1. Toy Joy Shagadelic Vibrator

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      1. Toy Joy Shagadelic Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Yeah, yeah YEAH baby! Shall we shag now or shall we shag later? Powerful multispeed vibrator coated in hundreds of psychedelic fronds that may look a little scary, but are soft to the touch and t-t-tingle like crazy!

      The base has a watertight seal making it perfect for bathtime too!

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      1. Toy Joy Shagadelic Vibrator
      2. Toy Joy Shagadelic Vibrator

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    1. I think this toy was inspired by a cactus...

      Reviewed: 16 July 2007 by Miss-Nomer, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I first saw this and its 'kin' on Lovehoney and thought "woah, I've GOT to get one of those". They just looked so funky. This one, as far as sizing and shape was concerned, seemed like the best option. But it was also the ugliest -- I hated the colour combination (still do). I mean, orange and pink? Why?! But, I decided to not be shallow, and get this one rather than its much prettier little sister. I've regretted that decision ever since, as using it for penetration is certainly not a common occurrence.

      When I received my box of goodies in the post, I got this out and just looked at it. It really was as hideous as I'd feared. But oh well, I thought, it's not for looking at. I unscrewed the bottom and tried to pop in my rechargeable batteries -- much to my chagrin, they were too wide. Thankfully, I had a couple of regular ones to hand, and those slipped in no problem. I screwed the bottom back on, then twisted the base to see what vibration it offered. A smile spread across my face. Considering it only takes 2 AA batteries, it's pretty powerful -- and actually quite quiet on the lower speeds, considering its strength. It's also a surprisingly well-made vibrator for Toy Joy. I've had a few disappointments in the past from them, but with this the build quality is pretty darn good (even super-paranoid me feels that the watertight seal is in fact secure enough to take it in the shower).

      Running my hands up and down it, I played with the fronds. These are soft, but not very. If you're expecting them to all flutter away whilst vibration is on, and feel like 100s of tiny, caressing tongues, you will be sorely disappointed. They carry the vibration, but they most certainly don't flutter! I worried this was going to be more painful than I anticipated, but I decided to give it a chance before condemning it.

      So, when it came to using it, I turned it on low, and rubbed it over my clit and vulva. It makes a terrific clitoral/external stimulator. The sensation is quite gorgeous. But when I got more 'riled up' and tried using it for penetration...well, it felt a little like things were tearing. So I got a different vibe for that, and continued using this for clitoral, gradually turning the dial up -- absolute bliss!

      I have learnt, in my few months with this vibe, that it is possible to use it for penetration without great discomfort, but I wouldn't say it's its greatest strength. If you are going to try and use this for internal use, here is my advice:

      ~First of all, only try if you are a) a bit of a masochist, or b) not very sensitive/tight -- otherwise, this probably won't be fun.

      ~Secondly, I recommend a condom (makes clean up easier, and reduces a bit of the tearing-feeling potential), and quite a lot of lube.

      ~Also, I wouldn't dive straight into using it for this purpose, either. Work yourself up a bit first with another vibe or dildo, perhaps cum once or twice beforehand.

      ~Lastly, relax!

      Follow all that, and you ought to have a good time :)

      The cleaning is a NIGHTMARE. It's so difficult to get between all those little fronds to get it properly clean. It also has a talent for finding hairs you have no idea where from.

      All things considered, though, this isn't really a bad vibrator. It's of a decent build quality, it's powerful, it's a bit different... But, it's not as good as I think it could be. If Toy Joy had just put more thought into the design, and perhaps used a softer material (in nicer colours!), or not covered the entire thing in fronds, I'd probably be giving this a better rating. It was a nice idea, but poorly executed.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Good for clitoral, bit different, powerful, takes AA batteries.
      Nightmare to clean, ugly, painful!
      Bottom line
      A nice concept, that doesn't quite live up to expectations. Good for external massage.
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