penis. After a few experimental thrusts in a few experimental positions to test what kind of thrust would increase the count on the device and what wouldn't, we zeroed the device and set about a determined effort to run up the count in a missionary-like position.

      Thoroughly enjoying a good go of it, we nevertheless noticed that some thrusts did not register, and some counted double. If we were going to use this device to attempt an accurate sum of our thrusts, we'd have to pay almost as much attention as if we were counting out loud, to make sure the thrusts were registering and to keep track of whether the count was normal or whether we should be dividing the number by two. After about 1250 thrusts in the missionary-esque position (which took a while, but not as long as we might have thought), we decided to switch over to doggy style and go for a total of at least 2000 thrusts for the session. The double-counting was especially problematic in doggy-style, but we soldiered on. Unfortunately, we only added about another 500 thrusts to the count before the device stopped counting entirely, at which point no amount of shaking or tapping of the device would get the count to increment any more. We had to reach the 2000-thrust count by estimation in the end.

      It was still great fun for both of us, and epic enough, though standards for 'Epic' fucks may vary with locale and temperament. Perhaps the counter had been worn out by its journey overseas?

      We were disappointed that it stopped working, but the process was a lot of fun, and given the limitations of the device, I don't think we'd have been terribly likely to use it all that often, though trying to set and break records might have been amusing.

      Prologue: When I first saw the Sex Counter Ring (or bonkometer, as we like to call it) making the rounds on the gadget (and other) weblogs, I was quite intrigued, and thought it was a very funny and interesting concept. I didn't seriously consider buying it, though, until my partner saw it independently and said 'we have to get this!'. As we're in the US, we didn't think it made much sense to purchase just the sex counter ring, what with the cost of international shipping. Though it's not really rational to spend more money, just to feel like one's getting a better deal by spending less

      proportionally on shipping, this encouraged us to purchase several other items we'd been interested in trying, and we were pleased to find that Lovehoney had several items that we couldn't find at online vendors in the US.

      Digression: It seems that measuring thrusts in sexual intercourse with accuracy takes a lot more than just a simple ball bearing that rocks on and off a contact. It probably takes a real accelerometer and some software to isolate the times and places of maximum displacement and minimum velocity.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Small size, comfortable to wear, did not interfere with normal activities.
      'It finished before we did'. The unit stopped counting entirely before we were done.
      Bottom line
      At 10 pounds it is fun enough, and not tragic when it stops working.
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    1. Pointless

      Reviewed: 19 October 2012 by sexysoph30

      I bought this for my partner as a joke present for his birthday last year. It is very pointless.

      It did nothing for me or for him pleasure-wise and the counter didn't work properly either.

      Also it was really tight on him, which wasn't very pleasurable for him and we ended up taking it off.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      It is pointless and doesn't do much.
      Bottom line
      I wouldn't recommend this at all.
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