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      1. Evolved Fleur De Lis Seduction Waterproof Vibrator 6 Inch

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      1. Evolved Fleur De Lis Seduction Waterproof Vibrator 6 Inch
      2. Evolved Fleur De Lis Seduction Waterproof Vibrator 6 Inch

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    1. Not a bad vibe

      Reviewed: 20 March 2010 by sexylesley

      I was attracted by the special offer price of £10.00, plus I had a voucher for 10% off, making it £9.00.

      This vibe has a nice bulge which slims down and when when inserted feels really pleasurable. The three speeds on the vibe are easily activated by the button on the base. The storage tin is very good – nice and strong and functional. I've used mine to store my small vibes and toys in. Great!

      The first speed might as well not be there; it's just a faint buzz-buzz. The second setting was pleasant. The third setting was much better and with the bulge it was arousing, but I did find myself wanting a bit more power after a few minutes. Nearly all the vibrations are felt in the bulge area.

      What I like about it is that it stays put while you're using a clitoral vibe (my absolute favourite is the Lovehoney Erotic Rocket 2.0 10 Function Mini Vibrator). It's good for those of us who yearn for that full-up feeling. Between the two of them I had an earth-shattering orgasm.

      It could do with more power, but that would mean C batteries and that isn't possible because of the shape.

      At £10.00, it's a bargain. And the box is a good quality storage tin.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The bulge is very pleasurable. Stays in with a clitoral vibe. Excellent tin.
      Could do with more oomph.
      Bottom line
      For the price, it's good. Gives you a nice full-up feeling.
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    1. The Perfect Present

      Reviewed: 01 October 2008 by whirlybird

      On first receiving this vibe, I was instantly impressed. The packaging is stunning, a metal tin that has a slightly retro look, and which closes with metal clips at either end. My first thought was that this would make a stunning gift for someone, as it certainly doesn't scream "sex toy", and the look of this product really makes you want to open the tin and explore further. Even though you can see the vibe through the clear plastic window in the tin, I would still be happy to unwrap this in public, as again, the design of the vibe doesn't look at all like a traditional vibe.

      So, does this vibe live up to first impressions? Well, on to the testing....

      The Evolved Seduction is made of hard, inflexible plastic, with a nice velvety soft-touch finish on the outside. The vibe has three speeds, controlled by a push button on the end. The first speed is so low that I could scarcely feel it, but then, I like my vibrations strong, so this could be a good thing for you if you have a highly sensitive clit. From there it builds to a nice medium setting, and a very powerful high setting. The vibrations spread throughout the toy, so all the surfaces are equally fun! Noise-wise, it is indeed virtually silent at lowest speed, but the noise does escalate as you increase the speed, and I would classify it as pretty noisy at high speed - put it this way, my fiance heard it from downstairs and came up to investigate!

      In use, it worked fairly well on my clit, but even at high speed I didn't come first time round, and had to pull out another toy to finish off with. However, I did persevere with it on subsequent tests, and it does do the job, albeit slowly, but I'm learning to love the slow build - I just won't reach for it when I need a quick and hard climax! At the lowest speed it really does nothing for me, so I prefer the medium and high speed. I've also tried it in my pussy, where you can really feel the bulge at the top, which seemed to create a marvelous pulsating sensation that was very enjoyable!

      As this is a truly waterproof and submersible toy (which makes cleaning it a complete breeze!), I decided, in the name of scientific research, to try this in the bath. I'm afraid that in an aquatic environment this toy did little for me, partly due to my natural juices drying up, and having no silicone lube around! I pretty quickly found that it became irritating rather than fun, and oddly, the vibrations seemed to concentrate more down towards the contoller underwater. The session ended with me watching the pretty patterns the vibe made on the surface of the bath - fun, but not exactly the idea!

      As my toy collection grows, I'm discovering that hard plastic vibes are not my favourite, but this is certainly the best one I have, and will be pulled out more frequently than some of the others!

      One small niggle is that the controller sometimes misses the lowest, quietest setting, particularly if you've had it at high speed and quickly scroll through off to low. Also the control button is right on the base, so if you hold your vibe here, it is too easy to switch speed/turn it off at just the wrong moment.....

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The fabulous packaging, shape and quality.
      Perhaps the control button placement and occasional loss of lowest speed.
      Bottom line
      A high quality vibe that lives up to initial impressions.
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