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    1. Love Labs Inch Perfect Vibrator 9 Inch

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars8 reviews

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      1. Love Labs Inch Perfect Vibrator 9 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Inch Perfect is the unique, easy-to-use waterproof multispeed vibrator that answers the question that only The Bee Gees have ever before dared ask... How deep is your love?

      Inch Perfect is the world's first measure-up vibrator. The sleek cream finish is designed to perfectly off-set its unique black markings - an Imperial and Metric ruler that lets boys and girls find out exactly how much fun they're going to be able to have with each other.

      Inch perfect ticks the right boxes!

      Measure-up in inches and centimetres!

      9-inch multispeed vibrator

      Easy twist control

      Waterproof for shower-time fun!

      Velvet-touch skin-safe material

      How to use Inch Perfect

      Inch Perfect is an easy-to-use wand vibrator that delivers powerful vibrations. Unscrew the cap in the base and insert the required number of batteries - 3 C for the power-packed Inch Perfect, 2 AA for the orgasmic Inch Perfect Mini. Screw the cap back on and twist the controller in the base to turn on. Keep twisting to make the vibrations get stronger and off you go!

      How to really use Inch Perfect


      Inch Perfect is the fun way to find out if he measures up! Get him stimulated so he's standing to attention, slide Inch Perfect down his erection until the tip of the vibrator is touching his body at the base of his penis. Read off the scale then head down the wine bar to compare notes with your mates - has everyone got what they bargained for? Let's hope so!


      Ever wondered just how deep is her love?! Find out with Inch Perfect! Ask her (nicely) to lie back and think sexy thoughts while you measure up with a well-lubricated Inch Perfect. Keep sliding until she tells you to stop - then read off the scale and head down to the pub to compare notes with your mates. (Note: do not lend them your Inch Perfect, make them buy their own.)

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Love Labs Inch Perfect Vibrator 9 Inch 8 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Love Labs Inch Perfect Vibrator 9 Inch
      2. Love Labs Inch Perfect Vibrator 9 Inch


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    1. Perhaps women aren’t the deep ones after all.

      Reviewed: 07 March 2007 by Private Debora Cheri

      This is an ideal present. It is a novelty but also a superbly effective tool. The size might be intimidating but is easily laughed off. And the best thing about it is that it is sexually satisfying.

      The inches and centimetres on the side made me laugh. The stimulating feel of the ‘velvet touch’ surface is extremely sensuous and warm to the touch. It has a wonderful level of friction which is stimulating when in motion but holds inside well when required. Big batteries are a good sign, this takes 3 C batteries and doesn’t disappoint. Its vibrations are full and throbbing not the irritating buzz of some toys. In fact the only bad thing about this vibe is that I’ll have to buy one every time I go to another hen night or birthday party.

      It made me think of men’s competitiveness concerning how they measure up now women might compete about how deep they stretch. I’ll throw my hat in the ring at an unstimulated 4½”. ‘The Sex Inspectors Masterclass’ book says women average four inches deep and this toy illustrates this brilliantly and could therefore reduce men’s insecurities. Comparing themselves to nine inches of stiff vibrating heaven could make men feel inadequate however if they use it on their woman it would reassure them completely. Approximately five inches of throbbing intensity was able to send me into paroxysms of orgasm and any more would have been unnecessary and possibly painful without more preparation and lube. (Despite normally taking my partner’s full eight inches.)

      Taking it anally allowed me to comfortably take a lot more of it. Gradually he was able to push in a generous 8 inches. With him inside the neighbouring hole he turned up the vibrations till they were powerful enough to throb through both of our bodies enhancing our incredible simultaneous orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The perfect substitute if your man doesn’t measure up.
      Perhaps its women’s turn to measure and ‘fess up’ about their dimensions.
      Bottom line
      Size each other up, a fun and stimulating game.
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    1. Blast Off!

      Reviewed: 06 March 2007 by rhythmstick, a Straight Single Male

      I have to say I have been mighty impressed with this new vibe. To start with there's the ingenious idea of sticking a simple ruler marking up its firm length, which is a nice white colour with black text. It feels rubbery but very smooth for an easy glide.

      Just thought I'd mention that there is two size versions of Inch Perfect 9" and 6".

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The build, feel and of course the accurate ruler.
      Could intimidate some men.
      Bottom line
      An ingenious new product that's fun and functional.
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    1. My New Favourite Vibrator!

      Reviewed: 05 March 2007 by BBG

      There are several ways in which this vibrator stands out, but the main selling point is the novel idea of printing a ruler up the side! As the packaging says - "Girls... Put him alongside the ruler and see if he's got what it takes" Gulp! It's quite a big vibrator, so if you run out of ruler send him along to the next porn star auditions.

      Actually I can tell you from previous experience that it's quite a turn-on if your girl gets down to measuring your manhood and makes impressed sounding cooing noises from between your legs.

      The only downside is a possibility of insecurity on his part so here's a tip: if your expectations go pear shaped and your guy is the proud owner of an acorn, sound impressed anyway and buy him a vacuum developer from Lovehoney - they can be fun too, especially if you help with the pumping! And of course you can re-measure with your Inch Perfect to admire his progress.

      The ruler up the side is fun for other reasons too. A lot of people I know - me included - get turned on by the idea of how much they can take inside them.

      Well, now you can know exactly what it feels like with six inches inside you. Or seven. Or eight. I can imagine quite a few anal fans and teenage girls buying one for this very reason. I can see it being a hit at hen parties as well. And a nightmare for under-endowed hen party strippers! Hoho - I hate those guys anyway, they always get way too much action.

      Would it be good as a first sex toy for the beginner? Absolutely! Apart from the ruler fun the vibrations are impressively strong - the best I've ever seen in a battery vibrator, and I've seen quite a few.

      I tried it with a girlfriend and it gave her one of the quickest and most intense orgasms she's ever had from a vibrator, so thumbs up for pleasure potential. It's gently tapered and great for anal insertion too.

      My friend was just as impressed with the Inch Perfect as I am, and we had a great time trying it out. The really big bonus is that it's shower proof, with all the extra possibilities that that opens up for you, either solo or with a partner.

      I have no idea what sort of plastic this vibrator is moulded from, but it feels very well made and the mouldings are high quality, with a rather nice solid yet velvety sort of finish. It's all very far removed from the thin, hard shiny plastic of years gone by.

      The printing on it is clear and crisp and will not flake off - I tested by trying to scratch the ruler markings off with my finger nail for several minutes but it made no difference at all - the printing seems to be part of the moulding itself rather than painted on. The base screws down tightly onto a rubber gasket and that keeps it shower proof as advertised. I don't sugest you submerge it in the bath though.

      It takes three C sized batteries which means it lasts well and is powerful. Batteries are not included with the product but are very common and not expensive. Total length is 260mm (10 inches) and it's 33mm thick (1.3 inches)

      The bottom line is that this is the best classic style vibrator I've ever seen - I'm genuinely impressed!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The unique ruler idea, super-strong vibrations, shower proof, high quality.
      Being a guy and worrying about measuring up... Give me a boob template so I can retaliate!
      Bottom line
      Best classic vibrator on the market - buy one!
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