1. Fun Factory Smartvibes Realistic G-Twist Vibrator

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      1. Fun Factory Smartvibes Realistic G-Twist Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      This toy has all the features you could wish for in a G-Spot vibrator - or indeed any vibe! With a substantial yet subtle texture and a satisfying clit ridge, this high-quality vibrator delivers unforgettable orgasms.

      The Fun Factory Smartvibes G-Twist Vibrator is a realistic-feel quality sex toy with a velvety-smooth silicone body. Completely waterproof, this toy can be enjoyed wherever you please.

      With a G-spot friendly curve, the shaft is firm yet flexible for exquisite sensations. The substantial yet subtle texture along the shaft is designed to replicate - and improve upon - the feel of a real penis.

      The strategically placed clit ridge delivers intense external vibrations, while the gently flared base gives delicious perineal sensations.

      A reliable, quiet motor and a convenient ergonomic integral buttons at the base to control the variable-speed vibrations. With eight different vibration intensities and three interval programs, you can control an incredible level of variation to give you just the orgasm you want.

      A great little feature is the turbobooster button. With just one touch, you can zoom straight to the fastest speed for those times when waiting to cycle through the other options just won't do!

      Key Features:

      • Heavily ridged vibrator for intense pleasure groove by groove
      • Curved tip and rounded head for G-spot stimulation
      • Thick groove at the base of the shaft gives clitoral and perineum pleasure
      • Turbobooster button jumps to the highest intensity vibration
      • Made from super soft silicone

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    2. Fun Factory Smartvibes Realistic G-Twist Vibrator

      Meet the best-selling silicone vibrator that delivers powerful clitoral and G-spot vibrations.

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      Fun Factory Smartvibes Realistic G-Twist Vibrator 35 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory Smartvibes Realistic G-Twist Vibrator
      2. Fun Factory Smartvibes Realistic G-Twist Vibrator

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    1. Just amazing

      Reviewed: 07 September 2017 by delilahxx, a Straight Single Female

      A long time ago I had bought the Fun Factory Stronic Drei, which is a very similar design to this, but is a thrusting toy. I hated it, but always wondered how the ridged design would feel when not accompanied by pneumatic thrusting. So when I saw this vibrator up for testing I jumped at the chance, and was super excited when I was chosen and knew it was on the way to me.

      I like Fun Factory packaging, this one is a silver outer cover with pictures of the toy on, this slides off to reveal a gold box underneath. Inside you get the toy and an instruction booklet. The only bad thing about this toy is it takes batteries, 4 AAA, and as I love this toy I'm going to get through a lot of batteries!

      The great thing about a battery operated toy is you don't need to wait for it to charge, it's ready to try straight away. So after giving it a wash with sex toy cleaner it was ready to go. I found the battery cover a bit difficult to get on and off, but that's only a small problem.

      I always warm up before I use this because of the ridges, and I use plenty of water-based lube because the silicone does feel quite draggy. But with enough lube, this doesn't pose a problem. The buttons are easy enough to use, it's remembering to press what to get the setting you like. The plus button starts on a continuous setting and there are 6 of these, increasing in intensity. You can hold down the plus button for one second and this takes you to the patterns, there are 3 of these. To get back to the continuous settings just press the minus key. On the bottom of the handle is another button with a little flower on, you can press this when you are using any of the settings and it's like a turbo charge for that setting. The only problem with this is you have to press and hold while you use it, which is annoying when you're enjoying yourself.

      So how does it feel? Completely amazing, I'm not sure where to start about how much I love this toy and how beautifully it suits my anatomy. Firstly the ridges feel great, it doesn't do so much for me as it goes in, but pulling it out I can feel every single ridge, and it's such a turn on. Scrolling through the settings I find the one I like most and it doesn't take long to give me a G-spot orgasm. The patterns don't do anything for me, but that's a personal taste.

      So this is shaped to reach the G-spot, and in the past, I haven't had much luck with G-spot toys even finding my G-spot, let alone giving me an orgasm. But I have finally found a toy that does it for me, and oh my, does it. I'm certainly not complaining that it gives me numerous G-spot orgasms, and if I insert it further it gives me numerous A-spot orgasms. If I angle the handle downwards, then it reaches both with ease. There is a raised area that is a clitoral stimulator, it doesn't reach my clit, unfortunately. But the vibrations are strong enough that they reach my clit, and if I angle the handle upwards the vibrations are even stronger. It's not enough for me to come but is still great fun.

      I have used this along with a bullet, and let's just say it makes for an excellent playtime. I never want to stop. My boyfriend is really looking forward to seeing me use it as he watches. As for the noise, it is noisy, but to be honest it gives me so much pleasure I don't care. I just use it when the house is empty. I'd say power wise it's medium to strong power. But if you're a power queen it might not quite hit the spot.

      In summary, this is a fabulous G-spot vibrator, the ridges are out of this world. The G-spot shape works perfectly, and the clit ridge helps the vibrations reach your clit, even if it doesn't actually reach your clit. It's noisy and takes batteries but really these are small niggles compared to the pleasure it gives me. Suitable for people who are into medium power, and want something a bit different. A big thumbs up from me.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Just about everything. The shape is perfect for me.
      It takes batteries. It's noisy.
      Bottom line
      A fabulous vibrator, unlike anything else I've tried.
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    1. I have never used anything like this

      Reviewed: 24 August 2017 by Mordyr, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      First off, I would like to say a massive thank you to Lovehoney for sending me my new favourite toy! This vibrator is absolutely incredible. I've been looking at Fun Factory's toys for a while but have held myself back due to a low rate of pay at the moment. I'm now taking another look. The toy itself is wonderful, soft surface, easy to use, flexible and powerful (very powerful).

      The packaging it comes in is very classy, a simple image of the product on the front and information on the back of a slip case. The toy itself is in a box inside with a leaflet. The only issue is had was getting the batteries in right. Two need to be upside down and there's not much to help you figure that out. Also the bottom is a little hard to twist off at first. Anyway, onto the main feature.

      The toy has several speeds accessed by the plus and minus buttons on the toy, and one boost button on the bottom. There are also several patterns, again accessed using the plus button, but this time holding it. The speeds and patterns are all incredible. I'm not usually one for patterns, but these are amazing. I usually have trouble but this is one of the few toys that can give me an orgasm reliably. I am very happy with it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Smooth surface, flexible, powerful, easy to use.
      Hard to open and put batteries in.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely brilliant!
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    1. Fantastic shape, so soft, and hits all the right spots

      Reviewed: 19 June 2011 by Shakti, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Wow. This is a wonderful toy. Super soft to touch, amazingly flexible and yet firm enough for what you want to do with it. I love the shape, the G-spot tip, the ridges, and especially the clitoris ridge - although I wouldn't mind if it were longer, that would give it an even nicer base to thrust against.


      I haven’t experienced this with any other toy (except suction cup varieties), but I can actually use this hands-free! Well, sort of. I have to be on top and it works best if I put the vibe up against something or between the mattresses (not vertical but more horizontal). Then I mount it and lie down on my belly and hug a pillow like I would have my arms around my sweetheart when on top. It's a wonderfully intimate position for me :-)

      When I ride it like this the vibe doesn't slip out of position like a smoother vibe without ridges would and I can control the wonderful sensation and pressure of the clit ridge under me. Fantastic! Sometimes I'll indulge in a fantasy of being a man making love to a woman, which this position is great for, and I almost can't tell if I have a penis or if the penis is inside me.

      This is a beautiful toy, and it looks like the luxury item that it is. I have it in the purple (brombeer) colour, which is more cerise than purple. The Lovehoney picture doesn't accurately depict the intense richness and warmth.

      I haven't bought a Fun Factory toy in the 5 years since I got my Stubby G2 because I was so mad about the battery cover - completely impossible to open, which is a big turn-off in the heat of the moment.

      I am happy to report that the G3 battery covers are very easy to open and close, not to mention that the vibe is now completely waterproof (submersible) and not only splash proof.

      This little beauty works great in the bathtub and is easy to clean, although body fluids do tend to hide under the ridges. You can't see that when you rinse it and just use your fingers to clean it, but when it dries you can see what you missed! I now use an old soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean under each of the ridges and get it right the first time.

      The box is nice. Like many women here at Lovehoney, I also prefer the packaging to be more classy and without pictures of women with fake boobs faking an orgasm.

      There is no storage pouch with this vibrator and it soon gets old to put it back in the plastic and then back in the box, so you'll need some other storage solution.

      The box comes with a little trial package of lubricant, an ad for other Fun Factory toys, and instructions on how to use this toy - I had to read them because at first I couldn't find out how to find the other vibration modes:

      Vibration modes

      You have to press the + button to the maximum setting and then hold it in for a second, then you get a really wonderful sort of thrusting movement. Hold the button in a second more and you get a faster trusting, another second and there's a pulsating mode.

      The turbo button gives an instant maximum vibration and is too intense for me when the vibrator touches the clitoris but feels great inside the vagina.

      Overall, the vibrations feel great and somehow "solid and grounded" for lack of better words, even at the low settings. I've had cheaper vibrators where the vibrations felt "flimsy", but this vibe delivers. As an analogy, it's the equivalent to making love to a man who is rock hard and full of vitality and virility rather than a man you feel the urge to spoon-feed Viagra!

      It's not super quiet. The noise doesn't disturb me during action, but you would be able to hear it through regular thin interior walls in an otherwise quiet house when using it on the higher settings.

      I actually just bought another one of these for my sister's 17th birthday - her first I'm sure and I can't wait to see the expression on her face!

      I wholeheartedly recommend this vibe as a gift for yourself or someone special in your life.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous, soft, fantastic ridges, G-spot and clitoris stimulation, submersible, the thrusting vibration mode.
      Nothing, really, although I wouldn't mind if the clitoris ridge were longer.
      Bottom line
      Buy it, you really can't go wrong with this vibe!
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    1. One of the best.

      Reviewed: 03 May 2009 by bigbrownblowjobeyes

      I can in all honesty say this is one of the best vibes I have had the pleasure to own. Lets just say there's been a few.

      Don't be put off by the slightly higher price, this easily compares to some of the more expensive ones on the market right now.


      First impressions:

      It looks great simply, from the very classy packaging (this would be a great gift for your girlfriend) to the design itself. You get the very high quality finish you expect from Fun factory toys.

      The silicone is very smooth to the touch and there is just a little give in the tip of the vibrator.

      The battery compartment and controls are well made and not in the least it flimsy.


      How it works:

      This vibe runs on two AA batteries, making it relatively cheap to run and the batteries easy to find. You pop in the batteries and turn the controls to turn the vibrations up and down - there is a clearly marked dial to the front of the base to do this.


      In use:

      The vibe is angled perfectly to stimulate the g-spot when used internally. It hits the spot just right each time. the ridges look intense, but the smooth, slightly pliable silicone make them just a bit softer than you expect and they feel wonderful internally. The smoothness means it glides perfectly with a little (water based - don't use silicone based) lube.

      The vibrations very from teasingly soft to pretty powerful and are nicely concentrated in the tip for either g-spot or clit stimulation. When fully inserted the vibe manages to tease you g-spot, clit and vaginal walls altogether. For me this gave some very very intense orgasms.

      Although not submersible, this vibe is splash-proof, which makes cleaning a doddle.



      This is a very very high quality vibrator which is versatile and very, VERY good at what it does. Worth every penny.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The shape, material and quality
      Bottom line
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    1. O-oh My...

      Reviewed: 02 October 2007 by VivaLaDiva

      This is fantastic. The size, the look, the controls and vibration..... Everything.

      The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped this beauty was the quality. The silicone is top notch and soooo smooth. The controls are simple and tough; you just twist up or down depending on the strength you want.

      I ordered the sexy purle colour and it is so sleek. It slid in really easily. I was practically dripping with anticipation for it. Just looking at it in the packet made my pusy ache.

      When I got it going, it didn't feel fantastic at first but a wiggle around qickly made sure the curved head came into perfect contact with my g-spot. And 3 seconds later I came. HARD.

      The end is fantastically concentrated for clit stim too. However, the clit snear the base teased my labia not my clit. It still doesn't matter. This thing knocked the socks off my rabbits g-spot stim.

      I want it again now. It's so good. Those ridges really teas your walls.

      Buy it - you won't be disappointed

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The design, the look the size
      Bottom line
      Fantastic to fuck!
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