1. Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

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      1. Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      The Gigi's five pre-programmed pleasure modes and virtually silent vibration deliver discreet, deep, rapturous sensations to your G-spot... with spot-on precision. Beautifully crafted, the Swedish-made sex toy is rechargeable and comes in an elegant gift box and satin pouch.

      Gigi is a specialised pleasure object for the discerning G-spot connoisseur. Carefully sculpted to unlock the secrets of this mysterious and special place, her dramatic shape breathes an air of investigative purpose. Like a finely tuned instrument, Gigi will deliver probing and vibrant sensations with spot-on precision - anytime, anywhere.

      Gigi houses a fully integrated pleasure point, happy to impart an array of suggestively erotic flickering to intense and toe-curling rubdowns. The powerful vibrator is carefully engineered to maximise intensity whilst minimising noise. An intuitive interface dial facilitates exact control and access to five dynamic pleasuring programs. As a matter of discretion, the interface dial can be locked during travel and transportation.

      Like all Lelo pleasure objects, Gigi is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge will provide up to 4 hours of bliss. To avoid running out of steam in the throws of passion, Gigi will indicate when the time has come to charge.

      Gigi comes presented in a discreet gift box, accessorised with charger, user manual, satin pouch and a 1-year Lelo warranty.

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      Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator 38 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator
      2. Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Gorgeous Gigi

      Reviewed: 13 April 2013 by BC 2, a Straight Married Female

      I am a big fan of the Lelo range of products, which are at the premium end of the market of vibrators. The Lelo Gigi is the one of the best sellers in the range of products.

      It comes neatly packaged in a presentation box with a charger and a very nice storage pouch.

      It is petite, which makes it relatively easy to navigate to stimulate and massage your G-spot. There are five programmed functions which you can experiment to find your favourite stimulation sensation.

      The Gigi is very quiet despite a powerful motor. Although it is marketed as a G-spot vibrator it provides the most perfect massage to your clitoris. Try rubbing the head of the Gigi against your clitoris gliding it it along the full wet length of your vulva and vaginal opening - you will experience some exquisite orgasms.

      I thoroughly recommend the Gigi to ladies that only use vibrators for external use.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shaped for your G-spot but perfect for clit stimulation.
      Bottom line
      Premium G-spot vibrator.
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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 27 February 2013 by younglovers11, a Straight Going Steady Female

      If you are contemplating getting this, then I suggest you click add to basket now!

      I own other vibrators but not that can change speed and variation like this one.

      When using this on the clit you can increase the speed to help you orgasm. The shape and feel of the Gigi is luxurious and for the price it is worth it.

      It's easy to recharge and has the option to lock so that when travelling it doesn't accidentally get turned on.

      Haven't used it much as a dildo but looking forward to it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Varying vibration speeds!
      If not charged fully product can die mid-play! Nightmare. :(
      Bottom line
      Worth the money!
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    1. My favourite ever

      Reviewed: 17 January 2013 by PlumCake, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I absolutely LOVE my Gigi. Lelo is just an incredible brand in general, and I also own the Mia, but the Gigi is honestly the perfect sex toy.

      The range of speeds is amazing, from a very slow rumble right up to intense vibrations, meaning you can really experiment with your orgasms, and I've had several multiples with this toy.

      I've used this toy with a partner who particularly liked going through the patterns to surprise me. I've used this on my own both clitorally and internally - both amazing. The shape is perfect for G-spot orgasms, which I had never had many of before this baby came along! After a couple of clitoral orgasms the Gigi makes a G-spot orgasm effortless and I'd recommend this toy to anyone.

      Lelo being Lelo it's also beautifully packaged and comes with a lovely storage bag. I would be delighted if this was a present from a lover (or even a friend!) as it's so pretty!

      I cannot stress enough how amazing a rechargeable vibrator is. The charging process is really easy and as soon as the red light comes on you you know it's time to plug him in. I swear I've only actually charged mine a few times and have used it for lengthy periods of time. The best thing is that when the red light comes on there is no change to the power, meaning that unlike battery powered toys there is no irritating wind-down in power where you're desperately wishing it could hold out for five more minutes.

      Overall, I can't fault it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Petite, pretty, powerful. Rechargeable!
      Nothing. It's perfection!
      Bottom line
      Everything I could want in a luxury toy. Worth every penny!
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    1. You need one

      Reviewed: 08 January 2013 by HappilyExperimenting, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I have had my Lelo Gigi for three months (near enough anyway) and this review is well overdue; I’ve just had too much fun playing with this beautifully crafted toy to reach a keyboard!

      The Lelo Gigi comes as beautifully packaged as any other Lelo product, accompanied by charger, instructions, 1-year warranty and satin pouch. The sturdy outer box makes it ideal for leaving out on the bedside table without arousing suspicion and it is elegantly presented, leaving you feeling indulged.

      The white handle of the Gigi is elegant and smooth, with four main buttons. Said buttons however are actually difficult to use when you are on your own so you may need a helping hand with the controls unless you've had the toy for a while. If the handle was a bit longer it would be easier to grip. The silver band above the white handle is easier to clean than expected and the shaft is as soft as the day I got it, making it irresistible to run along your cheek when you first get it. I love Lelo packaging as it always has a separate compartment for the charger making it easier to not lose the charger, or worse, get the wire all tangled!

      The dramatic head of the Gigi really manages to press against my G-spot if I insert it with a little water-based lubricant on a high continuous setting. The pulses and patterns also manage to hit that special spot inside me and I can cum from G-spot stimulation alone using the Gigi, something I am very impressed with. It never fails to make me orgasm as the vibrations are located directly in the head of the vibrator; the vibrations also run down the shaft but are mainly focused in the head which is what it is designed for anyway. This also prevents you from getting numb fingers and I can barely feel the slightest tremor from the handle, which is excellent.

      The handy lock function which is found on most Lelo toys can be used by pressing the middle of the buttons or pressing the plus and minus buttons at the same time. No more worries about baggage at the airport! It definitely saves charge too compared to other rechargeable toys that don’t lock (ahem… Happy Rabbit) as it always maintains the charge that I locked it with. Two hours of a charge provides double that amount of playtime which I feel is more than enough to satiate even the sex-mad people out there! The up and down arrow buttons scroll through the different modes (continuous vibrations or patterns) and the plus and minus buttons control the intensity of the vibrations, ranging from “Is it on?” to “Oh my God!”.

      It is shaped accordingly with a flat-base head which can also double up as a clitoral vibrator. Using the Gigi externally covers a small area but does not put uncomfortable pressure on one spot either making it ideal to use on or around the clitoris. The head may be uncomfortable at first for beginners to insert but I had no trouble when using a little lube. Move it up and down to rub against the G-spot to produce squirting orgasms or simply insert it and leave it there - I find that I can use it hands-free as long as my pelvic floor holds steady while it’s in use. Team with a clitoral vibrator and you can have amazing orgasms!

      The Gigi charges via a tab in the base which pops out when you pull it up; you insert the charger and then you plug it into the mains. Like most vibrators you could pop it in the satin bag whilst charging to hide it from prying eyes. It glows red when the charge is running down (which hasn’t happened to me yet) which is a great indicator to when you need to charge it again. Best of all, no batteries needed! This really makes up for the price when you’ve had it after a certain period of time; I feel that the Gigi will last you several years if you look after it properly. However I do have one gripe: the tab at the base often pops out when in use and although it doesn’t damage the vibrator in any way it is a bit irritable to keep popping the tab back in during use. As I’ve said, the handle could longer, and it would amazing if it were waterproof, but you can’t have everything. This is one of my most reliable vibes to date and I would recommend it for G-spot girls who like petite toys. It’s a keeper!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Smooth, subtle, the colour (blue) beautifully presented and hits the spot!
      Buttons and short handle (minor gripes, sorry!).
      Bottom line
      The ultimate G-spot gadget
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    1. Five years of service and still going strong

      Reviewed: 07 November 2012 by RedCheeks, a Bisexual Single Female

      With my original Gigi now coming up to its fifth year of regular use but still working as well as the day I first got it, I decided it was still time to get myself a back up of this much loved toy. My first Gigi was the Rose colour option and this time I opted for the beautiful turquoise blue.

      The packaging of the Gigi is Lelos usual sleek and luxurious style. The turquoise Gigi arrives in a matching turquoise blue and white outer packaging. The front of the Packaging shows the product but is free of any overtly sexual imagery. When you take away the outer packaging you will find the Gigi sits in a plain and sturdy black box with just the name Lelo printed on its front. As long as storage space isn’t an issue, this box is also ideal for long term storage of the Gigi. Or if space is an issue you can choose to just keep it in the satin drawstring pouch that that is provided for it.

      Once of its packaging, the Gigi both looks and feels as luxurious as you would hope, it is a small and lightweight with a friendly non-threatening appearance that sex toy beginners will appreciate.

      The measurements of the Gigi are as follows:

      Total length: 6 ½ Inches

      Insertable length: 4 ½ Inches

      Circumference: 3 ½ Inches

      Diameter: 1 1/8 Inches


      The Rechargeable Lelo Gigi is controlled by four buttons on its built in control pad: Up, Down, Plus and Minus.

      The plus and Minus buttons control the speed of vibration and the up and down arrow buttons control function.


      To charge the Gigi you need to remove the protective silicone cap that sits over its charge socket and insert the charger deep enough into the Gigi that you feel a subtle click.

      Once you insert the plug into the wall socket. The LED light on the Gigi controls will pulse to indicate that the Gigi is charging. When it is fully charged the LED will emit a steady glow.

      A full charge of the Gigi takes two hours which in my experience lasts for almost an equal amount of play time. The Gigi should not be used or switched on while charging.

      In Use:

      In my experience, the Gigi doesn’t only work well for G-spot stimulation but the flattened shaped head of the Gigi works incredibly well for resting against the clit and providing a more intense delivery of vibrations than you get with more rounded classically shaped vibrators. The velvety finish of the Gigis Silicone feels divine when run along the skin but does mean that whether used as a clitoral vibe or a G-spot vibe you will want to add a drop of water based lubricant first.

      Despite its modest size, when inserted the Gigi gives an intense amount of stimulation. The angled shape of the Gigi really does work well at finding the G-spot and the short length of the Gigi doesn’t stop it from hitting the spot. The range of vibrations from the Gigi can provide either the lightest of vibrations or can treat you to strong vibrations directly on the G-spot. I find the Gigi so good at hitting the Spot that I usually opt for the lower vibration setting as it can be quite intense. Equally when used as a clitoral vibrator, the shape and design of the Gigi nestles into the clitoris so well that usually only its lower settings are needed. Used clitorally or inserted the Gigi’s design proves itself capable of a deeper stimulation than most in my collection.

      The one flaw I have found with the Gigi is that, because it keeps good power up until the moment it completely loses charge, there is no indication of how close it is to losing charge until one second before it completely tops, when a red light on its controls flashes. It would be nice if the Gigi could show that red flash sooner, giving you more notice of what’s to come.

      Material and care:

      Made of Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Non-porous and Phthalates free silicone material (and the handle being made of ABS plastic) the Gigi is skin safe and easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap.

      The silicone material of the Gigi has a velvety soft finish which means it requires lubricant. It is safe to use with water-based lubricants and I always find that I need a drop of lube with it as it has that 'drag' that you get with silicone toys.

      It is generally recommended that you should never use a silicone based lubricant with a silicone toy. As mentioned on a safety leaflet provided with the Gigi, it should not be submerged in water, boiled to clean or washed with alcohol or Silicone based solutions.

      In summary:

      Easily one of the most loved vibrators in my collection, so much so that I decided to add a back up Gigi to my collection. Even with such regular use, my original Gigi is still going strong after five years!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      High quality build and materials, rechargeable, reliable, one year warranty.
      Only gives short notice when about to lose power.
      Bottom line
      So good I bought a second!
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