Why Do People Use Double-Ended Dildos?

by Lovehoney

on 10 Aug 2017

With an ever-increasing number of people discovering the pleasure that double-ended dildos can bring to the table (or indeed bed), they are no longer just the toy that makes an obligatory appearance in lesbian porn films. But why exactly do people use double-ended dildos? Let our experts explain all.

Above: Watch Sammi Cole explain how to pick a double-ended dildo.

If you're looking to very literally 'share the pleasure' with your partner, double-dildos are for you. Impressive looking toys comprised of two dildos fused together, our double-ended dildos range between 5 - 13+ inches in insertable length, and are usually made from soft, flexible materials such as PVC or realistic feeling material.

The aim of the game for these dual ended toys is to be super-bendy for a comfortable fit.

Are double-ended dildos just for lesbians?

Bum to bum, bum to vagina, or vagina to vagina; our double-ended friends are among the more versatile of sex toys for both men and women, although their original purpose was for the pleasure of lesbian couples.

Designed so each female partner can insert one end while meeting in the middle to grind against each other, gay and straight couples have since discovered that they are indeed multi-faceted sex toys, and they're often used for dual anal stimulation. And it doesn't stop there...

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double Penetrator Dildo 5 Inch

You can use a double-ended dildo for...

Solo double penetration: If you're on a quest for solo double penetration, we recommend double-ended dildos that are on the smaller end of the spectrum, with a firm-yet-flexible U-shaped curve and a tapered end.

The U-shape can be used as a handle to make positioning and inserting both ends a doddle. Most people use the smaller, tapered ends for anal penetration, and direct the bigger, more bulbous end to the vagina.

Couples play: The extra long, firm and flexible type of double-ended dildo is top of the list for sharing the pleasure with your partner.

Usually super-bendy for easy insertion, these versatile beasts can be used for vaginal and anal penetration, with some featuring tapered ends that are ideal for anal play.

If you’re somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to the pleasure of dildos and double penetration, you may wish to make the jump to solo DP play with these extra long dildos, but we only recommend this for those of you with plenty of experience.

Pegging or strap on sex: The strapless strap on variety of double-ended dildos are suitable for someone with a vagina looking to penetrate their partner either vaginally or anally.

Usually firmer than other types of double-dildo, they are easier to control and most feature adjustable angles that allow for a good fit for both partners, enabling a variety of positions during wear.

Fun Factory ShareVibe USB Rechargeable Vibrating Double Strap-On

The smaller shaft, or 'pony' as it is commonly referred to, is worn in the vagina of the penetrating partner, who grips it in place to thrust it into the partner's anus or vagina.

A big bonus for some strapless strap ons is the addition of a bullet vibrator, introducing oooh-inducing vibrations into the mix for both partners to enjoy.

Now for men who wish to turn themselves into a double penetrating toy, we have double penetration strap ons. This variation of the strapless strap on for women usually features a dildo attached to a cock ring, which effectively gives the wearer a second penis in the form of a dildo.

A similar concept to the smaller, U-shaped double ended dildos, they allow for penetration of both the vagina and anus.

Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 250ml

And the essentials

Taking care of yourself and your new double-ended dildo are a must. Large helpings of lube to accessorise your double penetration play ensures playtime gets off to an extra slippery, extra comfortable and of course extra pleasurable start and finish.

There are many water-based lubes to choose from, and a fine selection of anal lubes to accompany your anal adventures.

But which lube for which end?

Good question. If using one end for anal and one end for vaginal penetration, you'll need to use an anal lube for the anal end and a water-based lube for the vaginal end.

But what if you want to switch it around a little bit during play? The same rule applies, but it is essential that you clean your dildo before switching ends and holes, and of course before and after play.

We have a fab selection of sex toy cleaners to browse.

Our pick of the best double ended dildos

  1. Lovehoney BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo

    Lovehoney BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo

    Flexible and perfectly sized for beginners, this mini double ended dildo is ideal for solo pleasure, with a U-shape shaft and total length of 13 inches to enjoy. Tapered at one end for anal stimulation, with a girthier end for vaginal penetration, the realistic dildo also features a veiny shaft and defined heads to add to your pleasure.

  2. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 12 inch

    Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

    Super-sized with plenty of flex, this 12 inch dildo can be shared with a lover for simultaneous realistic-feeling penetration, or enjoyed solo if you're up for the challenge. Smooth realistic heads are suitable for anal and vaginal penetration, while the veiny shaft feels incredible for both partners with every thrust.

  3. Hoodlum Tapered Double Realistic Dildo 14 Inch

    Hoodlum Tapered Double Penetration Realistic Double Dildo 14 Inch

    14 inches of lifelike pleasure awaits with the Hoodlum Double Dildo. Tapered at one end, it is the perfect shape and size for anal penetration - particularly for first-timers. The wider end can be worn by your partner, or if you feel ready, simply switch it round to enjoy more filling anal sensations.

  4. Lovehoney Double Delight Vibrating Double Strap-On

    Lovehoney Double Delight Vibrating Double Strap-On

    The shorter 'pony' slips inside one partner's vagina, with its bulbed body curving into her G-spot. Her vaginal muscles clench around the shaft to keep it in place, while the penetrated partner enjoys its 6 inch shaft - with added vibration from the bullet vibe. The Flexeloc Smart System allows for perfect positioning.

  1. Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Double Penetrator

    Lovehoney Double Fun Realistic Vibrating Double Penetrator

    One of the most popular double penetration strap ons at Lovehoney, the Double Fun features an authentically shaped shaft to complement your own member with tandem anal penetration. 2 bullet vibes - 1 in the top clitoral stimulator, and 1 in the base of the dildo - turn the pleasure up loud.

  2. Lifelike Lover Ultra Double Penetrator Dildo 6 Inch

    Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double Penetrator Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inch

    Master of the double dongs, this dual penetrator boasts twin shafts that are perfectly positioned for dual vaginal and anal play for that much sought-after 'full' feeling. Compatible with strap on harnesses, and the proud owner of a suction cup base, multiple positions and fun, solo or with your partner, await.

  3. Doc Johnson Veined Double Ended Dildo 18 Inch

    Doc Johnson Veined Double Ended Dildo 18 Inch

    If you're craving some seriously satisfying shared pleasure but can't find a pill that fills, it's time to make an appointment with the Doc. He prescribes this huge double-ended dildo, which is firm enough for two but flexible enough to have to yourself.

  4. njoy Eleven Extra Large Stainless Steel Dildo

    njoy Eleven Extra Large Stainless Steel Dildo

    njoy's polished stainless steel dildo gives you the pleasure of being able to swap between the different sized bulbous ends, as opposed to dual insertion, for a variety of thrilling sensations. Sculpted into a swooping, S-shape for ergonomic grip and an easy-to-use, satisfying, weighty shape.


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