1. Why You Need a Glass Sex Toy in Your Life

    If 'beautiful' is the last word that springs to mind when you think about your sex toy collection, then you probably don't own a glass dildo yet.

    Lovehoney has a wide range of glass toys, with a variety of textures and shapes, from glistening beaded dildos to handblown butt plugs.

    So no matter what your preferences are and what body parts you have, you'll find a gorgeous glass object to fulfil your desires and add new sensations to foreplay, sex and solo fun.

    Our best-selling glass toys:

    Here's why you need a glass toy in your life...

    You can cool it down

    Unlike some other materials, glass is incredibly temperature responsive, and can be heated or cooled to add new external and internal sensations to your play.

    To send goosebump-inducing shivers down your lover's spine, try popping your toy in a bowl of cold water, or cooling it in the fridge for 10 minutes before you use it.

    Try running a cool glass toy up the inside of your lover's thighs, or tracing the tip around the edge of their breasts and up to the tips of their nipples to tease them.

    Always check the temperature on your forearm to make sure it's comfortable for use, especially if you're planning on inserting your toy.

    ...or warm it up!

    Temperature play is especially exciting for the receiver when you combine warmth and cold – and particularly when you heighten their anticipation by alternating between the two.

    The safest way to heat your glass toy is by filling a pan with hot tap water, and submerging it for 10 minutes.

    Pour out most of the water until the dildo is only half submerged, then carefully remove it. Again, always test the temperature on your forearm to prevent any nasty accidents.

    You can then use your toy to stroke and tease your partner – try adding a massage oil or massage candle to up the ante.

    Which leads us nicely on to the next point...

    It doubles up as a massager

    The smooth, firm surface of your glass toy makes it perfect for massage, so spoil your lover with sweeping strokes from your glass toy. Warm the toy first (see above) for even more pleasure.

    Paired with a silky massage oil or massage candle, glass glides over the skin, relieving tension as it goes.

    Use a beaded dildo like the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo to deliver broad strokes across the shoulders and back, or work on individual knots with the smooth bulbs.

    It's great for firm stimulation

    Glass dildos offer firmer pressure and more intense stimulation than most other materials, especially if you rock or twist your toy inside you rather than thrusting with it.

    If your toy has ribs, bumps and beads it will feel fantastic against the vaginal walls, while a smooth, pronounced head will seek out your G-spot or prostate with ease.

    If you're inserting your dildo vaginally, it will really give something firm and weighty for your pelvic floor muscles to grip around, which should help to improve the intensity of your resulting climax, too.

    It's kind to your body and easy to clean

    Free from latex, phthalates and any chemicals, glass is hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive types.

    Plus, it's incredibly easy to keep clean. You can pop it in the dishwasher, take it into the shower or just spritz it with your sex toy cleaner. The tough borosilicate glass won’t easily scratch, and the non-porous surface won't hold on to bacteria.

    It's compatible with all lubes

    The polished surface of glass is smoother than latex, ABS plastic and silicone, meaning there's a lot less friction, so you shouldn't need as much lube as, say, with your silicone toys.

    Unlike some materials, glass won't be damaged if you use certain lubricants, so feel free to slather your toy with your silkiest silicone lube.

    You'll notice that your toy becomes even more slick, enhancing sensations.

    It's beautiful to look at

    Want a toy that could masquerade as a mantelpiece decoration?

    Glass toys are ideal for those who look for beauty as well as functionality in their sex toys.

    From colourful spirals to shimmering, opalescent glass and spectacular tentacle-like textures, these toys are real conversation-starters, and great if you're looking for an unusual but luxurious gift.

    It'll last a lifetime!

    If the thought of glass near your sensitive bits makes you feel a little nervous, then don't worry. Not only are glass toys easy on the eye, they're also totally safe.

    Unlike drinking glasses, mirrors and other glass objects, glass dildos are made from a toughened material known as borosilicate glass.

    It really does take some beating before it will break – and even when it does, it breaks into cubes rather than shards to prevent injury.

    Plus, these glistening beauties will outlast any plastic alternative if they're well cared for.

    Above: Want to try temperature play? Watch this video guide with Annabelle to find out how to cool or warm up your toy!

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