1. TitanMen No. 1 Master Anal Vibrator

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      1. TitanMen No. 1 Master Anal Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Graduate to the next level of pleasure with this vibrating tool from the high quality TitanMen range. Made of flexible yet nearly indestructible materials, it slides in smooth but delivers unbelievable vibrating pleasure.

      The shaft of the Master Vibe is made of TPR rubber and filled with Sil-A-Gel for an awesome malleable feel.

      The powerful multispeed vibrating bullet is positioned right in the end of the shaft for stimulation that is focused and precise.

      Made up of two textures, the top half is smooth and sensual whilst the bottom half is textured and teasing.

      Just twist the base and the vibrations will radiate all over the 9 inch shaft!

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      TitanMen No. 1 Master Anal Vibrator 2 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. TitanMen No. 1 Master Anal Vibrator
      2. TitanMen No. 1 Master Anal Vibrator

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    1. Not for the faint of heart, or arse

      Reviewed: 24 May 2012 by Ffuncub, a Gay Single Male

      Firstly, let's get the dimensions out of the way: 25.4x3.8cm / 10"x1.54". Not large by dildo standards, but big for a vibrator. Uncompromisingly big, black and shiny, it shares a somewhat butch aesthetic with the rest of the Titanman range. I can imagine it could appear a little intimidating to the novice player even if they didn't know it was electrically charged.

      No.1, as he/it shall be referred to in my play area, is double dipped so that the matte ''Sil-A-Gel" shaft is covered with a shiny surface approximately a half of the way down. This element of the design is found in most of the range. He/it came in a job lot of 4 Titanmen 'tools' ('Toys are for boys, Tools are for MEN apparently, according to the marketing) that I had been yearning for for months. The product and packaging design are leagues ahead of the vast majority of adult toys. Dare I say ' it must be a Gay Thing'? To be truthful, I really wanted Numbers 2,3 or 4 which are bulbous (2) bent (3) or ribbed (4). Unfortunately they don't appear to be available on Lovehoney or anywhere else in the UK right now, possibly classed as W.M.D.'s by HM Customs. I will inevitably end them getting them in some way. Fnar Fnar.

      After the unwrapping and insertion of 2 x AA batteries (into the toy, not me) I then had the enviable decision of which to use first. Of course it had to be No.1 and like Frankenstein's monster I went for the electrical option. Now the hard bit. To insert when vibrating or wait until full to 'unleash the beast'? As I had my sensible head on I plumped for a low power entrance which I would say is definitely the way to go. The weaker vibrations have a loosening effect on the sphincter muscle and the shiny upper part of the shaft enabled this reviewer to take it up to the hilt in a matter of moments. I used a generic silicone lube which was perfect for all the toys in the range.

      At this juncture I should point out that I am a retired nurse as well as an experienced versatile arse player and that everyone should be aware of their limits when playing with toys. Dildo play isn't a recognised competitive sport outside of certain unsavoury circles. The consequences of playing without due care and attention can be devastating. Colostomy bags are so 70s too, don't you think?

      Anyway, I digress. The shiny top, lube and vibrations made short work of the 'famously difficult' second sphincter and at that point I turned up the power to what I supposed to be a pleasant 10. Little did I know, until I grasped the end to explore that No.1 had a No.11. Spinal Tap indeed. After climbing down from the ceiling and 'dismounting' I could only think to myself, 'good start!', whilst studying the remaining collection. What happened next is another, shorter story.

      So, to round off. A good looking, well made vibrator for experienced arse players. Early days but I can see this being a favourite. Recommended.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      It does as its name suggests, masterfully vibrates the anus.
      Well, it kept me quiet for a while if that's a bad thing?
      Bottom line
      Perfect opener for experienced arse players.
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    1. TitanMen's Big Black Baton

      Reviewed: 12 March 2012 by Incendiaire, a Gay Single Male

      The Vibrations Master from TitanMen is an object which looks more like a weapon than a sex toy. If you were to take a vibrator and encase it inside a policeman's truncheon, then this would be a pretty good approximation of the result.

      Lengthwise the toy is big, coming in at 10 inches in total, and it has the heft to match its size. The surface of the toy has two different textures; the top 5.5 inches are completely smooth and shiny, which allows a seamless gliding action when inserted, and the next 3.5 inches are matte and slightly textured, to provide grip when holding this area of the toy like a handle. The final inch is taken up by the control dial, which is used to adjust the strength of the vibrations, and can be unscrewed completely to access the battery compartment. Despite the change in textures, all 9 inches could feasibly be inserted by anyone up to the challenge, but as the toy lacks a flared base one would be wise to leave sufficient length to hold on to.

      The toy isn't terribly thick, at only 1.6" in diameter, or 5.5" in circumference, and so it isn't a great challenge in that regard. What does make the toy problematic for beginners, though, is that it has a very blunt end. As someone with experience using anal toys, I found that it was possible to insert the toy without prior preparation, simply by using sufficient lube and going slowly, but a novice quite clearly would need to use a tapered butt plug beforehand.

      The Vibrations Master is made from Doc Johnson's Silagel material, which as always comes with a bit of a smell. It's not the worst smell in the world, and as the surface area of the toy isn't that large, it isn't that strong, so you're unlikely to notice it when not holding it near to your face. The toy has all been moulded in one piece, so there are no seams along the surface. Despite the box claiming that the material is flexible, in fact it's really rather rigid. Both ends feel hard and solid; the tip because it contains the motor to cause the vibrations, and the base because it houses the battery compartment. The only portion of the toy which could be squeezed or flexed was the middle, but this took considerable force. When the toy is inside you it does not bend or alter its shape at all in response to the body.

      I wouldn't say that the toy was uncomfortable to use, but the combination of the blunt tip and rigid body make it less comfortable to use than other toys I have of a similar size. These factors also made it more difficult to insert the toy deeply. I only got so far as the bottom of the shiny portion before it physically would go no further.

      The vibration function on the toy is quite pleasant. It doesn't advertise itself as a prostate massager, and that it certainly is not, so don't go expecting something that will drive you to wild anal orgasms. The vibrations are strong enough to be felt inside the body though, and have quite a soothing feeling to them. The motor isn't too loud, and should go unnoticed through a stud wall or closed door. It's powered by two AA batteries, which unfortunately do not come included.

      As a toy for solo use, I have to say I found the Vibrations Master to be quite boring on the whole. The smooth uniform shape of it wasn't very interesting to insert, the straight design meant that it didn't hit the prostate in the way that something curved might, the rigid material didn't make it very fun to thrust with, and the vibrations just failed excite me at all. I can see the value of this toy in couples' play however. The unique and somewhat kinky appearance of the toy, immediately lends itself to use as a prop in a role play scenario.

      Overall it's a decent well made toy, but if you're thinking of buying it to use by yourself, then there are better things on the market. If you want to play cops and robbers with your other half, then this toy might just fit the bill.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Solid construction, easy to clean.
      Blunt end, very rigid, slight smell.
      Bottom line
      A surprisingly bland and uninspired toy from the usually creative Doc Johnson.
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