1. Lovehoney Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring

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      1. Lovehoney Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring

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    1. Product Description

      I give you this ring as a symbol of my commitment; to honour, tease, and please you with orgasms all night long. Slip this Royal Wedding finger vibe onto your or your partner's hand to begin the blessed vibrations and send your body into orgasmic bliss.

      Simply press the button on the side to begin the vibrations and put a smile on her face more dazzling than Ms. Markle's own.

      Batteries, much like this blessed union, are irreplaceable.

      Key Features:

      • A dazzling commemorative vibrating finger ring in celebration of the Royal Wedding
      • This silver, engagement style, ring looks perfect placed on the finger of your choice
      • Enjoy strong, single speed vibrations concentrated in the 'jewel' head
      • Stretchy, soft material means it will fit most finger sizes
      • Celebrate the Royal Wedding in style and enjoy a playful night alone or with a partner
      • Batteries last for approximately 30 minutes and cannot be replaced

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      1. Lovehoney Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring
      2. Lovehoney Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring

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    1. A fun way to remember who you are

      Reviewed: 16 May 2018 by Mr Pheebs, a Straight Single Male

      So I already wrote a review for the Sparkle Markle ring but I noticed it hasn’t been processed.

      The packaging is awesome, commemorating the upcoming royal wedding. I was a bit upset I had to open it because the ring itself is simple. It’s silicone with a vibrating barrel that has a single setting and it buzzes like a wasp.

      So for me, it’s not a brilliant sex toy but in my mind it doesn’t need to be. Years from now when I look at this toy or when the wedding is discussed in public, I will remember who I was right now. How sexual I was and how special that part of my life is. So for me this toy is priceless.

      It’s not a great sex toy but it’s like sugar for the mind and the wedding will be discussed years to come. It’s a link to my Lovehoney life and the people I have shared my sexuality with in these forums so it’s priceless.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The memories.
      Bottom line
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    1. One ring to rule them all

      Reviewed: 30 April 2018 by LIL_KNOWN69

      What better way to celebrate a royal wedding than to show your partner a truly special ring which will be sure to bring a twinkle to her eye, we love fun toys and accessories and we are both suckers for anything which is a gimmick and this sparkle Markle ring was exactly everything we love in the bedroom. We ordered the two commemorative products and couldn’t wait for the grand occasion

      The next day as always, our super slick and discreet package arrived from the wonderful Lovehoney and we were excited to rip the package open and see just what we had in store for us, the ring was in the box in all its glory. A charming packaging with the standout ring in the centrepiece and a comic image of the wonderful Harry and Megs standing looking flustered had me and my partner both in stitches of giggles.

      The package was excellent and completely stress-free so you don’t need to run around looking for scissors just simply pull the cardboard tabs from the side and you free the pleasure ring from its chamber. Behind the ring is all the instructions required to have a fantastic session and know how everything works, which is excellent and less packaging makes everything more discreet to remove and recycle. Inside the package, you receive the Sparkle Markle ring.

      The toy is shaped just like a royal engagement ring, with the large diamond centrepiece being your point of pleasure, simply place this on one’s finger and flick the small switch on the side of the bullet to start your vibrating journey. You can wear the ring however suits you, but this is probably best worn the opposite way you would wear a ring with the jewel in your palm. This allows you to hold it against your clitoris in solo play or a partner may want to wear this and lay behind you in spoons position and take over the work so you can relax and enjoy the pleasure trip.

      The large jewel head allows great accuracy and a large area to be covered during play so it's truly up to you how you want to engage in a playful session. My partner even wore this on her finger while pleasuring me with her hand and as she gripped around my member the vibrations added a whole new spectrum of pleasure to our play times.

      The ring is easily cleaned and stored away as it is rather small, the only downside is the batteries are not rechargeable or replaceable so this is a one time use only toy to mark the special day.

      We had a royal occasion coming up which we like to call “Date night” and I took the queen to our bedroom chamber for a good old session. After several drinks, we took the evening slow and we took the toys out of the drawer, the packaging still made us both chuckle and we knew this would be a fun night. The product design is great and really does make bedroom antics a little bit more fun than the usual overly serious and realistic types of toys were used too.

      The material is super soft and stretchy and can fit over a finger without any issues. At first it was kind of difficult as to how we would wear and use the toy even though we have had a vast array in our time, it was just a very different item than were used too, and this was great as it felt like we were having fun and exploring again. Most bullets, for instance, have a very similar experience no matter what but this made things a little light-hearted and exciting.

      The product feels super smooth and soft and is high quality, with a little bit of lube it felt almost silky and the little button/switch on the side of the bullet was easy to switch on and off. The plastic around the bullet is quite chunky so it made the vibrating noise really quiet and if you had this under the covers you wouldn’t be able to hear it at all.

      The only downside to this product is the fact you cannot recharge the toy or replace the batteries so after the power runs out its game over and you will need to dispose of it. This also has one single vibrating setting which is great if you like quick stimulation and don’t want to be cycling through hundreds of different settings, sometimes basic is best and we loved it.

      The single setting is great and is strong enough to get your toes curling, we loved using this as a couple as I wore the ring inside the palm of my hand and spooned my partner in bed, this allowed me to use my free hand to explore her body and kiss her neck without any issues and within seconds she was already hitting the big O in the most royal of ways!

      My partner also wore this and set it to vibrate while she took my member in her hand, the vibrations were strong enough to push me closer with every stroke and really did tip me over the edge without a warning.

      As a basic toy for either solo or couple play, this is excellent and a grand way to celebrate the royal wedding, it’s also perfect for hen parties and other cheeky present-giving occasions. One thing I would love to say about this toy is the gimmick was not only fun but also exciting for us, we have tried a lot of toys which are very overly serious and tend to be a little clinical or boring in shape, but with this ring we found ourselves laughing, exploring and having fun with each other. This is exactly how we were when we first met and it really did bring back a lot of memories and made some new fun ones which we can add to our little adventure. Excellent work again to the team at Lovehoney for creating something wonderful.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use and fun design which took us both over the edge.
      Not rechargeable and batteries are not replaceable.
      Bottom line
      Excellent toy for any couple looking to celebrate the big royal day!
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    1. Royal Finger Ring

      Reviewed: 07 May 2018 by bondagegod, a Straight Married Male

      After hearing of the launch of the limited edition Commemorative Royal Wedding Rings, this marks the marriage of Harry and Meghan. I must admit I was slightly surprised at the release of the royal rings, I was intrigued on how they would perform in the bedroom, whether they would prove to be a novelty item or fit for a King/Queen.

      The Lovehoney Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring arrived inside a cardboard sleeve with a wonderful drawing of the happy couple and the Union Jack flag. Simple and effective packaging which can easily be disposed of.

      The Silver ring is made from a lovely soft silicone which is smooth to feel alongside the perfectly shaped jewel to create a realistic looking ring. There is a suitable amount of stretch to the ring as this allows for you to choose the selected finger in which you will wear the ring on, which does have a small circumference of 0.6”. The single speed push button bullet has batteries built in which cannot be replaced once they have run out. The vibrations can be felt strongly through the jewel to offer direct clitoral stimulation.

      We discovered there is versatility to slipping the ring on to different items. My wife had the choice of finger she selected to wear it on. The stretch of the silicone also allowed us to put the ring on a vibrator to enjoy pleasure vaginally as well as clitoral stimulation from the vibrating ring which did hold a significant amount of power to provide a reasonable amount of clitoral stimulation.

      A way in which we both enjoyed the ring was for me to wear the ring underneath the head of my penis as this did allow for dual stimulation as it enlarged the head of my penis, while I could feel the vibrations as it did bring myself an ideal level of arousal as I enjoyed the feelings that were generated to my penis. While for my wife enjoying the feel of the diamond resting against her clit this brought her a level of stimulation in which she enjoys through clitoral play. The level of pleasure from the ring did provide an ideal amount of fore-play fun which certainly resulted in the orgasms that were experienced throughout the session.

      If there were a downside to the product is how the batteries can’t be replaced with this bullet, if you do own the Royal love ring then this bullet also fits in the ring.

      To clean the ring after use I remove the bullet as it isn’t waterproof and clean with a wet wipe. While the ring itself I wash over with sex toy cleaner and warm water, simply towel dry over.

      Overall the Markle Sparkle Royal Wedding Vibrating Finger Ring is a fun and inventive way to enjoy some clitoral play. While I did wonder how well the ring would perform in the bedroom it certainly provided a high level of stimulation for both of us to enjoy. The Royal Wedding Collection does bring a sense of fun into the bedroom and would be an ideal set of toys to gift for any newly married couples to enjoy on their wedding night.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      A royal ring with the added pleasure of enjoying clitoral pleasure.
      Not being able to change batteries in the bullet.
      Bottom line
      A vibrating ring that is fun to use as a couple.
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    1. Always nice when a toy has a bit of humour to it

      Reviewed: 03 September 2018 by Jollyrancher, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Bought as a surprise present for my partner. She thought it was hilarious and we've enjoyed it as a toy since too.

      I like that the finger the ring is on is effectively turned into a sex toy.

      It's nice getting such a reaction from my girlfriend from a simple touch of my finger.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Turns your finger into a sex toy.
      The vibration could be stronger.
      Bottom line
      Fun, with a humorous edge.
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    1. Royal fun

      Reviewed: 29 May 2018 by Sarah Dee, a Straight Married Female

      This was definitely worth the buy for a little fun.

      The ring is easy to use soft and stretchy.

      My husband wore it on his finger to tease me and it really does the job.

      The vibrations are just the right strength and due to its small size it's easy to position.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      It’s fun.
      You can’t change the battery.
      Bottom line
      Great for a bit of fun.
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