1. Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set

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      1. Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set

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    1. Product Description

      The Spartacus Nipple Clamp triple pack will expose you to the symphony of pleasure available at your fingertips.

      Spartacus Tweezer clamps offer a look that is sensually attractive on both men and women. The perfect toy for a clamp beginner, the Tweezer clamp adjusts at the touch of a finger for a satisfying range of sensations, from the tightest whisper to a moderate pinch. Length 17.5 inches.

      Next, wider tips make the Broad Tip clamp a gentle introduction to nipple clamp play. Explore nipple foreplay with a moderate grip or an intense sensation. Length 16.75 inches.

      Finally the Alligator nipple clamps feature skinny tips for localised pinching that can be quite intense. Adjust these nipple clamps for moderate to serious pressure - explore the pleasure that follows impeccable pain. Length 17.25 inches.

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      1. Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set
      2. Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set

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    1. Three times the fun

      Reviewed: 14 March 2010 by Corrupted, a Straight Married Male

      We've had these for over a year now, and they get frequent regular use. The pack contains three sets of nipple clamps, each of varying bite.

      The tweezer clamps have a little ring that you slide up to increase the pressure. They are therefore quickly adjustable. One of the problems with this set is that the rubber tips have a tendency to come off, and the metal underneath is pretty sharp. Be especially careful when tugging on them, as they've given my girlfriend's nipples quite a pinch!

      The next two sets of clamps don't appear to be that different. They both have screws for adjusting the pressure, and if you've got both pairs set the same distance apart, then they have pretty much the exact same effect.

      The alligator clamps (rightmost in the pictures) are an awful lot stronger than the broad tip ones!

      My girlfriend can't stand this for more than a few seconds, so gets especially frantic when she's tied up and can't escape when I approach with them! (Obviously they're not actually set that hard.)

      Overall, I enjoy having all the choices with just a single pair of nipple clamps and I would suggest this set is a good place to start.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The choice! What to use…?
      The rubber tips come off the tweezer clamps. Just glue them back on!
      Bottom line
      A good pack for a beginner!
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    1. A cinch to pinch

      Reviewed: 21 December 2013 by TheChemist

      I ordered this set after trying nipple clamps for the first time at a fetish club earlier this month and enjoying the experience immensely. This seemed like a good introduction, consisting of three different types of clamps. The packaging is minimal and quite old fashioned, but I was pleased to see what I received was exactly as described.

      The set is fantastic value for money, considering you get three pairs, all with chains. I particularly wanted a chain so that I could tug on it with my teeth during solo playtime.

      I found the tweezer clamps the easiest to use. You can push the ring right to the bottom, place around your nipple and gently push the rings upwards to the desired grip. The other two clamps are slightly harsher, but the adjustable screws allow you to prevent the grip from being too constrictive. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the rubber tips on the tweezer clamps are quite loose. I don't expect they'll last, but the other two seem fine.

      This set probably isn't the highest quality, but the range and value makes it a great buy for beginners.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Great value, good selection, sturdy enough for the price.
      Rubber tips a bit wobbly; not sure how long they'll last on the tweezers.
      Bottom line
      Perfect beginners set for those only looking to make a small investment.
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    1. Hmmm

      Reviewed: 29 June 2013 by Curiousgeorgie, a Straight Married Female

      I bought these as I like a bit of pain on my nipples and the little clamps with dangly butterflies don't do anything for me.

      These are serious nipple clamps. The chains are very heavy and very thick, they look almost like they have an industrial use.

      I'm a very curious girl so I had to try all of them lol. The tweezer clamps are a bit difficult to situate, they keep falling off, especially if you've used lube during your session. I can imagine they would be very intense though as they close to completely shut and I imagine they would hurt, I'll have to work up to these lol.

      The other two look very similar. They are both a bit easier to place on than the tweezers but they still keep falling off. They're great when you get them right, but it does take some patience. I have medium sized nipples, they're neither big or small but I don't think these would work on small nipples, unless you grip some skin behind your nipples. These would never work on my OH's tiny nipples, but he has no interest anyway lol.

      The screws are good as they would take these clamps from almost no feeling to severe pain.

      All in all, I love these clamps, they were just what I was looking for, I wanted to take the pain up a level and they certainly do that.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The feel. The look. The adaptability.
      They keep falling off.
      Bottom line
      Love, love, love them.
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    1. I am Spartacus

      Reviewed: 21 June 2013 by Trial&Error, a Straight Married Male

      Random name for a great product.

      We bought a set of nipple clamps after discovering that my wife likes her nipples squeezed during sex. :)

      The sensations given by the clamps seem to heighten her enjoyment.

      As another reviewer mentioned, the rubber caps can slide off, but as long as you're aware then it causes no issues.

      Definitely a game for your naughty side, with the chains between the clips allowing a tug or two to remind your partner they are attached.

      I tried the clamps on my ear lobes, closest thing to female nipples right? So I knew what it felt like before attaching to my better half. :)

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Gives a kinky buzz to being in control!
      Nothing really to dislike.
      Bottom line
      Worthy addition to bondage play toys.
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    1. Quality Clamping Fun

      Reviewed: 06 March 2011 by sexystockings

      I bought this as a Christmas present for both of us and have used them several times over the past few weeks, so feel ready to review them now.

      They are a well-made toy that adds a little extra to those sexy nights, especially if you are going down the bondage route.

      The two screw-type clamps are very similar and deliver an excellent pain pleasure feeling.

      The alligator clamp is wicked and you have to be careful. My OH went a bit over the top last night, was nice at the time but I'm a little sore today.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well made and good fun.
      Nothing as yet.
      Bottom line
      Good fun sex toy that adds something else to a sexy night.
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