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Sarah Mulindwa

Sexual Health Expert & Sexual Health Nurse

Sarah Mulindwa is a Specialist Sexual Health Nurse and TV Presenter. With over 15 years as a qualified Nurse, she’s been practicing as a Senior Sexual Health and HIV Nurse for over 10 years, having trained at the world-renowned clinic, 56 Dean Street.

Her role has seen her lead clinics for targeted groups including young people, the LGBTQIA + community and sex workers - championing outreach services to meet their needs from a holistic approach.

She is best known as the witty and glamorous Nurse Presenter on Channel 4’s hit show ‘The Sex Clinic’ where she is part of a team of sexual health experts who cut through Britain’s sex secrets. She not only teaches young people about sex but encourages them to talk about issues around mental health, relationships, identity and body issues.

Having created a unique and diverse career, Sarah is also known in the creative industry as a Fashion Stylist and Radio personality. Her exceptional skill sets have enabled her to make her mark across the board in Sexual Wellness, Health, Fashion and TV.

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