Position of the Week: Heavenly Raise

by Emma

on 8 Mar 2024

Position of the Week: Heavenly Raise

Take your lover to new heights with this uplifting, non-penetrative position.


One partner lies on their back with their legs in the air. The other partner faces them and leans onto their legs. The seated partner pushes the reclining partner’s legs up in the air, while joining together at the pelvis.


Heavenly Raise is a fantastic non-penetrative position for both partners. Whether the session takes a slow or fast pace, the direct contact enables the receiving partner to be indulged and to enjoy sensational pleasure. It also invites the giving partner to rub and grind against their lover by using their lover’s raised legs as a support.


Heavenly Raise is a position that can be enjoyed at different heights, and a simple raise in the height of one or both partners’ pelvises can introduce a whole new range of sensations, angles and areas being stimulated. Introducing a pillow or a sex position wedge under the bottom of the reclining or seated partner is an easy way of doing so.

Make it easier

If you or your partner uses a mobility aid, this position can be adapted by putting the reclining partner’s legs over the seated partner’s shoulders, or by sliding a sex position wedge underneath them. Just be sure to have plenty of water-based lubricant close by, so you’re not fumbling around when you’re ready to play.

Make it even better

The reclining partner can revel in the orgasmic possibilities of their free-roaming hands by accessorising them with a vibrating stroker or clitoral suction stimulator. You can also add some spice to your fun and tease your lover’s skin with a feather tickler. If you’d like to share a little extra buzz, a vibrating cock ring, vibrating butt plug or couple’s vibrator could be just the thing to ramp things up in the pleasure stakes.

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Not the position for you?

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Written by Emma. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Emma joined Lovehoney in 2022 and is the content team’s Welsh writing wizard. Emma is passionate about gender inclusivity and loves learning about all things lingerie and sex toys. Emma pens the ever-popular ‘Position of the Week’ blogs and can often be found pondering the length of a King Cock dildo.

Originally published on 8 Mar 2024. Updated on 14 Jan 2021