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      1. Seven 'til Midnight Underwired Quilted Bustier Set

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      Seven 'til Midnight Underwired Quilted Bustier Set 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Seven 'til Midnight Underwired Quilted Bustier Set
      2. Seven 'til Midnight Underwired Quilted Bustier Set

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    1. Every woman needs one

      Reviewed: 24 June 2018 by Lovehoney - Bot

      As a lingerie addict, I make excuses to buy new pieces all the time and my excuse for buying this set was that a woman can never have enough black bustiers. These are great items to have in your collection as they can be worn under outfits for a slimming effect and they go with all hair and makeup looks so it doesn’t particularly matter what type of aesthetic you’re rocking as your lingerie will always match if it’s black.

      Satin is one of my favourite materials and although I have a ton of satin in my lingerie drawers, I didn’t have anything that featured this quilting detailing. It’s not something you see much of in underwear but I found myself really liking the way it looked and I just couldn’t resist this purchase. It feels just as good as it looks and the mesh elements that finished this piece off were fabulous too. This is definitely a high-quality bustier and I think it looks more expensive than the total shown on its price tag which means you’re getting an absolute bargain if you buy this.

      Instead of just a plain thong that is included with most sets, this bustier comes with a thong that matches. It has a panel of mesh in the front and a strip of quilted fabric too. It looked nice enough off the body but once I put it on, I felt that it was uncomfortable. Not because it was slightly loose on my frame but because the quilted detailing in the gusset resembles the feeling of wearing a heavy sanitary pad, which kind of killed the sexy vibe for me instantly. I had to replace it with a regular black thong in order to get the mood back on track.

      The bustier is absolutely gorgeous on. It’s very simple and classic in design but this makes it extremely flattering and slimming. It pulls in the stomach and makes the waist appear smaller and I think it would be a great choice for people who are conscious about those areas. I definitely felt a boost in confidence because of the way that it looked on me and the boning inside didn’t bunch up during wear which meant that having it on under clothes gave off the same impression as it did when worn alone.

      I ordered the small and I wear a size four to six typically and found the fit to be perfect. The cups were perfectly accommodating to a smaller bust (30A) and the shoulder straps, when fully tightened, helped the bustier to sit as it was designed to. There’s only one hook-and-eye setting on the front fastening so it can’t be adjusted there to make it looser but the fabrics do have some stretch to them so if you need a little more room in the stomach area, it has enough give in it to provide that comfortably.

      At my height of five foot, I often find that the suspender straps are too long to be attached to stockings, even when they are completely adjusted, but I have had quite a bit of success with this brand accommodating the shorter woman in the past and this was another one of those occasions. When I tightened up these straps I was easily able to clip them onto my stockings with no problems and have them sit in the correct place on my leg rather than having them ridiculously high up.

      Overall, I fell in love with this classy bustier set. It looks great under clothes and as a stand-alone piece in the bedroom, it can be paired with any black stockings and a pair of heels to glam it up a little and it has such a flattering fit that I’m struggling to find things to moan about. I wasn’t keen on the thong but as I don’t expect it to have hiked the price up too much, I’m still pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to others. It might be a bit warm to wear it in the current climate but this will be a must-have come the colder months!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quality, overall fit, incredibly comfortable, design.
      The thong.
      Bottom line
      Lovely. Would definitely recommend!
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    1. Purring passion

      Reviewed: 12 June 2018 by Gran, a Straight Single Female

      I so love this set! It's really sexy and tasteful at the same time. It's comfortable to wear, really well made, and with the lacy top stockings an absolute winner.

      I'm a little chubby, and it cinched in the flabby bits and gave me a super curvy look. It makes a huge difference under a dress, and is a delight to reveal. I feel so so sexy wearing it. Just knowing there's all that pretty black unhookable allure under my dress is a real turn-on.

      I turned up at my lover's house wearing it. With Lovehoney black lacy top stockings and red shoes. He could tell by my grin I had something special in mind.

      I began to show him with a glimpse of a stocking top, followed a while later with unbuttoning the top of my dress to reveal the top few hooks between my breasts. The dress didn't stay on much longer after that!

      But the basque and stockings stayed on, adding a sweet and special spice. I love that it can unhook just enough to let my breasts be held, while not quite letting them right out.

      What a great way to spend a Monday afternoon. Frontwards, backwards, upside down, it looks great from any angle, and our session went on for the longest time, and still he wanted more! I'll be wearing it again very soon.

      My only quibble is that I don't believe the cups are a DD, the underwires wouldn't stay underneath my breasts, but kept slipping upwards. But that was a small problem overall.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It feels and looks so very sexy.
      The underwires don't sit well.
      Bottom line
      Fab! I love it, he loves it. Great value.
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    1. I love it

      Reviewed: 19 April 2018 by Nkm96, a Straight Married Female

      I absolutely love this piece apart from the minor issue of it being slightly longer (I'm 4ft11).

      I've had 2 children back to back. I gave birth 2 months ago, so as you can imagine I am a little self-conscious about my abdomen area (although my husband has absolutely no issue with it).

      This covers it perfectly, I don't need to worry about it... leaving me to feel a lot confident in the bedroom! I do wish that there was an option of briefs or ones that you could buy separately that goes with this piece.

      I am trying to get out of my comfort zone, so a thong is great for that, but I feel like with briefs I could completely be confident and feel the way I did before I had kids, but nevertheless... This is honestly my favourite piece of lingerie that I have ever brought from anywhere!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything.
      Bottom line
      Want to feel confident and sexy? Then this piece is for you!
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