1. Spartacus Metal 5 Ring BDSM Gates of Hell Cock Harness

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      1. Spartacus Metal 5 Ring BDSM Gates of Hell Cock Harness

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    1. Product Description

      For safe, fun chastity play or to enjoy a thicker, firmer erection the latest edition to the BDSM Gates of Hell collection is made for pleasure. Slide inside the metal rings and experience the exceptional feeling of gentle yet secure restriction.

      Gates of Hell cock straps are designed to give the wearer the unique sensation of a cock ring but the teasing torture of not being able to touch the penis whilst wearing it!

      Place your penis and testicles through the larger ring then slide just your shaft into the smaller remaining rings.

      The combination of metal and leather looks sinfully sexy and is sure to turn you on, yet you'll soon find you're unable to do anything about it!

      Great for chastity play and fetish nights!

      The largest ring is 2 inches in diameter, the smaller rings are 1.6 inches in diameter and the leather strap is 3.75 inches long.

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      1. Spartacus Metal 5 Ring BDSM Gates of Hell Cock Harness
      2. Spartacus Metal 5 Ring BDSM Gates of Hell Cock Harness

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    1. Probably a good starting point for anyone experimenting with cock caging.

      Reviewed: 23 July 2010 by Captain Kinky

      I originally planned to buy something similar with two rings, but was put off by some reviews (non-welded rings that could pinch.) This had no similar criticisms, so into the basket it went.

      This is the first item I've bought one with a metal ring that goes behind the scrotum. Other items have either been rubber or have just gone around the penis or the scrotum. Some instructions on how to get the old meat and two veg through the largest ring wouldn't have gone a miss. I figured it out in the end (and can now do it really easily) but it took quite a while first time around.

      I would say that I'm of slightly below average length and slightly above average girth. I found the smaller end ring nicely tight, and the larger ones squeeze my erection pleasantly, like a firm grip from a hand, when it's absolutely fully engorged.

      So far so good, but I was disappointed to find that, on losing my erection, my penis would slip out of most of the rings and they'd just be left jangling around doing very little. That makes it less of a proposition for wearing for any length of time.

      The simple addition of a cable tie wrap adds a new dimension to this item. Link the four smaller rings together on the underside, slip it on, and you now have a device that will prevent you from getting and maintaining a straight erection, and which doesn't slip off as soon as you go flaccid. While I don't have one, i'm guessing that the effect is similar to some of the male chastity devices, though at around 1/8 of the cost. Of course this is a lot easier to remove, so the psychological element isn't the same.

      I would love to see one of these with the rivets replaced by press-studs so that the rings can be added, removed and swapped around. This one would probably work better for me if I could take one of the middle rings out.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Easy to fit, once you know how. Hugs your shaft if you have enough girth.
      Not an all-day wear possibility. Rings fall off when you lose your erection.
      Bottom line
      Feels great when you're hard but slips off too easily when you're not.
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    1. The chastity feel

      Reviewed: 09 January 2010 by kink-king

      As someone who considers himself to have average length and girth, I was slightly disappointed with this product. I'd read that the seven-ring model can be too long, so I purchased the five-ring model, hoping for a more restrictive feel. While the largest and smallest rings (the smallest is 1.2 inches) felt nice and tight, the middle three just flopped around a bit. The ring nearest the base can be angled for a tighter fit, but the remaining two could do with being a bit smaller. I found them to be just less than 1.8 inches (not 1.6 inches, as advertised). The strap is 4.9 inches (not the advertised 3.75 inches).

      That said, this is a comfortable toy to wear and it does look amazing on. There is also a hook at the top of the strap which could be used to attach a weight or a rope. I attached a weight and the downward pressure added to the chastity feel (although the two middle rings still hang loose).

      Despite the two loose rings, the toy still serves its purpose. It prevents you from manually getting yourself off, and cannot be removed while fully erect. When I used it for the first time, I attached the Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator using a silicone cock ring and had an amazing hands-free orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Looks amazing. The smallest ring, especially, is nice and tight.
      Two of the middle rings could do with being smaller.
      Bottom line
      Consider your girth when buying this. If it fits, you'll love it!
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