The Lovehoney 'Bedroom Ballot'

In case you have been blissfully unaware, the nation is heading to the polls in July as the United Kingdom has a general election. We therefore thought it best to take a look at our own polls of the party voters having the best sex: Introducing the Lovehoney Bedroom Ballot.

The General Erection


If you thought we weren’t going to use this pun at some point then you were sadly mistaken; the General Erection refers to the Lovehoney survey of 1,000 people in the UK in March 2024, in which people were asked (among other things) who they intended to vote for in the next General Election.

From this, Lovehoney was able to take a look at trends among voters – no, not their demographic or worldview, but their level of sexual satisfaction, or their libido. And as it turns out, like Ed Davey on the campaign trail, the Liberal Democrats are having the most fun.

Yes, Lib(ido) Dems voters reported having not only the highest libido, but also the highest level of satisfaction in their sex life, both of which you can see below:

General Erection Table | Lovehoney UK

Forming a coalition

Sometimes, two is better than one, and on other occasions, three is better than two! And some of the time even more is even better! While the same might not be said of political parties in government, it’s clear that voters in this country aren’t all about a ‘one-party state’ when it comes to their sex lives.

Indeed, it's the voters of the Conservative party – the last to share in a coalition government – that are the most amenable to opening their relationship up to a third party, with 22% saying they have had a threesome. Following in behind on this motion were voters of Labour (17%) and the Liberal Democrats (16%).

When it came to group sex and open relationships, the Lib Dems voters lead the way, with 19% and 21% having done both things respectively.

The Bonking Ballot


Trust in politicians is not the highest it has ever been, but how reliable are the voters of the main parties when it comes to orgasms? Our data found that Lib Dems voters are most likely to fake it every time (9%), followed by the Green Party and Labour (8%), the Conservatives (6%) and the SNP (4%).

Let’s look at who came out on top (pun intended) when it came to self-pleasure and sex:

Lovehoney Bedroom Ballot | Bonking Ballot Table | Lovehoney UK

Whether or not we have a ‘hung’ parliament, not everyone has one, which is why strap ons exist. Once you have a strap on, you can partake in a spot of pegging. According to the data, 21% of those intending to vote SNP have tried pegging, as have 20% of Liberal Democrats, and 19% of Conservative voters.

Annabelle Knight, Sex and Relationship Expert at Lovehoney, comments on the findings: "Looking at the data, it's not surprising that those who are willing to try new things, communicate with partners, and talk openly about sex are having the best quality sex life. Particularly at stressful times like election periods, sex is a great way to unwind and connect with your partner (or even just yourself).”

Annabelle shares her top tips for climbing the sex satisfaction polls:

  1. Have a clear manifesto: Just as a solid manifesto is critical in politics, understanding and setting out what you want in the bedroom is hugely important for a satisfied sex life. Have open conversations with your partner and don’t be afraid to tell them what you like and what you want to achieve in the bedroom.
  2. Refresh tired old policies: When it comes to sex, variety is the spice of life and rolling out tired old policies time and time again in the bedroom are unlikely to help keep things interesting. Our data at Lovehoney shows that just 15% of women can orgasm during penetrative sex alone, but that number jumps to 46% when using a sex toy - why not try something new?
  3. Keep debate out of the bedroom: While we’re all for communication and talking, sometimes it’s best to leave debate out of the bedroom – a sure-fire mood killer is discussing politics during playtime. Stick to pleasure over politics in the bedroom!