Introducing BlowYo Oral Strokers

by Lovehoney

on 18 Sep 2017


Blowjobs are the best. Really, they're awesome. But what if we told you blowjobs just got a lot better?

Hard to believe but it's true. With the BlowYo Oral Strokers, a new generation of male sex toys, you can take oral sex to even more delicious depths.

Designed to blow your solo or oral sex sessions out of the water, these pocket-size pleasure strokers are brimming with indispensable key features. Use this guide to explore the styles and textures of the Design a Sex Toy winning range.

    • For couples

    • blowyo image
    • Let your partner use alongside his or her mouth for mind-blowing oral sex

    • Solo sessions

    • blowyo oralsex
    • The intricate textures mimic the sensations of oral sex for super-charged solo play.

    • Comfort

    • blowyo oral sex
    • The material stretches to offer a snug fit for intense pleasure for almost all penis sizes.

    • Storage

    • blowyo oral
    • Use the neat and discreet storage case to keep your blowYo in tip-top condition.


Four Thrilling Textures

How does it work? The nitty gritty 

1. Start with lube - as with any blowjob, the wetter the better.
2. Insert your penis into the BlowYo and grip the sleeve around the middle.
3. You or your partner can twist and stroke the BlowYo back and forth using your hand to adjust pressure.
4. Clean using warm, soapy water and sex toy cleaner. Leave to dry.
5. Dust your stroker with BlowYo Renewer Powder before returning it to its discreet storage case.

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Originally published on 18 Sep 2017. Updated on 5 Aug 2020