1. Guide to Anal Sex for Beginners

    Many of our first-time anal sex experiences are accidental or ill prepared for at best, giving a poor first-time impression of all things anally sexual. Many couples don’t tend to talk about anal play and as individuals, we’re often quick to write it off, especially if we’ve had a bad experience in the past.

    These self-imposed taboos mean that scores of us are missing out on the joy of anal sex and the pleasure that both men and women experience through anal penetration.

    This first-time anal sex guide will talk you through anal experimentation and anal penetration, helping you to progressively experiment both alone, with a partner or with anal sex toys to achieve a satisfying anal sex life.

    Video: Thinking about trying anal sex for the first time? Jess and Sammi tell you everything you need to know about first-time anal penetration in this video.

    1. Step 1 - Get clean

      Enjoying Anal Sex

    2. It goes without saying that if you're sexually stimulating an area that's usually devoted to pooping, you will need to ensure that your anus is squeaky clean.

      Have a relaxing bath beforehand and thoroughly clean the area.

      Many anal sex beginners like to use an anal douche to guarantee complete and utter cleanliness, and it's something we highly recommend too.

      If you're conscious about your lover seeing your anus in full for the first time, why not gently shave or wax the skin between your butt cheeks to make sure they're porn-flick worthy?

      You'll be surprised how much more relaxed and confident this will make you.

    1. Step 2 - Use lube

      Lovehoney Discover Anal Sex Lubricant

    2. Don't even think about attempting any form of anal penetration without using some form of lubricant.

      There's a raft of great lubes available for you to buy but the best ones are the thick, specially formulated anal lubricants.

      Try Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant - it's a thick lube designed to make anal sex comfortable and painless and is water-based, so it's compatible for use with condoms and sex toys.

      If you have particularly sensitive skin, you may want to try Sliquid Sassy Glycerin-Free Anal Lubricant - it has less ingredients than more lubricants so there's less chance of irritation.

    1. Step 3 - Start small

      BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

    2. If this is your first time trying anal sex, it makes sense to start off by using your lover's fingers or a beginner's butt plug.

      Something like the BASICS Slimline Butt Plug is perfect.

      Using a small toy prior to play warms up the area, familiarises your anus with the feeling of penetration and helps to relax the muscles.

      You lover should start by lubing up the plug or their finger and start off with the tip, then gently work their finger or plug in until it is submerged.

      You should continue to do this with up to three fingers or by going from a smaller to a larger butt plug, but only if you're still feeling comfortable and pleasured.

      Don't forget to use lube on each finger you insert.

      If and when you're ready, you can move up to larger insertables, such as a dildo or a penis.

      Just remember to take your time, and keep any thrusting slow, and gentle. You may decide you like it harder or faster later, but for now, keep things simple while you find what you like.

    1. Step 4 - Clean up

      Anal Sex Accessories

    2. After each time you've finished having anal sex, make sure that you thoroughly clean your anus and the toy or body part used to penetrate you.

      A good wipe with Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes should leave you feeling fresh again, but a quick shower with your lover is even better.

      If you used any toys, remember to give them a thorough clean with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner and store them seperately once dry.

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    Comments (8)

    • john: April 23, 2009 03:42
      I just read the above blog , so as it is obvious I'm new to the hole idea of anal.
      Me and my partner have talked long about trying anal but there still seems to be some questions. Doe's normal lube work for anal intercourse or even a normal pre-lubed condom ?
      My questions probably not the best but i want this to be as perfect as it can be for both me and my partner.

      I have many questions if any one well respond to this.

    • LoveHoney - Carly: April 24, 2009 10:19
      Ideally, you need to use a specialist anal lubricant for anal sex, just like the ones seen here: www.lovehoney.co.uk/store.cfm?cat=36

      These are a lot thicker than regular lubricants and make anal sex as easy and comfortable as possible.

      Come and take a look at the LoveHoney forum for more information and top tips - there's even a category dedicated to anal sex and anal sex toys!


    • patrick: August 27, 2009 20:47
      Is there any special direction once you start getting into that feels really good ?For example my partner like it wen i go straight up into her pussy thats her spot . Is there anything like that for anal?
    • alyssa: June 21, 2010 02:23
      hey i just tried anal with a glass dildo. it only went in about 2-3 inches, it was bleeding a bit after is that normal?
    • Jason: August 03, 2010 05:26
      To patrick: No, anal stimulation isn't like vaginal. Sure change direction for variation, but you will still get the same stimulation.

      To alyssa: Sounds like you're first few times. Always start with fingers or make sure your toy isn't too big. any blood isn't normal, and is a sign to stop. With that being said, when you "recover", anal should come more easily. Why? Because you ripped your ass. lol. Sorry but that's true. Recover, then try again with 1 finger, then 2, then a toy. then the real thing. Just never forget to keep up the LUBE. No lube causes friction. Which may have been why you bled.

    • Jack: August 14, 2010 14:22
      Hiya i have been fingering my ass for 3 yeers and have now bought my first dildo. I am a male who is wanting to explore anal and have bought a dildo that is too big for my experiement. I bought a rabbt dildo and i cant seem to slide it in my ass as it is realy painfull how can i get it too go in without bein that sore ? I dont have more money to spend on another one so i realy need you'r help.
    • Cady: October 12, 2010 21:48
      Me and my boyfriend attempted anal for the first time and i was in agony even though we worked up to it slowly and used a ton of lube. I yelped out in pain and had a panic attack. He feels really negative about trying it again but i assured him it would be ok. I have baught two small starter anal toys to work my way up to it so we can try safely next time. I have also bought a thick water based lube, Maximus i think it is. (Its strange how my favourite character in Gladiator is the name of my lube) The lube is great the toys were great, very petit and easy to insert but im still scared about the jump from one of the smallest butt plugs to a rather large cock. Should i buy a larger toy? Or should i just go for it again. Im also being critisied by my boyfriend for buying things to help us achieve anal intercourse because he isnt very open minded. Should i just give up with the whole idea?
    • moe: January 11, 2011 15:09
      Cady: yes you should try a larger toy first. maybe you should dump the boyfriend & go with somebody that would appreciate your enthusiasm