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by Lovehoney

on 5 Feb 2024

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Meant to entertain and educate, the Sex Personality Quiz combines a scientifically backed tool with a fun and sassy twist. Based on a Lovehoney research study conducted with over 4000 participants, the slimmed down online version provides important insights about people’s attitudes and perspectives on solo and partnered sex.

By taking the short quiz, participants find out which of the six sex personalities best suits their unique journey to sex and intimacy. The goal is to support the Lovehoney community's journey in sexual happiness...and to have a bit of fun along the way!

Sexy Skydiver


Lust with no limits

Making up 25% of those surveyed in the Lovehoney research study, Sexy Skydivers put the lust in wanderlust! A perfect mix of curiousity and 'more IS better', their quest for pleasure knows no bounds. The beauty of being a Sexy Skydiver lives in their ability to enjoy self-pleasure in both solo and partnered sex. Sexy Skydivers certainly 'got the memo' on masturbation being an incredible way to de-stress and boost mood!

Hungry for new experiences, Sexy Skydivers want to know more about discovering new heights of pleasure. They tend to search for ways to elevate their intimate lives and strive to better express desires to partners. This can feel challenging at times, but their open mindedness means a willingness to try something new and push the limits a bit. Loving a bit of fun and lightheartedness, Sexy Skydivers’ adventurous spirits are open to learning, exploration and expert advice.

Eternal Flame Keeper


Connection is the key

The Eternal Flame Keeper cherishes intimate connections. In relationships, they love to give the gift of pleasure and value the depth of intimacy in one-to-one encounters. Eternal Flame Keepers understand that the most profound pleasures come from security, trust and emotional connection. But! When this atmosphere is created, they’re open to adventures and ready to explore. Fun fact: they made up 24% of those surveyed in the Lovehoney sex personality study.

Sometimes, they might focus on giving more than receiving and could benefit from some inspiration in communicating their own desires. The perfect way to learn more about this is by exploring self-pleasure using resources and expert insights. Making the time to find out personal turns ons will only add value to shared intimacy. Because of how tuned in they are with others, this means taking that attention and applying it to solo pleasure.

Sensual Seeker


Coming in at 24% of participants in the Lovehoney Study, Sensual Seekers know the power of pleasure creating positive well-being, and they have no problem championing this to others. Blending emotions and pleasure creates that perfect sweet spot for intimate encounters. Learning new techniques and discovering new paths to pleasure is at the forefront of Sensual Seekers’ sexual and sensual quest. They’re not afraid to start with solo play, as they know masturbation leads to better partnered sex.

Good sex should have an element of fun to it – but also deepen intimacy and feel amazing. Sensation play is best when the whole body is involved, with a touch of creativity for that added wow factor. Solo play is all about indulging in premium pleasure that’s an immersive and multisensory experience, leaving no sensation unexplored.

Mischievous Minx


Thrillseeker is my middle name

Mischievous Minx’s confidence is contagious. Comfortable with taking the lead, they know how to give (and receive) pleasure. The Big O is central towards their motivation in both solo and partnered play. 8% of people in the Lovehoney survey were identified as Mischievous Minxes. Getting those delicious chills down the spine is a sure-fire way to make a Minx purr with pure pleasure. Proud of their sexual prowess, they love leaving others satisfied.

Their hawk-like focus on creating intense pleasure makes them an incredible lover. This also means having an active sex life is the cornerstone of a healthy, meaningful relationship. Lush, exciting sensations serve as their north star in their intimate and sexual quest. Loving the ecstasy of climax, orgasms take center stage – especially from penetrative play. From g-spot to p-spot, there’s no limit to Mischievous Minx’s libido.



Honeymooners are true connoisseurs of candlelit romances and that feeling of undeniable attraction. Add in some heartfelt, intimate chat and it’s on! Believing in natural instinct and chemistry as the basis of satisfying partnered sex, Honeymooners tends to skip external advice on sex techniques. At 7%, Honeymooners are one of the rarer sex personalities and tend to keep their cards close when it comes to sex and intimacy.

They might be a bit more on the traditional side of sex but feel completely comfortable within their frame of reference. Honeymooners’ superpower is their understanding that the big O isn’t the ultimate goal all the time. Quickies are not their thing. This translates to focusing on foreplay as its own main event, worthy of time, attention and true enjoyment.

Pleasure Partner-In-Crime


Composing 17% of those surveyed, being a Pleasure Partner-In-Crime means craving true depth and a loving sense of connection. Sex shines bright as an expression of love in their skies. They can be an incredible giver in the bedroom but might at times feel shy or hesitant about taking the lead. The beauty of Pleasure Partner-In-Crime's desire to learn more about sex and pleasure stems from a desire to leave their comfort zone and explore more.

Pleasure Partner-In-Crimes love a bit of fun and playfulness mixed with romance. However, they could benefit from applying this to solo pleasure as well. Making conscious time to incorporate regular masturbation as part of a self-care routine can lend a boost in self-esteem and body positivity. Pleasure Partner-In-Crimes remain open to learning from sexual wellness resources and sexperts in order to discover sexual happiness.

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