1. Vibrating CyberSkin Realistic 8 Inch Cock

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      1. Vibrating CyberSkin Realistic 8 Inch Cock

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    1. Product Description

      If you've ever wished for a vibrating toy that felt more like the real thing, your wish has been granted... Wonderfully realistic to the touch and with powerful vibrations along the length of the firm shaft...

      The CyberSkin Vibrating Cock has the same velvety surface and resilient texture of our best-selling CyberSkin Dildo, but with a bonus - a vibrating bullet tucked inside the shaft sets the entire dildo tingling from the tender tip to the luscious lifelike balls....

      Our top-of-the range realistic vibe - and worth every penny!

      Free personal lube and conditioning powder included.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Vibrating CyberSkin Realistic 8 Inch Cock 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Vibrating CyberSkin Realistic 8 Inch Cock
      2. Vibrating CyberSkin Realistic 8 Inch Cock

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    1. Can't get much more real than this, great for strap on fun

      Reviewed: 06 March 2011 by The Sexperimenters, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      From him...

      We ordered this toy (along with a some butt plugs, lube, etc.) so we could get started with some strap-on play in me!

      Being a total beginner at this, and wanting something that wouldn't be too wide, I was a little worried about the dimensions of this vibrator. However, being that this is the smallest realistic product available we decided to go ahead.

      When it arrived, we could not believe how realistic it looked and felt. The width did still worry me, but thanks to the butt plugs, and some time and patience, this proved to be an unfounded fear.

      The product has a soft, smooth outer layer which can be compressed a little so it didn't actually feel too wide (after a fair bit of relaxation and practice with the butt plugs). In fact, it felt great!

      The vibrations are really powerful for me and I can feel them surging all the way through to the front of my body (use your imagination!).

      Needless to say, for a guy, this hits the prostate very easily, and with the powerful vibrations the orgasms have been truly amazing and far-reaching in every sense of the word!

      Guys - don't be scared - definitely give this one a try. Personally I can't wait till next time we play with this!

      For her...

      Where to begin? For me, this is pegging par excellence! Straight out of the box, it had none of the odd (and sometimes off-putting) smells we'd found with some other products. Incredibly realistic, to look at and to touch, the CyberSkin felt soft but compressed around an underlying hardness, which gave me a great deal of playing pleasure (my partner tried it on me first - I then strapped it onto a harness and lubed it up to return the favour - all silicon or water-based lubricants are suitable).

      Harness compatibility was a must-have for us, and this fitted easily once the 'balls' were strapped (we used a Sportsheets harness, which allows for interchangeable O-rings). If there is a fault with this product, we suspect it will be in how long the CyberSkin itself will withstand repeated use in the harness. The skin does seem to get damaged quite easily (and we haven't been vigorous!), with little nicks appearing, especially where the vibrator wire enters the base of the 'cock'.

      The vibrator isn't the strongest but is very, very pleasant and the 4 speed settings allow the giver some control over the receiver's experience.

      Personally I'd prefer a bit more redness (we both agree it was paler than the photos) as I'd like to look down and see something that looks as much like an excited cock as possible (ahem).

      That said, these criticisms are EXTREMELY MINOR (with the possible exception of the durability, which is something we'll just have to wait and see about). I could hardly believe the realism of this vibrator and have been having nothing short of a magic time with it.

      I couldn't recommend it more! Whether as a solo toy or for rookie peggers such as ourselves, it's a seriously well-developed plaything!

      As an extra note, we both agree that the realistic size is a fantastic bonus point for this product. It isn't modelled on some 10 inch Latin porn star's penis - it seems like a good, normal, realistic size, so no feeding male size anxieties and it increased the authenticity of the experience for me immeasurably. This will be getting a lot of play!

      Cleaning is easy - water and a bit of antibacterial spray. It needs to be left to dry for a while so no 'quickies' before someone comes round unless you want them to see a realistic cock drying on the side. You then have to condition it with talc to keep the CyberSkin feeling fresh. Might seem like a bit of a chore for some but for a product like this, it's worth it!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Incredible texture, look and feel, and harness compatible!
      Not sure how durable the 'skin' will prove to be...
      Bottom line
      Great for 'pegging' or solo use, possibly the most realistic vibrating dildo out there.
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    1. as good as it gets

      Reviewed: 05 September 2007 by stephs-loverboy

      This is a joy to use as a couple, and my fiancee tells me the same applies on her own when deciding to go it alone when she has the house to herself and feels a bit frisky.

      I love to watch my partner ride this thing in front of me and tell me how good it feels, and that she is imaging being fucked by someone else while I have to watch helpless.


    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Great shape, smooth feel, very filling, quite thick
      Having to powder it all the while with talc.
      Bottom line
      Be steeo in price but worth the investment for a realistic cock.
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    1. Real feel is amazing

      Reviewed: 30 January 2007 by damppatch9

      From the minute you open the packet you can tell this product is different. The "cyberskin" really does feel skin soft, the size is realistic, the only thing they could do to make the feel completely real is put a little heater in there as it's cool to the touch! I was concerned when reading the instructions when it talked about keeping in separate from other toys and using the "renew" powder to keep the "skin" in good condition - I hate maintenance of something that should be simple but when I read the ingredients of this white powder its simply very fine talc - so no need to buy proprietary stuff necessarily. The corded remote has a reasonable length flex and the remote itself is solidly put together with a smooth slide for control.

      So what's it like to use? Well the shape and feel once it got warmer from my hand is very life like. Great for use with role plays on your own or with your partner. The vibrator is quite high frequency and not that powerful although it does give a nice pleasant feeling. If you want a real buzz then don't go for this toy. As a dildo the feel is lovely although for me I'd prefer something a little bigger. My favorite thing to do with it is leave it in the bed ready to play with - its like reaching behind you for the real thing.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Overall good quality - the feel is amazingly real
      not very powerful vibrations
      Bottom line
      The best for realistic feel I've ever encountered
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