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    1. Mercury Glass Dildo 7 Inch

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars1 review

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      1. Mercury Glass Dildo 7 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Solid glass wand with ball-tipped end and slightly kinky ribbed tip. Smooth to the touch and kinked to hit you in just the right place. Warm it up or cool it down to experience uniquely orgasmic sensations.

      Hypoallergenic, seamless, non-porous and dishwasher safe!

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Mercury Glass Dildo 7 Inch 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Mercury Glass Dildo 7 Inch
      2. Mercury Glass Dildo 7 Inch

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    1. Glass dildo to the rescue

      Reviewed: 03 November 2007 by tallboy247, a Bisexual Married Male

      Love Honey have delivered the goods yet again!

      I have bought one or two glass dildos both Lovehoney and other places (including some from over the pond which were broken in transit, possibly) by Customs, but I have since decided to buy in the UK which removes several unwanted perils.

      The Mercury Glass Dildo 7 Inch - do they make it in a larger size then - don't know!!!! Anyway I was curious to see a dildo the same size as l am, and here it was.

      Mrs Tallboy has been a practitioner of anal for almost as long as l have, but apart from the norm had up until now contented herself with a small glass plug that had long ago ceased to offer up any challenge.

      One lazy summer Sunday we both decided to have a physically untaxing day, and both sat on my batchelor sofa and logged onto adult friend finder.....

      As a result of this my cock soon poked through the join of my dressing gown, and Helen managed to keep it pretty warm with some pretty effective oral administrations. She lay head in my lap, with her body trailing off away from me. I had some Body Shop Body Butter that I managed to rub into her body, and no prizes for guessing the direction my hands wandered, but working my way very very gradually down to her ass.

      Here over time l managed to work my finger ends into her rusty bullet hole, rubbing in the body butter until the orofice was soft and pliable. She sucked me just short of shooting my load, but insisted she wanted some Mercury Glass Dildo action.

      Standing up and shrugging off her dressing down, l did the same, she leaned across the back of the sofa, a wingback sofa that provided ample support for her ample curves.

      I worked the Mercury Glass Dildo slowly into her well lubricated ass, the knobbly bit end first, until each of the three bulbs was eventually accomodated.

      The larger bulbous end butted up against her arse, not likely to enter her body, well certainly not without significant pressure.

      The Mecury Glass Dildo provides added stimulus as you can pull it out and push it back in. The hungry mouth opened willingly on this lubricated occasion to accomodate the several heads.

      My cock stands quite close to my stomach when erect, but the angle of her dangle over the back of the sofa made my entry on this occasion an easy matter, assisted by Mr Wood's stiffness.

      I pleasured her, my cock head feeling the glass dildo inside her. This can sometimes be uncomfortable with larger items, but this time there was no such discomfort. Mrs T is a bit of a screamer, and again here she lived upto expectations as she enjoyed her first crisis.

      I hadn't come however, and removed the MGD and inserted myself where it had been. Now granted there was a porno DVD on the box, another of Michael Ninns excellent Ninnworks efforts. This though was by no means unusual so I cannot ascribe the subsequent events to that. To cut a long ha ha story short she had her first anally induced orgasm- aged 39 !!

      I therefore leave it to the readers to decide how good the MGD potential is!!!

      Easy to clean and small enough to accomodate in one of those velvet pouches, this is an excellent introductory item to introduce lovers to the joys of anal sex in this case, but it can be used in either orofice !!!!

      It is easy to handle, with the glass bulbous end providing plenty of purchase, even with the slippery body lotion present.

      The glass bulbous end is also something you can push your body against while driving your cock into your partners love cave.

      If you are looking for vibrations/electrics/great size then look elsewhere, unless you are happy to provide the vibratory effect yourself, assuming of course your arms are long enough as well. Thanks Lovehoney.

      I am now on the lookout for a long thick dildo, inert or vibratory, that Mrs T can fit to a harness and use on me!!! Help please as I'm still looking.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Small but perfectly formed, what more can l really say!
      Nothing really springs to mind.
      Bottom line
      A perfect introductory dildo to the pleasures of inanimate loving, well recommended.
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