1. Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo

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      1. Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      The gorgeous, gently undulating body of the Lovemoiselle Noemie makes for an ideal all-round sex toy for both massage and penetration. The glazed ceramic is ultra strong and features a friction-free, non-porous finish that is perfectly silky-smooth.

      The tip of the Noemie ceramic dildo is gently pointed, making both vaginal and anal insertion pleasurably easy.

      The body swells in three places, allowing you to enjoy smooth, ribbed and bulbous sensations.

      Ceramic material absorbs warmth very easily, meaning it will warm to your body or cool down with just a couple of minutes in the fridge, for exciting and sexy temperature play!

      Comes in a gorgeous presentation box with a velvet drawstring travel bag.

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      Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo 7 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo
      2. Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo


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    1. Highly recommended

      Reviewed: 30 October 2011 by kit, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      As I've come to expect of Lovehoney, my order arrived quickly and was very well packaged in discreet packaging. I bought this dildo on a whim because it was on sale and I have to say that it was worth every penny - I actually think that this product would still be great value for money at full price as well and I'll definitely buy this brand in the future.

      Starting with the packaging, the Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo is made to impress. It arrives in a very tasteful black presentation box which has silver patterns and writing on it. A clear window allows you to see the beautiful pattern on the dildo itself and, overall, the packaging adds a very feminine and sensual touch to an already very elegant product and definitely makes a nice change to the tacky images and plastic packaging that usually accompany sex toys.

      On opening the box, I found that the dildo was nicely cushioned with a foam insert and underneath there was a black velvet drawstring bag in which to keep the dildo protected. Usually, I'd throw the packaging away and put the product in my 'toy box' but being as it is ceramic and susceptible to chipping/cracking if it is dropped I've kept the box in my bedside table so that I can put the dildo back inside the foam insert. This is probably not required and I'm sure that I'm being overcautious, but with the right care I'm sure that this dildo will last a lifetime and I'd certainly like to keep it around!

      Inside the packaging there is also a small booklet - again very tastefully printed - which congratulates you on your purchase, highlights other dildos in the range and details some care instructions such as how to clean the dildo. There are also some safety points. For example, with the dildo being ceramic you should not rapidly change it's temperature and should discontinue it's use if after dropping it you notice any cracks have appeared or that it has chipped.

      I was quite undecided about whether or not to purchase this dildo to start with. I was considering a different Lovemoiselle dildo and also a vibrator from an entirely different brand. I tend to prefer vibrators to dildos as I prefer some clitoral stimulation, but the design of this particular dildo caught my eye and I'm glad that it did because this dildo is now one of my favourites. I've found that if you do prefer some clitoral stimulation this dildo works really well in conjunction with a small vibe for your clit - I loved the feel of orgasming with it inside.

      Another thing that I was unsure about was the material - having never held or used a ceramic dildo I expected it to be quite fragile but I was wrong. The dildo is actually very strong and durable - the only thing you have to be careful not to do is drop it onto a hard surface as this could cause cracks or chips that would render it unsafe to use. I'm now glad that I bought a ceramic dildo and I doubt that I could go back to purchasing rubber/plastic dildos.

      The ceramic material makes the dildo so smooth that I don't even require any lube to use it, and I love the cool feel of the dildo as it slides inside (although if that's not for you then it's easy to warm up to body temperature by simply holding the dildo for a few moments before use).

      In terms of size, in length and in girth, I'd say that the Noemie is perfect for me although it might not be for you if you prefer a fuller feeling as it isn't an overly large dildo in terms of girth - it's about average. The curves feel great as well, and I'm glad that I went for the Noemie instead of the Elodie (which I was also considering).

      After use, the dildo is very easy to clean by simply running it under warm water (you can use soap if required) because it's so smooth. It's also very easy to dry. Usually I have to leave my rubber dildos/vibrators to dry naturally because bits of tissue or the fibres from towels will stick to the rubber material but this isn't an issue with a ceramic dildo and I can dry it with either easily - which makes it a lot more hygienic.

      In summary, the Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic dildo is a very elegant and sensual toy that would make a great addition to anybody's toy box. It's great value for money, well designed, easy to clean and care for and will last a lifetime if it is looked after.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Beautifully designed, tasteful packaging, great size, lovely smooth feel and easy to clean!
      Bottom line
      A luxury sex toy that's very well designed, strong, silent and long-lasting.
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    1. Lovely in every way

      Reviewed: 01 September 2011 by rose hip, a Bisexual Single Female

      Just a quick review since this lovely piece of very functional art is marked as discontinued.

      Every element of the Noemie succeeds both aesthetically and practically, from the elegant but very secure packaging to the gorgeous shape of its curves. I love the feel of the ceramic and find it more comfortable than my glass dildo. It's somehow not as 'hard' as the glass.

      The Noemie has three curves. The last one makes for a very comfortable handle, the middle one is a nice 'stop' that nestles against me externally and the first one does lovely things inside.

      I think it probably does brush against my G-spot (as Nymphomaniac mentions above), but at least as important is the effect it has closer to the entrance. It's always brought me to orgasm, slow, luxurious and very relaxing ones. Combine that with its lack of sound and the Noemie is perfect assistance for nights when I find it difficult to fall asleep.

      The first curve measures more than 4.5 inches around. That would be too much for me with other materials, but hasn't been a problem at all with the smoothness of the ceramic and Noemie's sleek design. Instead, it feels like it was custom designed to fit perfectly.

      The ceramic is easy to clean. A narrow velvet bag is included to keep it dust-free, though perhaps not enough to protect it from damage through banging. Mine isn't going into the drawer for a long while though, if ever.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The feel of the ceramic and the way its curves fit perfectly.
      Love it, no complaints.
      Bottom line
      Strong, silent and very effective.
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    1. Chic & Classy Ceramic

      Reviewed: 31 August 2011 by ClosetFreaK123

      After a good few uses I am ready to review this beauty.

      I must give credit to Lovehoney for the brilliant £20 offer they had on this over the bank holiday, especially as this is a luxury dildo which I’ve seen RRP for as much as £52.99 elsewhere. As usual the free delivery service was great as I ordered this early in the morning and it arrived the next day, which is very impressive. Well done LH.

      What inspired me to buy this dildo is my love for all things sophisticated, sleek, smooth and of course rock hard. Lovemoiselle’s Noemie fits the bill perfectly and is very welcome as a new addiction to my toy collection.

      Through experimentation I have learnt that I have a penchant for solidity when it comes to toys for vaginal insertion and so I’ve grown to love metal and glass toys due to their more hygienic nature, material properties and aesthetics. I could never gel with overtly phallic-looking toys and I’m much rather drawn to unusual-looking toys that aren’t overtly obvious about what they are. Noemie is perfect for this.

      Personally I love clitoral stimulation with a vibrator as it's the easiest way for most women to climax quickly and easily, but lately instinct has had me yearning for something to ‘grip’ inside of me whilst doing so. I have learnt that I’ll never be a ‘rabbit girl’ as their success is too anatomy type dependant. So the next best thing is making your own combi ladies - having a vibe to use on you clit and a dildo inside you at the same time makes for the most amaaaaaazing orgasmic experience ever! Clit stim is great on its own but having a firm dildo to squeeze on with your PC makes it all the more intense as it provides an internal workout. Noemie is absolutely great for that purpose and performed exactly as I expected it to.

      I experienced deep climaxes without fail every use and it must be down to how the clitoral vibes can be felt resounding through me down through to the ceramic whilst inside me. Hmmm, delicious! Having my insides and outside stimulated simultaneously made for a far more full body experience. Honestly I’m talking orgasm-induced seizures - eyes rolling in the back of the head and involuntary body spasms. The best kind :D. Noemie also feels really good for basic thrusting once the G-spot has become more active from orgasm so it can give a steller performance even without assistance from a good clitoral vibe too.

      The design is well thought out as the tapered head makes it easy for this to slip in and gradually fill you with its smoothness. It can also be angled when inserted to hit your G-spot. I’d say that this dildo is on the medium-small side and certainly isn’t an instrument that many would consider a major challenge. The first bulge is enough to fill me so the rest of the length of this toy makes for a good handle. This toy is not heavy at all so it won’t give you any carpel tunnel but it’s substantial enough as not to feel fragile. Inside is hollow which is why there’s a silicone stopper at the end to prevent anything from getting inside.

      I love how feminine and pretty the pink flower design is and this is one of the least intimidating dildos you'll ever find. It really is an instrument of sensual art as the company states. The packaging is also nice and worthy of being kept too, which says a lot considering I usually bin all packaging. Noemie rests in a foam cast which keeps it safe and firmly in place and the black matte design with glossy flowers printed on looks very stylish indeed.

      With proper use Noemie should last a lifetime - there is absolutely no way that it can shatter inside you so don’t be put off by it being ceramic, this is rather the perk. Ceramic is non-porous, hypoallergenic and free from phthalates/latex. It is also virtually unbeatable in terms of its rigidity versus jelly or silicone toys and can be heated or cooled with hot or cold water before insertion, which adds to the sensations. I myself love it fresh out of warm water because it feels that little bit sexier inside!

      Noemie is also very simple to clean with soap, water and a wipe down for storage and the smooth surface means a little lube goes a long way although I’ve never even needed any. In the rare event that this does obtain any chips or cracks, though, you’ll have to bin it immediately for your safety so extra care is needed not to drop it on hard surfaces, especially when wet.

      For those looking for a really full feeling this probably won't be for you. I also wouldn't recommend this for those of you who do anal as it does not have a flared base, which makes it somewhat unsafe.

      Overall, if beauty, simplicity and precision are what you’re after then you certainly won’t be disappointed with Noemie! I'd say you could even present this for use with a partner and I’m pretty sure no man will be left feeling out done by Noemie but rather happy with the assisted warm-up!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Smooth, sleek design. length, appearance, price, packaging.
      Nothing... although if anything if could be thicker.
      Bottom line
      A luxury item that's a joy to use and a pleasure to own.
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