1. Packer Gear Hollow Silicone STP Packer 5 Inch

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      1. Packer Gear Hollow Silicone STP Packer 5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Have you been hoping to feel the wind between your knees while you stand tall and let your stream loose? Be free from squatting or sitting to pee with this hollow silicone packer, a 5 inch STP device that slots into a harness to await your call of nature.

      Boasting a lifelike shape and a 5 inch length, its pronounced head, veiny texture and soft balls mean it looks just like the real thing.

      With an internal length of 4.5 inches and a 1 inch diameter across the base of the shaft, this pliable silicone packer can be folded into brief or boxer-style harnesses and pushed through when the time comes.

      It's also a useful little item to have at festivals or on camping trips.

      Key Features:

      • Hollow silicone 5 inch stand-to-pee packer
      • Internal length of 4.5 inches with a wide opening area to accommodate many sizes
      • Realistic head, texture and balls for true authenticity
      • Fits snugly in a 1.5 inch O-ring for compatibility with most brief or boxer-style harnesses – tuck in the shaft and thread it through when ready to use
      • Smooth silicone feels like real skin and is easy to clean

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    1. Packer Gear STP Packing Dildo

      Be free from squatting or sitting to pee with this hollow silicone packer.

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      1. Packer Gear Hollow Silicone STP Packer 5 Inch
      2. Packer Gear Hollow Silicone STP Packer 5 Inch

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    1. Both practical and a lil' unpractical

      Reviewed: 14 August 2019 by Allthegoodnamesweretaken

      So, I'm someone who doesn't really have an awful lot of dysphoria related to peeing sitting down, but I've always been curious about STP's and they do seem to be handy in some situations (like when hiking). I have one that is just a purple funnel, but it's not convenient at all for packing, so when I saw this - a cheap relatively realistic-looking STP - I was intrigued and decided to give it a go.

      First the positives: The size and angle is pretty good. It has a small no-spill-lip on the cup and the cup itself is a good size. It's pretty easy to pee with and I could do it without any spillage on the first try. You do need to tilt it forward and shake it a bit after you're done, but no big issues with that. The silicone is velvety and does not require any powdering to not be sticky, which I'm always a fan of!

      The bad stuff:

      The silicone density that makes it non-sticky also makes it a bit stiff... and that makes it difficult to pack with (tho easy to pee with). You'll need some relatively tight undies and I had the most success packing it sideways, with the shaft pointing up. It looks alright, though I'm a bit self conscious if it seems like I have a bit of a boner. And it's not the most comfortable as the cup can kind of touch your junk and that quickly gets annoying...

      So all and all, not a perfect product, but for the price I wasn't expecting too much either. However, it's a good product for anyone who might wonder if using an SPT device is for them or not before potentially spending a lot more money on a higher-quality one.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Easy to pee with.
      Difficult to pack with.
      Bottom line
      You get what you pay for.
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    1. Not that great.

      Reviewed: 09 December 2019 by VersTransMan

      This was a really cool STP for me to use in the shower and around home, and made me feel really gender euphoric and amazing. As far as travelling with it goes, and packing, I've been unable to discreetly pack with it or avoid leaking urine from the sides of the STP.

      I stopped practicing after a while because it got so frustrating, so perhaps I just needed to persist, but the design may just be lacking. Perhaps if it was more flexible things would be better? I'm unsure.

      (Orgasm rating section is irrelevant.)

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Good first experience, nice for home use in the shower.
      Urine leakage, bad for packing.
      Bottom line
      Probably not worth it - then again, you might like it!
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    1. Not worth it unless you want to look like you have a boner all day

      Reviewed: 10 August 2019 by lukadolla

      While it looks the part and certainly functions as an STP, it doesn't do its job very well. I wouldn't recommend.

      Firstly, while using as an STP the way the balls and shaft are angled, you would have to do something spectacular to get all of the urine out of the balls so as to not look like you have pissed yourself when you put it back in your trousers and walk away as the piss which will have collected in the balls will surely come out eventually. To avoid this you have to take the penis out and tip it to ensure all urine is safely out before continuing on your day. Obviously not ideal if you have used a urinal.

      Secondly, you would have a hard time going about your day normally without getting stares from everyone thinking you have an erection or a large penis hidden in your pants. The penis is able to move and flex, but barely, and so means there is absolutely no way for you to position it in your underwear to avoid looking as if you are erect.

      Does the job as an STP, but not very well. Fails as a packer unless you want to look hard all day. Unfortunately wouldn't recommend this product and wish I hadn't purchased it

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Looks fairly good and realistic, the material feels natural against your skin.
      Material is too tough, doesn't look natural as a real penis while packing.
      Bottom line
    3. 4 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes