1. Ace12345's review of Lovehoney Dream Team Bullet Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Set

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      1. Lovehoney Dream Team Bullet Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Set

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      Lovehoney Dream Team Bullet Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Set 4 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Dream Team Bullet Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Set
      2. Ace12345's review of Lovehoney Dream Team Bullet Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Set

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    1. Meh buzzy bullet, interesting balm

      Reviewed: 19 September 2020 by Ace12345, a Other Single Female

      Okay, first off, a basic admin point, make sure you remove the lining paper from the inside, otherwise, you'll have to take out your battery with tweezers because of how snug the fit is.

      I used a new Duracell battery, I was going to drain it but stopped after it lasted for 2 hours (mostly on low), so it appears to be okay electrical power-wise. I also checked it underwater, used it underwater for a minute and used it afterwards too and it seems to work fine as long as you still have the light blue seal and screw it tightly. It's the first time I tried a toy underwater, the patterns it makes on the surface are really pretty and the surrounding water feels so odd.

      It's also quite pretty, sleek shiny silver and pale blue detailing. The tapered point reminds me of an actual weaponry bullet which is also pretty cool.

      To turn it on, just press the button, if you press and hold it does not work (though you still need to press it down and hold it to turn off). So it is a good idea to take out the battery when not in use to avoid accidental activation. There's also no light so it's less obtrusive. The lowest setting is okay, reasonably quiet if a bit weak and vaguely buzzy. I wouldn't bother turning up the power though, the 2 higher settings are a lot louder, incredibly buzzy and no more stimulating. The first few patterns are okay but nothing spectacular really. So overall, not the best bullet on its own (though I will say since it's got weaker vibrations, it works fairly well to massage aching muscles as long as you avoid boney areas).

      The balm has no effect on my nipples, it just feels greasy. It's not strong smelling but the actual smell isn't bad, it reminds me of cherry Bakewells I think.

      It does however work very well on genitals. It creates an interesting heating and tingling sensation but does take a minute or 2 to kick in so don't keep adding more thinking it's not working. I will say it almost makes everything a bit muddled? That may not be the right word but it kinda makes sensations blend together a bit, so you feel good overall rather than feeling very good from specific spots.

      Due to the increased sensitivity, it can be a bit painful if you play too much while it's on. The greasy feel of the gel works like lube quite well but makes gripping the toy you're using very difficult. The balm is also a pain to get off. Since it's so greasy it won't really wipe off, you have to wash it off so you may want to shower afterwards. Once most of it's gone I felt a bit numb too when just sat there (still seems a little heightened when actually touched).

      The bullet works a lot better when combined with the balm though is still too weak for me to finish (the balm definitely helped my other bullet along). It seems to work better for build-up or for using after you've orgasmed so are already oversensitive.

      Overall the bullet is not the best, a bit buzzy and weak, but the balm works quite well. Used together they'd probably be best for drawn-out foreplay/edging or overstimulation but it would probably be better to use another toy as well to finish things.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Balm smells nice, works well, lowest bullet is okay.
      Very buzzy, a bit weak, hard to get gel off.
      Bottom line
      Pairing works okay for drawn out play, not quick sessions.
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