1. Black Lace - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Cheryl Mildenhall

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      1. Black Lace - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Cheryl Mildenhall

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      Hillary and her girlfriends rent a country house for their summer holiday. Yet they're not there for rest and relaxation, they're there to experience the pleasures of secretive owner Darius Harwood and the well proportioned Norwegian sailor - Haldane.

      Intrigued by the sexual allure of two very different men, Hillary can't resist exploring the possibilities on offer. But these opportunities for misbehaviour quickly lead her into a tricky situation where a difficult decision has to be made.

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      Black Lace - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Cheryl Mildenhall 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Black Lace - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Cheryl Mildenhall
      2. Black Lace - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Cheryl Mildenhall

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    1. Absolutely Unmissable - A Cult Classic!

      Reviewed: 03 October 2008 by kazzab

      I first read this when it came free with a magazine 13 years ago. I loved it then, and I still love it now.

      Imagine your favourite mainstream chick-lit author, add in page upon page of steamy sex, and you've got 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."

      The main character, Hillary, is very likable. She knows what she wants, and boy, she gets it. Each and every person she sleeps with sounds delectable, and if you aren't turned on by the scenes of her on the beach with Haldane, then it's likely you haven't got a pulse!

      It's mad to think it was written so long ago, as it's as fresh and horny today as it was in 1995.

      This book was passed around like the bible in its day for a good reason. First off, it was the first time we'd read a book that was so explicit and so relevant to us. Second, it is sensual as well as sexual. Finally, it is a darn good book, and conjures up that feelgood holiday feeling that you get from a beach read.

      I've still got my original New Woman copy, but am glad I've bought this one as it appears there's even more sex in the latest edition.

      My only criticism is the cover art. With a title like 'Devil And The Deep Blue Sea', it could pass as a crime thriller (or even a horror), but the naked torso on the front gives the game away.

      This is a book to pass on to your daughters. Buy it while you have the chance.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      An engaging story. Sensual and sexual. Loads of different scenarios for your 'reading pleasure'?!
      I preferred the original cover to the new one. This one screams 'naughty book'
      Bottom line
      Miss this and miss out! It's a keeper and worth every penny
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    1. Not quite my cup of tea

      Reviewed: 25 April 2011 by Username?

      I was a bit put off by the main character's lack of ability to read people before having sex with them.

      If you like the attitude that a sexually liberated woman is "asking for it" then have at it, but it really jangled my nerves. Perhaps because I am of a different generation, this was written/published in 1995 after all.

      I REALLY did like the way certain scenes were set up with Haldane. It's something every woman could enjoy.

      I think I would prefer more of a romance, perhaps I'm too sentimental.

      I was impressed with the length of the book. 3 sex scenes in and I wasn't even halfway through, definitely a plus.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well written, longer than other erotic novels and Haldane was very nice.
      Stupidity of the main character.
      Bottom line
      Pretty decent.
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    1. Ooooodles of sex and sunshine - bliss!

      Reviewed: 11 November 2008 by sublimelonglegs

      I have limited experience of this sort of erotic fiction, historically reading old classic works rather than contemporary.

      Although this book was written a few years ago now it has barely dated with a storyline that asks you to suspend belief whilst at the same time making you almost feel that it could happen to you, should you let it! That is of course if you let your wildest fantasies and hormones run away with you like the lust-ridden Hilary.

      She is like a kiddie in a sweet shop, gorging on one delicious lollipop before abandoning it and devouring another which catches her eye, somehow still appearing to have the sweeties thrust at her, rather than grabbing them herself.

      With an untaxing but enjoyable plot you are privvy to various hot, wet and wild exploits, ranging from straight, desperate sex, power games, lesbian frolics, voyeurism, a little romance and plenty of throbbing climaxes.

      I found 'The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea' rather a light girlie read but an erotic one nevertheless.

      One to read on holiday perhaps, just mind where it takes you!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Quantity of sex scenes. Quantity of sex. And men.
      Overuse of the term 'his/her sex' Rather a passion killer.
      Bottom line
      Justifiably a classic of its age. Sun, sex and more sex!
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    1. Hot cover, hot sex - get it now!

      Reviewed: 21 October 2008 by creativewriter1985

      This is a really enjoyable book. The overall plot is interesting (and worryingly, you could almost imagine that it would really happen!), the characters fun, the men gorgeous, and the sex hot.

      The beginning of the book starts off promisingly, but as the story progresses, the sex scenes become hotter and naughtier, as do the varying partners. It does get to the stage where you start questioning just how realistic the storyline is, but my advice is just ignore your rational thoughts and enjoy the writing! The 'down and dirty' scenes are just that, they're extremely well written and they're definitely capable of getting the reader excited!

      Overall, I'd recommend this book for a sexy read. It's variable and not too complex and highly erotic. The only thing that lets it down is the ending, which I felt was a bit of a cop out - but each to their own. I still say grab yourself a copy and make your own mind up.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The variable sex scenes and partners.
      I thought the ending was a cop out!
      Bottom line
      Wicked - in both senses of the word!
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