How to look after and clean your Fleshlight sex toy

by Lovehoney

on 23 Feb 2008

How to look after your Fleshlight A little tender loving care will go a long way to ensuring your Fleshlight male sex toy will give you a life-time of enjoyment.

After use, remove the gel Fleshlight insert from the plastic canister and run hot tap water through it to remove fluid deposits.

Towel-dry or air-dry the gel insert.

The gel insert will feel tacky or sticky after washing - this is normal.

To restore the original silky feeling of the insert, powder it with corn starch. Powdering it is not necessary to care for the insert.

To properly re-position the gel insert inside the plastic canister, reach through the small end of the canister and pull the insert down into place.

More information about Fleshlight cleaning

Using soap or detergents to clean your gel insert will deteriorate the surface of the gel insert, resulting in a tackier feel.

Some people have asked if there could be a coating on the gel insert to lessen the tackiness. Unfortunately, the coatings that are currently available are toxic and may cause rashes.

The Fleshlight makers consider customers' health and well-being first, and will not use any substance that is not considered safe in every way.

They are constantly working to improve our products. Once a safe coating is available to us, we will make it available to our customers as well.

The Fleshlight male sex toy was designed by the manufacturer for single-person use only. Do not share!

We accept no responsibility for improper or multiple-partner use of Fleshlight products.

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Originally published on 23 Feb 2008. Updated on 5 Aug 2020