1. Position of the Week: The Sandwich

    If she wants to feel tighter, this is a great position for a more pleasurable fit.


    She lies flat, he lies on top and penetrates. She keeps her legs closed and he puts his legs either side of hers.


    By squeezing her legs together, she’s keeping herself tight which instantly makes him feel bigger.


    She can rhythmically clench then release those pelvic floor muscles to ‘milk’ him to a powerful orgasm.

    Add a toy…

    Add a clitoral vibrator into the mix to send her into orbit. We also stock some great restraint kits and position enhancers that'll add another sexy dimension to any position.


    This position can be adapted for female-female couples with the use of a strap-on dildo. It's also a great position to try for anal sex (and add a male masturbator into the mix if the receiver has a penis).

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    Comments (16)

    • Mike: July 30, 2018 19:35
      More positions of the week please!
    • Sam: July 30, 2018 19:47
      More positions of the week please i have done this one and it is really good
    • Miky: July 30, 2018 20:07
    • Stephen: July 30, 2018 20:20
      When sync in unison even briefly, I feel great. Being rigid at all times works well as well.
    • Nitin: July 30, 2018 20:33
      We always get into this position she get multiple orgasm . Get me tighter.
    • John Brookes: July 30, 2018 20:42
      Its not clear "where he is" its also a good position for anal sex?
    • Sammy: July 30, 2018 20:43
      Doesnt work. Fiancess has a big butt. And whilst im big. Im not that big lol
    • Lovehoney_nick: July 30, 2018 21:23
      Sammy - try a position enhancer like the one suggested. We have other options than this one if you look at
      Otherwise a pillow or two underneath might do the job!

      Hope that helps.

    • Flight11: July 30, 2018 21:37
      Love this position really changes the feeling and is great when doing anul
    • Kitty: July 30, 2018 21:48
      This one is good done this yesterday, love it.
    • Chris: July 31, 2018 02:04
      My knees naturally go up alongside her when doing this (as they do when she is on her back, tbh). It's much easier to apply varying 'force' and direction, which is fun for both! It also frees her legs up, so either of you can initiate a bit of hip rotation.....

    • Karen: September 08, 2018 11:28
      This is a great position for us. I have back and hip issues and my fella is a foot taller than me so certain positions are impossibly uncomfortable. This one works.
    • Steph: September 20, 2018 11:42
      This is one of my all time favourite positions being tied to the bed and a vibrator it’s just amazing!!!
    • Phillip: September 30, 2018 15:04
      Keep them still coming.
    • Mistress London sub: June 22, 2019 07:50
      It also works with the woman on top and the alternative toy is her strapon harness! Great position for a sensual or hard pounding!
    • Matthew T: June 22, 2019 20:51
      Definitely a favourite of ours ??