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    1. Tantus Alumina Motion Dildo

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      1. Tantus Alumina Motion Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Made of 100% aeronautic grade aluminium and anodized for increased resistance to corrosion and wear, the Motion is an intense and thrilling dildo with spade-shaped heads for safe entry and exit from the body.

      The gently pointed tips of the flow allow you to precisely stimulat your erogenous zones and make insertion easy and comfortable.

      With two different sized but equally thrilling ends, this non-vibrating sex toy is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

      Cold to the touch, the Motion can be warmed up in hot water for intense temperature play.

      Each Tantus Alumina product is created in two parts with a rubber protection stopper between so you can interchange the ends with each other for even more pleasure!

      Aluminium holds temperatures incredibly well, is compatible with all lubricants and is easy to clean with just water.

      A high performance toy that feels utterly amazing!

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      1. Tantus Alumina Motion Dildo
      2. Tantus Alumina Motion Dildo

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    1. Aluminaaaah!

      Reviewed: 12 August 2010 by BashfulBabe, a Straight Going Steady Female

      With eyes bigger than my wallet, I had been lusting after some of the more interesting metal dildos for quite some time, so when the Tantus Alumina range went into the Summer Sale for a piddling £25, I could not believe my luck. The rather pointed-looking Motion did look intimidating to someone so limited in metal dildo experience - try putting that on your CV! - especially since it wasn't shown as clearly on the video as the others in the range, but I'm glad I took the risk.

      When it arrived (next day again, still cannot get over the amazing delivery service) I was surprised at how neat it was. The box was very classy, black with silver details, and minimalistic, with just enough space inside for the dildo to snuggle up in the foam bedding. It's small enough that it'll fit anywhere, sturdy enough to last as long as you aren't planning on stomping on it on a regular basis, and provides a very elegant home to keep the dildo clean and safe.

      I knew it would be lighter than steel (but heavier than the usual silicone-rubber-plastic), but I was pleasantly surprised at the weight in this: it's quite heavy, and while it is a good deal more lightweight than a solid steel dildo, I wouldn't like to be bopped on the head with it. Even holding it in my hands, I could feel a significant heftiness, and the same went for holding it elsewhere. It's a good weight if you want a step up from glass, or, like me, are awaiting the Money Fairy before getting some substantial steel in your box of tricks.

      Being an awkward sod, I have a dislike of too much pink, so I tend to end up with black, or some crazy luminous colour. Seriously, looking in my toy box is a stroke risk, it's like a clown exploded. So, while I do love the look of the classic silver steel, this shade of opulent purple was something I could get along well with, and not feel embarrassed by my tacky taste. In the flesh - so to speak - it's very sleek, shiny, and rich in colour, with an almost satin-style finish. When wet, the colour comes alive, looking even richer and deeper than when dry. I couldn't find a flaw in the perfectly smooth finish, and even tried scratching at it (I have a horror of a toy's coating flaking off, not that I'm paranoid or anything) and couldn't make even the slightest mark: it's flawless, and tough as, well, anodised aluminium.

      I will admit, I wasn't too keen on the divider ring, as it does stick out quite prominently. I'd have preferred if it could have been slimmer so as not to interrupt the flow of the toy. However, it's not exactly massive, or abrasive, so it didn't really spoil the overall experience. Mostly it's a visual issue, and I guess isn't as important when it provides the option of interchanging with others in the range.

      For temperature play, it's deliciously cool even left lying in its box, and if that's not your thing, it absorbed warmth so quickly that I could pick and choose without much preparation time: a quick dunk in the bath, and it was good to go (bit like m'self!).

      As to using it, I mentioned that the pointiness had worried me slightly, and that increased when I had it in front of me. The tip is very pointed - I actually sat on it unintentionally once and got a nasty jab - but it isn't sharp, so there's nothing to really worry about as long as you remember where you've put it down. Even jabbing myself with it, it wasn't really painful, just rather... insistent and surprising. The waves are also quite pronounced. However, my apprehension quickly turned to ecstasy as I realised the pointed ends made insertion quick and easy, and the ripples were reminiscent of the stretch-pop-stretch-pop of a perfectly shaped plug or balls, but with the ease of use of a dildo. Not only was it not as scary as I'd imagined, it was comfortable and thrilling, combining the best of some of my favourite toys. If I want a straight-forward G-spot stimulation, I can rub the larger head on my sweet spot while the bulbous shaft keeps me feeling filled and stimulated; if I want anal play, I can use the smaller end like a rippled probe; if I want some external stimulation, I can use those no-longer-terrifying pointy ends to provide precision pleasure. Honestly, it's completely versatile, suitable for anything your randy little heart desires, and it delivers in full.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Unusual and attractive colour, decent weight, holds temperature well, very thrilling shape.
      Central ring is a little larger than ideal, although it doesn't cause a problem.
      Bottom line
      A perfect all-purpose metal dildo, and at a fraction of the steel price!
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