1. Lelo Ora 2 Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator

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      You ask and Lelo provides. Redesigned to satisfy customer demands, the Lelo Ora 2 boasts a plethora of new features to make you squirm with delight. Now with an extra prominent 'tongue' and SenseTouch technology for maximum contact and pleasure.


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      1. Lelo Ora 2 Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      You ask and Lelo provides. Redesigned to satisfy customer demands, the Lelo Ora 2 boasts a plethora of new features to make you squirm with delight. Now with an extra prominent 'tongue' and SenseTouch technology for maximum contact and pleasure.

      The Lelo Ora 2 is a work of both beauty and incredible innovation. Explore 10 thrilling modes of oral simulation and vibration, each with adjustable power settings, for better-than-lifelike oral sex pleasure. An extra large pleasure nub circles your clitoris, enveloping it with sensual swirls and teasing touches. Add a dash of water-based lube to make it feel even more like a real tongue.

      Lelo's revolutionary SenseTouch technology gradually builds intensity on contact with the body, giving you total control over your pleasure. The harder you press into the Ora 2, the more explosive your orgasm becomes.

      We recommend applying a generous squeeze of water-based lube to yourself and the toy before use, maximising the Ora's oral simulation properties. Why not try using your Lelo Ora on other erogenous zones like the nipples, frenum and inner thighs for a new level of sensory enlightenment?

      Key Features:

      • 10 function luxury silicone clitoral stimulator for oral simulation
      • Unique extra-large rotating pleasure nub circles the clitoris
      • Each vibration mode has adjustable power settings
      • SenseTouch technology activates on contact
      • USB rechargeable, with a 60-day stand-by
      • Ergonomic design with handy finger loop grip
      • 100% waterproof
      • A 2-hour charge gives 1 hour of continuous use
      • Includes satin storage bag, warranty registration card and USB charge cable
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 1.5 inches
      • Base type: Finger Loop
      • Length: 2.75 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Silicone
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns

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    1. Lelo Ora 2 USB Rechargeable Luxury 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator

      You ask and Lelo provides. Redesigned to satisfy customer demands, the Lelo Ora 2 boasts a plethora of new features to make you squirm with delight. Now with an extra prominent 'tongue' and SenseTouch technology for maximum contact and pleasure.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lelo Ora 2 Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Lelo Ora 2 Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Lelo Ora 2 Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Clitoral Vibrator


    1. Good oral simulator

      Reviewed: 05 July 2018 by Trish67

      It looks weird and I was reluctant to buy it. However, it turned out to be a good oral stimulator that gives me a lot of pleasure. I highly recommend it. You can carry it with you have have your oral fun wherever you are.

      The motions are really pleasurable. It also looks like a nice piece of small furniture in my room. It is on my night stand so that I can use it whenever I feel like it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The motions, the design, it is easy to use, good grip.
      Bottom line
      If you like oral stimulation, you will probably like it.
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    1. Good warm up toy

      Reviewed: 27 April 2018 by LeilaK, a Straight Engaged Female

      The Lelo Ora 2 was sent to me from Lovehoney to test and review in return for my honest review. Thank you, Leanne.

      The Lelo Ora 2 is packaged in an elegant black box. The box is wrapped in a black see-through mesh material, which is sealed with a barcoded sticker. It all looks and feels luxurious as you would expect from a high-end luxury toy. The box has a display window allowing you to view the Lelo Ora 2 before opening. On the back of the box, you will find a description of the toy and its key features.

      Inside the box, the Ora 2 is cradled in a black foam insert. Also supplied are a USB charging cable, a sachet of Lelo water-based lubricant, and a black satin storage bag. The Lelo Ora 2 comes with a 1-year warranty card and a 10-year quality guarantee. A full set of instruction is also included.

      After removing the Ora 2 from the box I was impressed with the design, and the high-quality luxurious silicone. The colour is a gorgeous midnight blue and it looks sleek and elegant! The design of the Ora 2 is unusual for a sex toy. Its a small round circle shape, with a flat base, and a finger loop inside.

      The Ora 2 is made from high-quality silicone and ABS plastic. The silicone feels lovely and smooth and its central panel has a shiny gold mirror-like finish, with the Lelo logo embossed on it. Both of these materials are phthalate-free, and non-porous, making this toy completely body-safe.

      The Lelo Ora 2 is a clitoral stimulator with a difference; it’s designed to simulate oral sex. It has a large nub placed under a smooth sheet of silicone, this nub rotates. The Ora 2 has been redesigned after Lelo took note of the feedback of its predecessor, the Ora. Lelo made the nub bigger and the vibrations more powerful. Having not tried the Lelo Ora I will not be able to compare them. What I will do is give you my honest review of the Ora 2. When it comes to sex toys I am a power seeker, and I love deep rumbly vibrations. I also love oral sex, a toy that could replicate that, with vibrations, I couldn’t wait to try it!

      The Ora 2 has all the features I look for in a luxury sex toy, and more! Its made from high-quality materials, its USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, it’s also been ergonomically designed and boasts 10 different vibration modes. It has ‘SenseTouch’ technology, which activates on contact with the skin. The harder you press the toy, the higher the intensity of vibrations. No need to press any buttons! It also has a handy travel lock, which is essential if you plan on taking your toy with you on holiday.

      I was surprised to see that the charging port on the Ora 2 is completely exposed, there is no cover to seal it. This worried me as I have never seen a waterproof and rechargeable sex toy like this before. Normally the charging port will have a seal to keep the water out. I did take it into the shower to test out but I was too worried to take it into the bath. The other thing that concerned me was the placement of the charging port, it is right next to the clitoral stimulator. I didn’t like this as its an open port with no seal, and lube and body fluids could easily get trapped inside of it.

      The Ora 2 arrived with no charge, so I had to charge it before use. Charging takes 2 hours and this gives you 1 hour of playtime. It’s simple to charge via a USB charging cable. Simply plug the charging jack into the port and the USB part into a laptop or charger plug. While charging the control panel will illuminate and flash, once fully charged this light will remain constant.

      The Lelo Ora 2 has a control panel with 3 built-in push buttons, this is located on the side of the toy. The + button switches the Ora on and controls the higher intensity. The - button switches the Ora 2 off and controls the lower intensity. The central button () controls the SenseTouch Technology, and the 10 different patterns. If you choose you can switch the vibrations off and just use the rotating nub for stimulation. The rotating nub did nothing for me on it’s on so I didn’t bother with this setting. I also found the Ora 2 awkward to hold, and the buttons are a bit far away to reach. I had to use both hands to hold it, with my middle finger and ring fingers through the loop while using my thumbs to scroll through the settings. Regarding noise, the Ora 2 is quite noisy used at full intensity, however, it's much quieter used on the lower settings.

      This first time I used the Lelo Ora 2, I used it on my own. I like to get to know a new sex toy before I introduce it to my OH. I highly recommend using plenty of water-based lube with the Ora 2 to prevent any chaffing from the silicone, and it makes the swirling sensations feel more pleasurable.

      So what does it feel like? The Lelo Ora 2 gives a new sensation that I’ve never experienced from a toy. I wouldn’t say it feels like oral sex, but more like a lovely massage for your clitoris. It feels good, but after using it for what seemed like ages It just couldn’t bring me to orgasm. Feeling frustrated I inserted some kegel balls for some added internal stimulation, I did eventually orgasm, but it took a very long time, normally I can orgasm within a few minutes depending on what toy I use. I tried using the Ora 2 on its own a few more times, but I’ve always had to reach for another toy to orgasm.

      I was impressed by the SenseTouch Technology, and this was my favourite way to use the Ora 2, or on the highest continuous vibration mode 10. The patterns are varied and range from pulses and waves, but I prefer a continuous vibration. The vibrations are rumbly and reasonable powerful, but they don’t have that much depth. I need firm pressure and powerful vibrations to climax, and unfortunately, the Ora 2 didn’t do it for me. Before I finished this review I decided to give the Ora 2 another try. I was about to give up when I turned the Ora 2 slightly so the nub was rotating just below my clit, this allowed me to apply pressure with the smooth edge of the Ora 2. This way worked for me and I did orgasm, yay!

      Overall, the Lelo Ora 2 is a beautiful luxurious sex toy. I think it’s great to use as a warm-up toy during foreplay, or solo play. Unfortunately, it takes me a long time to orgasm with this toy, I don’t think I will be reaching for it very often. Although, I do think it would be a fun addition for couples play, to use during oral sex. I would recommend the Lelo Ora 2 to women that like medium strength vibrations and a softer touch.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The design, luxurious silicone, colour, and it's rechargeable.
      Difficult to hold and orgasm with.
      Bottom line
      Good warm up toy.
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    1. Sadly, This Did Not Work for Me

      Reviewed: 01 May 2018 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      I have always been very curious about the Lelo Ora, so I was very intrigued when Lovehoney sent me the Ora 2 to test in exchange for an honest review.

      The first thing I must mention is the classy packaging. The Lelo Ora 2 arrives in a very sophisticated looking presentation box, with a clear window which displays the Ora perfectly - which would make it very lovely to give as a gift. The Ora is a stunning vibrant blue and really looks very beautiful. The silicone is really super soft, and the gold just adds to the expensive feel of this toy.

      Opening the box, you will also find a black satin storage bag, USB charging cable, a sample of water-based lube and a black registration card. Before using the Ora, I plugged it in to charge for approx. 2 hrs (which gives you up to 1hr playtime).

      I had high hopes for the Ora 2, but unfortunately, it just didn’t quite work for me.

      I applied a small amount of water-based lube to the rotating nub and switched it on by pressing the + button down for a couple of seconds. The vibration was a little dull for me and to be honest, not as deep as I like, and the rotating nub didn’t really do anything for me either. It did feel very different to anything I have felt before, but it didn’t really feel like oral sex. I also found it quite tricky to hold it in the right position and still be able to use the + and – buttons.

      The SenseTouch technology is really clever, and I did like this aspect to the Ora, but unfortunately, the overall sensations it gave me were very underwhelming to be honest. It did feel nice, but it by no means gave me an instant orgasm or the feeling that I was about to orgasm. For me personally, it felt more like a warm-up toy, I did feel turned on after using it, but I had to turn to one of my trusted vibrators to orgasm.

      The Ora 2 is waterproof which makes it a doddle to clean and means you can wash the whole item in hot soap and water or use a spritz of toy cleaner and rinse off. Due to being waterproof you can also take the massager into the shower or bath for playtime too!

      Just because this didn’t work for me does not mean that it won’t work for you. We are all different, and if you like more gentle vibrations then this may be perfect. All I can say is you can afford to - then give it a try, as it may work for you.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Superb quality. Very stylish. Soft vibrations. Beautiful colour/design.
      Unfortunately, the Ora 2 just did not work for me.
      Bottom line
      All I can say is give it a try, as it may work for you.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes