Elisabeth Neumann

User Research Manager at Lovehoney and Sexologist (MA)

Sexologist Elisabeth Neumann was born in 1992 in the heart of Berlin, where she was deeply influenced by the city's rich history of sex-positive and queer-friendly underground culture that dates back to the 1920s.

This early exposure shaped her commitment to sexual education, and soon she found herself working hands-on with teenagers and young adults. In her endeavours, Elisabeth was instrumental in guiding these young minds through the complexities and insecurities of adolescence. Moreover, she took her expertise to various festivals and events, advocating for safer sex, fostering consent, and addressing related issues.

Her passion for the field deepened as she delved into reproductive justice, working with organizations like pro familia—the German counterpart to Planned Parenthood. Her journey led her to join Lovehoney (formerly known as WowTech) in 2018, where she initially worked in the Innovation Team, primarily focusing on research. Today, she managers the User Research Team and oversees a global tester community comprising more than 13,000 members.

Elisabeth firmly believes that knowledge serves as a potent tool for empowerment and enables individuals to make informed decisions. Her enthusiasm extends to the realm of data and knowledge creation. She's particularly intrigued by the myriad blind spots in researching sexual behaviour, primarily due to a historical lack of funding in the area. For Elisabeth, the highlight of her role lies in the ability to delve deep into these uncharted territories, to question, research, and most importantly, to understand the intricate 'whys' of human behaviour.


  • Social Work (BA) with focus on sexual education, LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive justice, empowerment (Berlin)
  • Sexology (MA), academic fields as anthropology, biology, psychology, sociology, criminology, and education