Festival Season 101

by Lovehoney

on 12 Jun 2023

Is it possible to actually have good sex at a festival? Lovehoney has surveyed over 2,000 adults to find out.


Whether we’re rolling around in the mud at Glastonbury or grinding to the beats of our favourite DJs at Creamfields, plenty of festival-goers are up for a bit of tent-based shagging. In fact, our recent research has revealed that over a third (39%) of us have had sex at a festival before. But with obstacles like confined spaces, wonky airbeds, and having your best friend next door to cramp your style, is it possible to actually have good festival sex?

We put this question to our experts, who have provided some top tips for making sure your festival sex is just as good (and as safe) as it is at home. So strap your wellies on and get moving to the music!

How many of us are getting down and (literally) dirty at festivals?

Festivals bring together that sweet combination of great tunes, flowing booze, and loads of people looking for a good time, so it’s no wonder we all get a little turned on as we dance the days away.

Some of us are more up for festival sex than others though. Almost half (47%) of the men we surveyed admitted they’ve gotten down and dirty at a festival, which is 17% more than the ladies surveyed. The younger generations are also most likely to give into their sexual impulses at a festival, with over half (55%) of those aged 18 to 34 having previously done so. That’s not to say festival sex is only for the young though, as 1 in 10 (13%) people aged over 55 are still getting jiggy to the music. The likes of Glastonbury and Reading Festival have been going since the 70s, so the baby boomers have been bonking in tents for decades!

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Taurus crowned the most likely to have sex at a festival

Known to be one of the most sensual star signs, it’s perhaps no surprise that Taureans are the most likely to give into their physical urges after they’ve been bopping along to their favourite artists. Almost half (46%) of Taureans have admitted to having had sex at a festival, while Virgos follow closely behind with 44%. Given that Virgos are sometimes seen as one of the more tightly-wound signs, maybe festivals are the perfect place for them to let their hair down a little.

Why do we love festival sex so much?

When it comes to understanding why festival sex is particularly exciting, Elisabeth Neumann, Head of User Research at Lovehoney, says, “Festivals are like a big playground for adults. They’re all about having fun and give people the chance to escape the stress, duties and rules of everyday life. Festivals promise freedom and are spaces to let us explore new things and perhaps be a bit more daring. Whether it be with your partner or someone you’ve just met, having sex contributes to this spirit of excitement and adventure.”

How to have safe festival sex

Festivals are so much fun, but they can also be a little wild. To keep you safe this summer, Elisabeth has advised on how to make sure you’re practising safe sex this festival season.

Bring protection

Just as wellies and raincoats are essential items at any festival, so too are condoms. Even if the thought of having sex in a tent turns you right off, you never know what could happen. Make sure you’re prepared should the moment arise, since the likelihood of getting to a shop once you’re through the festival gates is slim. Also, ensure you store your condoms away from heat and humidity, and keep an eye on those expiration dates.

Keep clean

Baby wipes, hand sanitiser, and tissues are staples for any festival backpack, and they can come in very handy should you find yourself in the throws of passion after a few days of not showering. That being said, good hygiene is key for safe sex, so do try to shower regularly, even if access is limited, and keep those hands washed at all times. It’s not only personal hygiene you need to keep in mind though: if you’re taking your sex toys with you, it’s essential that you’re making sure you clean them properly with a sex toy cleaner.

Beware of the beer goggles

If you’re planning on having sex, make sure you drink responsibly so you know you’re making the right decision for you and you’re able to give consent.

You also need to be aware of how present your partner is. Check in with them regularly, give them plenty of opportunities to take breaks or stop if they need to, and if you believe they are too drunk to consent to sex, stop immediately.

Consent is key

This is always essential for any sexual encounter, but is especially important at festivals. Be extra careful to check-in, and ask for consent. “Can I kiss you?”, “Do you like that?” or “Is x/y/z okay?” are small questions that can make such a difference.How to have good festival sex

While lots of us may have had sex at a festival, is it actually worth all the hype? Out of those who have partaken in some field-based lovin’, 13% say it was great, while 12% thought it was just okay. There are a lucky few (7%) who did say it was the best sex they’ve ever had though, so it is clearly possible to have a decent shag even amidst the mud!

If you’re tempted by a little tent-based action, Elisabeth has also provided some top tips on how to make it as fun as it might be in your fantasy…

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to tent size, the bigger the better as far as we are concerned. No one is going to have good sex in a one-man tent, so the roomier the tent, the more fun there is to be had. But be aware that the walls of a tent are extremely thin. Respect your neighbours and try to be not too loud - some people might actually want to sleep.

Also, while it could be tempting to jump in a portaloo for a bit more space, please, just don’t - cleanliness is sexy! Plus, with the never-ending queues, you’re bound to have an audience.

Think through the timing

While the thought of being caught might add to the excitement, having sex while your mates are just a sheet of fabric away isn’t going to lead to the mind-blowing sex you’re after. To avoid the crowds, try to sneak away while a popular artist is playing. Make sure you check the schedules, so while everyone else is rushing to the main stage, you can be putting on a performance of your very own.

Choose a good position

Don’t try to be too acrobatic with your positions: stick to the basics and go with what feels comfortable. Missionary and spooning are probably the most discreet, and just try to keep your movements slow and smooth.

If things get a little tricky, let yourself laugh about it. Whether you hit the tent poles or get stuck in a zipper, have a giggle and keep going. There’s no need for embarrassment - it’s a challenging environment for everyone.

Enjoy the moment

Most importantly of all, enjoy the moment. Keep being mindful of safety, hygiene and communication, and then go and have a great time. Sex at a festival can feel adventurous, exciting and even sometimes intimate since you’re sharing a special moment in this very unique space together.

The best sex toys for a festival

You never know when the mood might strike, so make sure you bring your favourite toy along to the festival too. While we don’t recommend whipping out a huge vibrator (unless you simply can’t live without it), there are plenty of toys that are small, silent, and festival friendly.

Elisabeth suggests: “For starters, why not try some handcuffs on for size? Super packable and totally discreet, they’re perfect for spicing things up without alerting your neighbours to any hanky panky going on next door. There are also plenty of anal toys which make the perfect festival companion. Beads and butt plugs are both packable and virtually silent (unless you get a little carried away).

“If you’re looking for something even more adventurous, a remote-controlled vibrator is ideal for wearing on the dancefloor while someone else takes control.

"No matter what you go for, I’d also recommend bringing a toy cleaner. It means you can keep your toy clean throughout the weekend without having to stand in a line of people.”

Sources & Methodology:

Lovehoney surveyed 2,126 adults (18+) who have had sex. The survey was conducted between April and May 2023.

Expert Commentary was provided by:

Elisabeth Neumann, Head of User Research at Lovehoney


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