1. Lovehoney Love Bunny Vibrating Bullet Rabbit

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      1. Lovehoney Love Bunny Vibrating Bullet Rabbit

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    1. Product Description

      World exclusive! Love Bunnies are collectable pocket mini bullet massagers with super-cute looks and vibrating ears that will leave you gasping! You can even remove the bullet and use it solo or with your other favourite toys.

      Love Bunnies may not look like a sex toy - but don't be fooled by the looks! The tail is a powerful bullet vibrator that transmits vibrations all the way to the t-t-tip of the soft rabbit ears with 6 sensational speeds and patterns ranging from a low rumble to a constant, satisfying buzz.

      Use the soft round head for massage and foreplay fun, teasing both you and your partners erogenous zones, or indulge yourself in solo pleasure with the delicious vibrating ears.

      Each Love Bunny has a matching removable single-speed bullet - it's 2 sex toys in 1!

      Love Bunnies are made of skin-safe medical grade silicone - and are quiet! Available in black, pink and purple, they come in a super presentation rabbit hutch box, too!

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      Lovehoney Love Bunny Vibrating Bullet Rabbit 75 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Love Bunny Vibrating Bullet Rabbit
      2. Lovehoney Love Bunny Vibrating Bullet Rabbit

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    1. One powerful little bunny

      Reviewed: 13 March 2013 by Squizz, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      For such a small vibrator it is very powerful, so glad I decided to buy it. :)

      Both me and my OH have enjoyed using this bullet. I find that turning the bullet over and using the ears works wonders. ;)

      Such a shame that it has been discontinued. :( xx

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very powerful!
      Few times the battery came loose, but otherwise good.
      Bottom line
      Best bullet a fiver can buy.
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    1. Who needs boys when you have Bunnies?

      Reviewed: 02 August 2012 by bouncingbunnies

      I'm going to start off by saying the pink bunny is my first sex toy I'm 19 and haven't enjoyed sex with partners so I thought seeing as this little bunny was on offer for only £5 I would give her a whirl.... And boy was I glad I bought her!

      Tiny enough to fit in the dipped palm of my hand, heavy enough not to be dropped easily, compact, light and simple. I know for you ladies like me there too many toys to choose from and some are frankly very intimidating just to look at but this little rabbit is more like a silicone bunny figure, if somebody found it lying on your bed and picked it up they probably wouldn't assume vibrator unless they had one themselves.

      There is a very light plastic-ish smell to the bunny but nothing strong or off putting, as you don't insert this toy it really doesn't matter.

      My only issue is the fact that Mrs Bunny's tail you press it and nothing happens then you have to hold your finger on it constantly and hold at the same pressure or halfway through bunny will stop moving. The instructions are on the back they're simple too.

      Another thing I love is the packaging, it's a cute little box bunny comes in I took the plastic out and put some tissue in the bottom now bunny can live in there all the time, plenty small enough for a drawer or to be hidden, comes with own adoption certificate.

      I do have to compliment the service when they say 2-3 working days they mean it! Shipped on Tuesday, arrived on Thursday early afternoon, very pleased and for free?! who could ask for better! I will definitely be making all my discreet purchases. Yes the box it came in is sort of a plain, brown oblong you couldn't see in, nothing apart from address on it you might think it was shoes or perhaps some sort of games thing (hehe) looking at the box it was so light and well wrapped if not a little big but I guess that was for more discretion.

      I live at home with my parents and bunny can be hidden so easily. As for noise? not really much of an issue unless you're close. you can hear bunny but it's a very quiet shaving noise or perhaps an extremely quiet tattoo gun. As it vibrates you can't expect 100% silence but stick some background music or the TV on if you're that worried and jump under the covers nobody will hear bunny at all! Bunny is very quiet very soft vrrrrr sound.

      I used bunny for the first time a good twenty minutes ago and decided to immediately write my review, I am still tingling! Bunny is great just the button was a little annoying but once you find your spot and get into it, WOW!! Bunny is a great fun toy for everyone, suitable to be taken away and comes with batteries. I may consider ordering another one!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The bunny is my first sex toy, inoffensive, great vibes, sweet no faults!
      Only issue is you have to add same pressure to button or stops vibing.
      Bottom line
      Great first vibrator, cute little toy, easy to use, simple and fun.
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    1. New best friend

      Reviewed: 12 July 2012 by AppleBloom

      I received my bunny today, a day early, so happy! Me and my boyfriend tried it out right away, first on me.

      It was simply amazing, both the whole bunny and the bullet on its own. We had a really fun time trying out all seven settings.

      It really is appropriate for everyone, whether you like a gentle vibration or something stronger, and you can use it wherever you please.

      When you put it in the bunny the vibration is quieter but that doesn't mean you can't feel it, although it is a bit softer then the bullet on its own.

      Out of curiosity I used it to rub my boyfriend's shaft and he really loved it!

      Totally going to collect them all.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      So many settings, nice material, nice size.
      We want more colour choices!
      Bottom line
      Best investment I've made in my sex life so far.
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    1. Not as innocent as she looks

      Reviewed: 21 February 2012 by HappilyExperimenting, a Other Going Steady Female

      Well, I got this on one of LH's deals; they were selling toys 3 for £30 and I needed something else after ordering a dildo and a vibrator. I came across this little bunny here by accident, but liked the idea of a silicone toy, so popped it into the basket without much thought and sat down to wait for Tracey Cox's Supersex Super Bullet Vibrator.

      But when they all got here (ahead of the estimated date, thanks LH!) I set aside Tracey's bullet and oohed and aahed over little Pinky. As you can guess, I ordered the pink one and loved the packaging - it was a little box with an adoption certificate for your bunny. I removed it from the packaging with ease and pulled out a little plastic tab from above the tail, and voila! Pinky was ready to go - and so was I!

      Well, the vibrations are hot, with four settings that'll have you marvelling over how one little bunny can pack such a punch, and the bullet is just the right size for solo play or foreplay with your OH. She's easy to grip and I've never dropped her, and the silicone feel is phenomenal! I pop her in my handbag wherever I go, and can let my friends rootle around in there without feeling bad if they dig her out and giggle over her cuteness without the foggiest idea of what she is!

      If I had to pick a fault with this adorable bunny, I'd say that LH needs to do more colours - too many of my toys are pink, purple or silver!

      Another great thing is that you can feel around your sex toy bag or drawer and pick her out immediately because of her individual shape! The ears are also soft and silky and are great to hold or rub against your clit. This little vibrating bunny is a must if you love cute things and soon she'll have you writhing all over your bed!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      A soft, sexy toy that hits all the right spots in many different ways!
      Need more colour variations!
      Bottom line
      A perfect gift for your OH or a treat for yourself!
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    1. Cutest toy ever

      Reviewed: 20 February 2012 by Catastrophic, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      This is the cutest toy ever! The box it comes in is fun and includes an official Love Bunny adoption certificate.

      The bunny is small and easy to hold. It is made of silicone so it is very easy to clean. The "tail" is a mini bullet that is removable (so it's two toys in one!).

      When I first turned it on by pressing the button on the bottom of the bullet I was unimpressed as it was advertised as a single speed and I didn't think it was strong enough.

      I was pleasantly surprised when I pressed the button and it changed into a second stronger speed and then a third and then four different vibrating patters. Wow!

      The little bunny sure packs a punch and can be used to stimulate with both the ears and nose or just with the bullet.

      The vibrations travel quite well through the silicone, although it isn't as strong as using the bullet on it's own, which is why I think it is an amazing feature that it is removable.

      The only con is that the bullet is quite noisy, but it is quieter when it is inserted inside the bunny.

      I do not feel the need to hide it away as she is so discreet and cute. If someone saw it they would think it was just an adorable bunny decoration.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Speeds and patters, how adorable and discreet it is.
      Not very quiet.
      Bottom line
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