1. Lovehoney Teasing Touch Finger Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Gift Set

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      Double the delight during personal and partner play with the Teasing Touch finger vibe and balm set. This climactic combo features a smooth silicone vibe, paired with a menthol-infused pleasure balm that insists you lie back and let the tingles take you.

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      1. Lovehoney Teasing Touch Finger Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Gift Set

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    1. Product Description

      Double the delight during personal and partner play with the Teasing Touch finger vibe and balm set. This climactic combo features a smooth silicone vibe, paired with a menthol-infused pleasure balm that insists you lie back and let the tingles take you.

      While the finger vibrator expertly targets your external erogenous zones, the menthol-infused arousal balm creates a thrilling throbbing sensation.

      Ideal for couple play and solo fun, just slip the finger vibe over your index finger to add extra stimulation to your romp. Whether you gently press it against your clitoris or run it seductively over a partner's sweet spots, the powerful vibrations are divine.

      The pleasure balm is infused with menthol, and may help to enhance sensitivity for increased response to touch. Just apply a dab to the clitoris, labia, nipples or head of the penis before play for a delicious tingle.

      Coat the toy with plenty of water-based lubricant to enjoy it at its breathtaking best.

      Key Features:

      • Finger vibrator and pleasure balm set for exquisite external stimulation
      • Vibrator offers strong, single-speed vibrations at the touch of a button
      • Stretchy silicone ring keeps the vibe firmly attached to your finger
      • 6 x batteries included so you can play again and again
      • Menthol-infused balm designed to increase sensitivity (results may vary)

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    1. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 x LR44 batteries
      • Power Type: Batteries (included)
      • Vibration speed: Single speed
    2. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 3 inches
      • Length: 2.5 inches
    3. How it feels

      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Material: Silicone
    4. Essential info

      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
      • Allergens: Latex-Free

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    1. Lovehoney Teasing Touch Finger Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Gift Set

      Double the delight during personal and partner play with the Teasing Touch finger vibe and balm set. This climactic combo features a smooth silicone vibe, paired with a menthol-infused pleasure balm that insists you lie back and let the tingles take you.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Teasing Touch Finger Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Gift Set 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Teasing Touch Finger Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Gift Set
      2. Lovehoney Teasing Touch Finger Vibrator and Pleasure Balm Gift Set

        Our Price

    1. Teasing Fun

      Reviewed: 22 September 2020 by Calie, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I have to say, I am a bit of a sucker for blue sex toys and the finger vibrator here is an absolutely gorgeous shade of pale blue.

      The silicone cover is really soft and smooth; you just want to touch it or touch your partner with it. It is a great size too, small enough to not get in the way but still large enough to have some substance to it. You can use the tip, the slope or the sides to tailor the stimulation to your preferences.

      The ring part is nice and stretchy but may feel a little tight on larger fingers. although you can position it as far up or down your finger as you feel comfortable.

      The bullet can be removed and I found the easiest way is to push it from the tip of the toy until it is out far enough for you to pull the bullet. The bullet takes 2 x LR44 batteries but the set does come with 6, which is a nice touch. You'll find 4 batteries in the packaging and 2 inside the toy. There is also a paper disc on top of the batteries which you will need to remove before using. The inside of the bullet is a matching blue to the rest of the toy, which is totally pointless, but just really looks nice. The bullet itself is a shiny silver hard plastic and can be used with or without the silicone sleeve. The silicone hole of the bullet has some stretch to it so you could change the bullet if you wanted to as most standard-sized bullets will fit, however they will protrude quite a lot out of the end of the sleeve.

      The on/off button is easy to find and use (even in the heat of the moment). As the toy is attached to your finger, you are less likely to knock it and turn it off, but as it is single speed, it doesn't take much to turn it back on if you do accidentally catch it.

      This is definitely not the strongest vibrator I have ever tried. It is on the high frequency, buzzy, end of the scale but not so much that it makes me go numb. The vibration does travel through the silicone really well though and you don't lose too much power because of it. I really don't have the patience to climax from the vibration alone (I'm a power queen who likes fast orgasms) but ultimately that isn't what this toy is designed for.

      The vibration is pretty quiet so a closed door should be enough not to be heard.

      The toy is brilliant for the slow tease (be it by yourself or with a partner). Where it does lack in some power, it does allow for more exploration of your erogenous zones, beyond going straight for the obvious spots. The soft silicone coupled with the shape and small size really do make it perfect to trail along your (or your partner's) skin. The vibration also transfers pretty well into your fingertip (without feeling like your finger is going to drop off). This means you can use the toy, your finger or both at the same time. The vibration does feel better when it is being used on you by a partner rather than by your own hand, but either way does still feel nice.

      The pleasure balm comes in a cute tin. I'm not sure it is the most discreet tin, but not everything has to be. I was surprised when I opened the tin and smelt it; it does smell like menthol but not in a hugely overwhelming kind of way. You can definitely smell some of the other ingredients. However, don't let the smell fool you. This balm still has a strong heat sensation to it. I would suggest applying a small amount and leaving it for at least 30 seconds to allow it to kick in. The sensation lasted a good 20 minutes. The balm does have a bit of a weird taste and will make your tongue tingle in a bit of a numb feeling way so I probably wouldn't recommend using this if you are planning to have oral sex (save the balm for after!)

      After applying to my clit, I was definitely much more sensitive to touch and the combination of the toy and the balm definitely increases my chances of orgasming from the toy.

      This isn't a toy I would necessarily reach for when I'm by myself normally. For a slower, more indulgent, self-care type session then maybe I would. However, I do really love it for partnered sex as it just gives a little bit of added stimulation, without stealing the limelight or getting in the way.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The colour and the feel.
      Could do with a little more power.
      Bottom line
      Fun to tease with.
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    1. Great for beginners

      Reviewed: 23 November 2020 by Moki, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      I have bought this product as my very first sex toy.

      Background: I am a cis female and I have an amazing emotional, mental and sexual relationship with my fiancé, however, I have been struggling with sexual anxiety due to not nice previous experiences and abusive relationship. This anxiety caused me to struggle with relaxing during sex in the beginning of my relationship with my now-fiancé and it took us loads and loads of work to not feel guilty and uncomfortable when the attention was on me - but even then I could not reach orgasm as I was worried about other things. In addition, as a potential result of taking a new type of medicine, I have not reached orgasm since the July of 2019 - well, not until we tried this handy kit.

      About the actual product: As neither me nor my fiancé has ever used any type of sex toy before, we bought this as absolute newbies to make sure that we cannot mess it up and to increase stimuli I receive. Apart from some initial issues due to being completely inexperienced, the only issue I could point at is that when it receives a certain level of pressure from a certain angle, it can intermittently stop buzzing - which can be quite inconvenient. After the initial struggles and listening to the Lovehoney podcasts, we have managed the impossible: I reached an orgasm! It did take 2 hours and included penis-in-vagina penetration, different positions, handwork from both me and my partner as well as the balm applied to multiple erogenous zones, but we did it and it finally gave me the confidence I have not yet had as my fiancé saw me finish and he wasn’t repulsed (which was one of my biggest fears).

      Summary: so all in all, I would 100% recommend this product as it is simple to use and it is at a great price. If you’re a beginner and want to feel some vibes, you should definitely invest in this vibrator for dummies. I am sure that this toy is the first of our sex toy family which is likely to expand in the future.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, great for beginners, good price.
      Occasionally stops if pressure applied at a certain angle.
      Bottom line
      100% recommend it, this is a vibrator for dummies (like me).
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    1. Vibe Check

      Reviewed: 25 September 2020 by CoffeeRain

      Though I've had plenty of experience with other vibes, this is my first time having a play with a fingervibe. This sure isn't my first time using pleasure balm, though it was my first actual decent experience with it.

      Let's start with the packaging though. This is definitely something I would expect to see in a physical store, simple and attractive little box. Inside there's a little instruction booklet and everything is held in place with card framing, including additional batteries. I would say it's probably the most I've struggled to get into an LH box, but only because I'm used to a tabbed lid that I can just pop open, and this took me to find something sharp to cut the glued down flap.

      Not the most elegant sentence I've ever written, even for a (sex toy review...).

      The vibe also took me a hot second to prise free from it's soft silicone sheath. My first instruction was to open the mini vibe and remove the paper disc stopping the batteries from being connected. There is also a paper wrap around the edges of the other batteries. You'll see what I mean when you have a look at your own. I'm fully guessing that since it is impossible to remove and it wasn't mentioned in the booklet that it's okay to leave that there.

      I would mention I also tried to experiment with getting the batteries out of this completely to see how easy it would be when it came time to change them some day and I couldn't get the little blighters to shift at all so I'm not sure what I'll actually do on the day this fails me mid-play, and my slippery fingers do an even worse job of getting the old batteries changed. I imagine a lot of sobbing will be involved. But maybe I'm just completely inept and you'll pop them out immediately and make a fool of me.

      Anyway, once you have it all in place, just press the button at the end to activate the vibe. As a simple little beginners toy there is only one speed/strength and no patterns, just a consistent buzz. I would say it's actually more powerful than I assumed it would be, so that's something. It's not quiet either but certainly not the loudest of my other toys.

      The little silicone sheath is a very soft and smooth texture, and once you squish the vibe back into it, it will dampen the sound at least a little. I adore that blue colour as well. It's pretty much the same shade as the Lovehoney posable rechargeable vibrating strapless strap-on, which I also totally adore colour-wise. It's a gorgeous soft shade which is very attractive to look at.

      In play, it's actually very nice, whether you use it with some waterbased lube or just a happy helping of the tingle balm, though it is extra silky if you use some good lube. I say I actually preferred using it to hit all the nice little nerve endings right at the *ahem* entrance.

      Disclaimer though, always make sure you clean your toy thoroughly if you're going to use balm and also then have some even slightly internal play. You don't want to mix that. I haven't made that mistake yet, but I wouldn't think it would be pleasant.

      The pleasure balm though, since we're on the topic. I've had quite a few disappointing experiences with balm before, and it really is hit or miss depending on the user, which is fine, people l have different sensitivities. I tried this both on my nipples, clit and labia. Nipples, I got nothing at all, unfortunately. The rest, at the very least I felt! Which, having used other balms before and gotten nothing, was an upgrade.

      It's a menthol balm, so sou do get that odd sensation of almost being able to taste the mintiness of it, despite it not being anywhere near your actual mouth. It is a bit like using mint-based shower gel down near there. Or it was for me at least. Maybe some people get more, but I believe the whole point is to increase sensitivity, and for me, all it did was draw attention and awareness to those parts of me. Which is not necessarily a bad thing at all, and you may have a totally different experience.

      All in all, I'd say this is a lovely little set for someone or a couple who want to start exploring, without spending a fortune or stepping straight into something intimidating. If that's why you get it, good for you! Just explore and have some fun, see what you can make yourself or your partner feel with this. It's travel sized, too and easy to carry around if you're on the move, just make sure you keep it clean! For people with more experience, it might be a fun thing to take away with you, but next favourite? Probably not.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Pretty colour, strong enough vibrations, and some reaction from the balm.
      Only one speed and pattern on the vibe, and was a little fiddly initially.
      Bottom line
      Great for beginners, or someone on the move, nothing ground-breaking though.
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    1. Cute and fun

      Reviewed: 25 September 2020 by mixie, a Straight Married Female

      I loved this little gem, it's a lovely little vibe that's simplicity makes it.

      Firstly the packaging is cute and not tacky at all so this would be fab to give as a gift for a partner. I personally find sex toy packaging to be a little on the ugly/badly photoshopped side sometimes, which can seem a bit scary when gifting someone. This is very subtle.

      The amount of batteries you get is also a plus point. Well done for that LH! Loved that little touch!

      The vibe itself is a lovely pastel turquoise and is a soft feel silicone. I love how gender neutral this is, its something anyone can add to their collection. Its not super girly at all. The silicone easily fits mine and my partner's fingers and is comfortable to wear. You do get a little bit of vibration travelling back up your finger but that is normal for this type of toy and is useful to feel what your partner feels!

      The one speed is a good steady vibration, nice and simple. I love this for something quick to grab, there's no waiting to find the right setting or pressing 20 buttons, just on and go. For me that helps keep the mood going and I would imagine if toys are a new intro for you and your partner this would be a fab way to do it with no stress!

      My partner isn't lover of many toys, he's definitely one that prefers not to mess around with settings so this is fab for him to use too.

      The balm is a great tingly minty balm. The smell isn't too strong, but you do only need a small amount. I personally love it, and think its a great addition to the vibe. If you've not used a balm before maybe test this yourself first!

      For me this toy would be amazing for a weekend away. Small, simple and fun.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, cute and simple.
      For its intention, nothing!
      Bottom line
      Perfect cheeky gift.
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