1. Lelo Ella Luxury Silicone Dildo 5 Inch

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      1. Lelo Ella Luxury Silicone Dildo 5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Double delight from those Swedish pioneers of luxurious pleasure, Lelo. Ella is a beautifully designed silicone dildo with a velvety-soft surface, a G-spot curve at one end and a longer, ridged shaft at the other. Perfect gift - or treat yourself!

      Whether it's clitoral or G-spot orgasmic pleasure you crave, Ella is designed to satisfy all your sweet spots.

      Experiment by using both ends of the Ella.

      Try different positions: squatting, lying on the stomach and back.

      Satin carry pouch included, plus it's presented in an elegant box.

      NB: Use a water-based lubricant only.

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      Lelo Ella Luxury Silicone Dildo 5 Inch 27 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lelo Ella Luxury Silicone Dildo 5 Inch
      2. Lelo Ella Luxury Silicone Dildo 5 Inch

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    1. Am I dreaming?

      Reviewed: 14 August 2014 by sleepycelia

      I'd been lusting over the Lelo Ella for a little over a year, until a few days ago. I noticed the all-too-familiar harbinger of doom lurking at the bottom of the page - 'hurry! this discontinued item will not be restocked!'.

      In a panic, I'd rushed through the checkout and had a white one on it's way to me faster than you could say, 'er, aren't you meant to be saving?'

      The Ella comes in standard Lelo packaging; a sleek black box housing a silky storage bag, a sachet of water-based lubricant and warranty information, and finally, my milky-white Ella sat snug and safe in a matte plastic clamshell. Lelo aren't my favourite manufacturer by a long shot, but I'm a total sucker for their body safe silicone. It's silky-smooth with absolutely no drag, and a satin finish. Whenever I get a new Lelo toy I tend to spend a little while just petting it, it's that nice. It's almost suede-like.

      The Ella's all sleek curve and planes, crafted from firm and totally seamless silicone that makes it look a bit more like a sculpture than a dildo. By some witchcraft, the Ella doesn't pick up lint or dust either, so you don't have to run immediately to the bathroom after you're done with it, lest it pick up the fur of a thousand phantom dust bunnies while you're enjoying your post-orgasm bliss. Magic, surely?

      I tried to hold off using the Ella for a few days, but I couldn't. It's so pretty! I felt like it was sitting there taunting me. Eventually I caved, slathered it in my favourite water-based lube and decided to experiment with the flat headed side first.

      The phrase 'instant gratification' springs to mind. It slid into place, and stayed right where I wanted it to. Whatever I did, it felt good. It never slipped out of place, and I never felt like I had to search for my G-spot. As someone who tries to be objective, I figured there had to be something wrong with it ('there HAS to be something wrong with it!').

      I took a break and switched sides. Nope. It still felt good, the sleeker end lends itself to thrusting even better than the flat-headed one does, and before long I had that 'oh god, please don't stop, please god don't let me get cramp' sensation.

      Fireworks. Stars, milky ways, interstellar galaxies populated by aliens with four heads - faraway suns and moons slowly rotating an incomprehensible distance away from tiny me on tiny earth with my even tinier Ella clutched in my hand. I saw it all. I'm not exaggerating, not even a little bit. It was one of those orgasms where everything else just stops existing for a while, and when you open your eyes you almost expect to find yourself floating in dark, calm space.

      I've used it again and again, praying that it wasn't a fluke, and I'm so glad to say that it wasn't. It's incredible. I barely have to use clit stimulation to get to that state, and it feels equally good if I'm thrusting with it, using a kind of roly pressing motion or gently stroking. I'm honestly astonished. I've paid triple the price for toys that haven't done half as much for me as this has.

      While the Ella's a ridiculously beautiful G-spot toy and capable of turning me into a dizzy mess in a matter of minutes, I've managed to find three issues with it.

      First: the flat head sometimes gets 'locked' under my pubic bone, usually after I've come, which can be pretty uncomfortable on removal.

      My second issue is with the other end - it's tapered at the tip and ever-so-slightly too pointy, and when I insert it it can cause a little bit of an unpleasant jabby sensation. This side actually reminds me a lot of the Mona 2's shape, which I don't get along with at all, but as the Ella is considerably smaller and sleeker, I thankfully don't have the same issues with it.

      And my final negative point? I can't stop using it! All my other toys are sat cold and neglected and my girlfriend's this close to staging an intervention. Why are you discontinuing the Ella, Lovehoney? Did you have pained phone calls to customer care, one too many pleading emails to the content team because people can't stop using the damn thing, and oh god, I've been late for work twice in a row? Because that's the only possible reason I can think of.

      I really can't endorse this enough. I feel starstruck. I hate using flowery language usually, but this toy warrants it. The Ella fits my anatomy almost perfectly, it's an ideal size, it's made of velvety smooth, body-safe silicone, and it gives me orgasms that start in my toes and feel like they're rushing out of my ears. If you came to me and said 'I want one good toy for G-spot exploration', this is the one I'd give you. Just flawless.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Just about everything.
      The tapered tip is ever so slightly too pointed.
      Bottom line
      It makes my G-spot feel like it's made of sparkles and starlight.
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    1. Seduction in a box

      Reviewed: 01 July 2014 by Wildcherry

      The beautiful Lelo Ella has been sitting in my Lovehoney wishlist whispering “buy me” for a while. One evening I simply caved (a lady needs to treat herself, right?), and she went into my basket.

      After a few days of excitingly waiting, my discreet Lovehoney brown box with goodies inside arrived at my front door.


      As with all Lelo products the luxury experience begins with the packaging. Upon opening I was greeted by a smooth and sleek white and purple box with a picture of the Ella on the front and the words Lelo. Inside there was another slimmer black box embossed with the words Lelo.

      Opening the lid of the black box you’ll find your new toy sitting on a tray. Lifting the tray you’ll find a user manual, a one year warranty (I thought this was an incredibly nice touch), a satin storage bag and some Lelo Personal Moisturizer for you and your toy.

      Everything about the packaging and contents is very luxurious, without being too over-the-top. The smaller black box has the lovely bonus of being a discreet storage box for your new toy.

      First Impressions:

      Nestled inside, in the beautiful deep rose colour I chose, was Ella. I had been biting my lip to get my hands on this toy as the packaging just made me even more excited. Once I picked it up, I was certainly not disappointed. Made of 100% medical grade seamless silicone, the dildo is smooth, sleek and soft-to-the-touch. So much so, you can’t but help run your fingers over her to caress the material.

      The Ella is a ridged double ended dildo, very petite and sits at just over 7.5 inches in length with 5 inches that is insertable. With a girth of 4 inches, she is slender and has a gentle curve to her, from the bulbous flat end designed for G-spot stimulation, to her more widened slightly sculpted phallus end, that is designed more for focusing on traditional trusting and penetration.

      Although she is a petite toy, do not let her size put you off as she is just right for hitting your sweet spots.

      Use of the Lelo Ella:

      The Lelo Ella is incredibly versatile, whether you use it for solo masturbation or with a partner using it on you (yes we even tried it with my partner preforming oral on me with explosive results). There are many positions you can get into with this dildo.

      Firstly, as this toy is made of silicone you can only use a non-silicone water-based lubricant during play. I used Lovehoney's own-brand water-based, but sparingly as she is a slippery little sucker if you do use too much.

      I’ve never used any other type of toy for G-spot stimulation before other than glass. I find specially curved glass dildos give just that right amount of pressure, but was curious to say the least.

      Upon applying a little lube, I used the flattened end to warm myself up and then switching to the more rounded end once I was aroused. After a few hiccups of the rounded end catching my pubic bone, I found out how to use it to its potential, with the Ella gliding over and caressing my G-spot. It soon delivered powerful orgasms and squirting results.

      Toy Maintenance:

      After use, I used an anti-bacterial gel and spray to ensure that it was as squeaky clean. It being that lovely silicone, seam and pore free, it means you can give it a thorough clean before rinsing and leaving to air dry, before storing safely back inside the little black box or bag.

      However, it is really helpful to know that this thing is dishwasher safe, boil-able and even bleach-able (10% bleach diluted with water), if you ever wanted to give it a real go-over and are a germaphobe like myself.


      The Lelo Ella is designed perfectly for hitting your internal sweet spots. I really couldn’t fault Ella. She's just like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and is a lovely change from glass dildos.

      It’s an incredibly versatile toy, whether using for solo or with a partner. She isn’t intrusive if you wanted to use her with a bullet vibrator.

      Everything about this toy is just incredibly luxury, from the packaging, down to the Ella herself, which is beautifully crafted. I am really not sure why I waited so long before buying this toy, but I wish I'd bought it sooner as it’s given me the most mind blowing results.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Slight catching on my pubic bone.
      Bottom line
      Beautifully crafted, I'm not sure why I waited so long.
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    1. Ahhhmazing

      Reviewed: 08 April 2014 by prettybutsilly, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Bought this as I was curious about G-spot stimulation. Lelo are a fantastic company, and I love the fact that their products are elegant and attractive.

      The Ella arrived in beautiful packaging, and I was initially surprised at how delicate she was. My experience has shown that size is not everything!

      As a single woman who has never experienced female ejaculation, I wasn't sure what to expect. After spending some time trying both ends of the Ella, I discovered that the G-spot end doesn't really work for me. I found it was catching on my pubic bone and didn't allow for easy thrusting.

      However, the other end is absolutely incredible. It took a little bit of time to learn what I like, but now that I have, it has given me G-spot orgasms that I didn't even know were possible! Unbelievable squirting!

      I can't wait to try out my new skill with a partner! I would highly recommend the Ella to all women!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The look, the feel, the cost, the orgasms, everything!
      No complaints.
      Bottom line
      Incredible! Buy it!
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    1. Wave of pleasure

      Reviewed: 24 March 2014 by IrishRose, a Straight Single Female

      I decided to get Ella as I don’t have many non-vibrating toys in my play box, and I’m a huge Lelo fan so it just seemed the obvious choice for me.

      As always, Lovehoney packs your items in plain brown boxes. Very discreet, so no worries about your mailman giving you side looks. The Ella’s packaging is stunning, classy and award winning. The outer box is black and white, the black side is simple with just Lelo across it. The white side has a picture of the Ella on it in your chosen colour (mine is black). The inner box is black textured sturdy card embossed with Lelo on it. This box is perfect for storing your toy.

      Opening the box, you find a plastic lid covering Ella. Taking this off, you are greeted by a stunning Ella. Ella is smooth and sleek. She is made from soft touch silicone. I spend some time just running my fingers around Ella. She felt like silk under my fingers, increasing my anticipation.

      Under the plastic insert you will find a black satin drawstring bag for safe and easy storage, a warranty card, a user manual and a packet of Lelo’s personal lubricant.

      Ella is a double-ended dildo. One end has a flat surface. Perfect for G-spot stimulation. The other has a sort of curved bulbous end. I was worried about how the flat end would feel inserted but I needn’t have worried, as the neck is slightly flexible.

      The Ella feels amazing when inserted at either end. It had me signing its praises within a few minutes, which is unusual for me with a non-vibrating toy.

      The G-spot end felt amazing. I could really get it into my G-spot and as it has a wide surface it covered my G-spot really really well.

      The bulbous end gives another sensation entirely but still manages to hit the G-spot perfectly, giving waves of pleasure. Ella was really designed with a woman’s anatomy in mind.

      As the Ella is smooth and seam-free clean, up is a breeze. Just use a sex toy cleaner and rinse with warm water and leave to dry. Once it is dry, pop it into the black satin bag and into its box so it’s safe for next time.

      As with all Lelo’s products, Ella is made from body safe materials, so there are no nasty surprises in store.

      Ella is a joy to use and I will always look forward to using her again. The pictures of Ella really do not capture the beauty of her. Ella is to be cherished.

      Ella is designed to last a lifetime, so don’t forget to take really good care of her. Don’t forget to register her with Lelo to activate the warranty.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything,. It's like having two really good toys instead of one.
      Bottom line
      An amazing investment.
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    1. Pretty

      Reviewed: 29 April 2013 by CalicoCat, a Gay Single Female

      I like this because it doesn't look like a willy.

      It has a really nice look, and feel to it. The texture feels really nice against your skin.

      I accidentally used the long end once, but I have no complaints about the experience. It really shows that this product has a good versatility.

      The other end, well, what can I say, it's amazing. It gets your G-spot really well, and is easy to hold unlike some others (e.g. glass models.)

      My only bad experience with this is that it once got a little stuck as I took it out, but ever since I've had no problems so it could have been me after that immense orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Look, feel, orgasm.
      Bottom line
      Very nice.
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