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    1. 7 Deadly Sins Board Game

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      1. 7 Deadly Sins Board Game

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    1. Product Description

      Knowledge can get you places but you've got to sin to win! The game of naughty trivia and sinful dares tests your knowledge of naughtiness and your willingness to act our silly and outrageous sins.

      As you move around the board you answer trivia questions associated with the 7 deadly sins.

      When you land on a special square, you must select s in card and perform the appropriate sin... Are you willing to take the challenge?

      Includes a 16x16 inch gamebox, 270 trivia cards, 100 sin cards, 7 game markers, 49 sin tokens, a die, game rules.

      For 2-21 adults.

    1. Customer Reviews

      7 Deadly Sins Board Game 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. 7 Deadly Sins Board Game
      2. 7 Deadly Sins Board Game

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    1. Sinning. Classily.

      Reviewed: 07 November 2007 by mcbirdie, a Straight Going Steady Female

      This is a much better quality game than one tends to expect when ordering board games from a sex toys site. This is absolutely the quality that you would expect to find if you were shopping in any old store on the high street. All the pieces are really well-made, and you can tell that it's going to take a lot of game time before it starts to show wear.

      For people who love trivia questions, this game is a good one. Fair warning, though, the questions are not particularly easy, so if you were thinking, "Oh, questions about sins? That should be easy!" you're going to find yourself embarrassingly mistaken. These are not questions to attempt while drunk or distracted. I consider myself pretty good at trivia and I still spent an awful lot of time muttering, "Who KNOWS that sort of thing?"

      While the trivia itself is good, I was not as big a fan of the "sins" you have to perform. I'm not against having to do things that may be embarrassing or make you look foolish, but I found that there were far too many "do an impression of X" or "say/do this in the manner of X" for my tastes. I'm just not that good at impressions, so eventually, I don't feel embarrassed or silly so much as I feel frustrated. That is a very personal thing, though, so if you love impressions, you'll definitely kick ass in this game.

      This game would be great for a party of adults, because the dares can be a little risque (more than a few "lick the person you're most envious of" and "kiss the person you most want to sleep with" sins to be found here), but nothing is too over the top. You could easily play this in a mixed group wherein no one is a couple.

      To me, though, that is one thing that let this game down. I would have loved for this to be a sexy, yet intelligent couple's game. Unfortunately, while the trivia is fun as a twosome, a lot of the dares just aren't as fun one on one as they would be in a group. And there isn't nearly enough foreplay-esque dares and questions to warrant it being considered a naughty game for couples.

      This is very much the adult version of Trivial Pursuit with a splash of added silliness added in--absolutely the game to have on hand the next time you're having an adult party and you want to have a group activity. But not necessarily a game to play if you were just wanting to spice up your relationship.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous quality. You get a ton of trivia questions, guaranteeing you can play this game dozens of times before you are in danger of seeing a repeat question. Highest possible quality of questions, too, making it a great challenge for the thinkers in the group. Plenty of "sins" to perform that will add an element of silliness and fun to a group.
      It is not a particularly sexy game for a couple to play--in fact, some of the "sins" can't really be performed in a twosome.
      Bottom line
      A fabulous party game for adults. Definitely one to have around the next time you have friends over and the trivia cards on their own will be fun for the right couple.
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